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Reports: Blazers talking to Roger Mason

Jason Quick tweets: Blazers having "ongoing conversations" with free agent guard Roger Mason according to agent Mark Bartelstein. "We've talked quite a bit." Update: Ken Berger from CBS Sports posted this last night as well... ------------------------------- The Blazers, Knicks, Bulls and Clippers have expressed interest in Spurs free-agent guard Roger Mason, while the Jazz, Nuggets, Bobcats, Knicks and Heat are pursuing Suns free-agent forward Louis Amundson, sources say. ------------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | benjamin.golliver@gmail.com | Twitter PS Thanks to shighkin for originally posting this.

Rip City Chants: An idea for next year?


So I was reading Bill Simmons' new column, where he was giving out second-round awards, and this stuck out to me: "THE SQUAD 66 AWARD FOR "BEST CROWD-RELATED IDEA THAT COULD POTENTIALLY CHANGE THE WAY WE WATCH GAMES" When LeBron shot his first set of free throws during Game 3 of the Boston series, I was disappointed that the Boston crowd didn't chant either "You're a fa-ker! You're a fa-ker!" (to tweak him about his injured elbow) or "You're gonna leave! You're gonna leave!" That's when I realized something: Thanks to Twitter, we could mobilize crowd chants almost to the minute during playoff games. For instance, let's say someone created a Twitter account called @CelticsChants (just for fun, I did it) and became the go-to chanting coordinator during games. Before Game 3, I post the tweet, "Chant for first LeBron FTs: 'You're a fa-ker! You're a fa-ker!'" Then, during garbage time, I post another one: "If LBJ goes to line again, chant, 'You're gonna leave! You're gonna leave!'" Even if 500 people at the game were following that account, wouldn't that be enough fans to get those chants rolling so everyone in the stadium joined in? Just for fun, I'm trying this for Game 6 in Boston: www.twitter.com/celticschants." I loved this idea, and think all 30 teams in the league should try it out. I went ahead and made @RipCityChants (linked above), so all of you on twitter should follow it, and once the season starts up next year we'll see if we can't get it going in an actual game.


How many lineups this year?

Does anyone know how many starting lineups we have run this year? I want to know an exact number.

SILVER Rip City jerseys now?


These are sick. They have Roy one and a Rudy one up currently. I think I might like them more than the white.

The Baseline: Blazers #6 in preseason power rankings


6. Portland. Andre Miller could be the piece the Blazers are missing to get this young bunch to championship level. But by the time the young pieces reach their prime, Miller might be too old.

Possible referee lockout?


League might use D-League refs until an agreement is reached.

I just scored this on eBay the other day. It's a plaque from the 76-77 title, and the seller claims...


I just scored this on eBay the other day. It's a plaque from the 76-77 title, and the seller claims it used to belong to Jack Ramsay. I figured you guys would like to see.

The Baseline: Brandon Roy Will Be Worth Every Penny


Sean Deaveny column about the Roy extension. He says that although a lot of max contracts are flops that the teams come to regret later, this will not be one of them. Not that we didn't know that already, of course.

Rashard Lewis tests positive for steroids, will miss first 10 games


Is this just the beginning of a baseball-sized problem for the NBA? Their drug testing policy is usually pretty good, so hopefully not. I'm surprised it's Lewis, he's not a very muscular dude.

TrueHoop: Brandon Roy, Hard Times, and Guaranteed Contracts


Great commentary on the nature of big NBA contracts.

Canzano Tweets: Blazers, Roy Verbally Agree


No details on years/money, but you heard it here first.

The Baseline: Top 5 Must-Watch Games of the Year


Blazers-Raptors is #2 because of the Turkoglu thing.

Cavs, Rockets, T-Wolves fined for leaking schedules


The NBA has fined three teams an undisclosed amount for leaking details of their schedules before the league released them. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves were penalized, an official with knowledge of the decisions told The Associated Press on Monday.

Milwaukee waives Bruce Bowen


He's kind of old, but he wouldn't be a horrible pickup for us. Some solid defense off the bench.


Contest Entry: The Welcome End of an Era

I wrote this over the last couple of days. I've been really enjoying reading everybody's essays so far and I hope you guys enjoy mine.    

Canzano: Roy to "make a statement" this week


Here we go again...

New Canzano column re: Hedo


He just posted this half an hour ago. Most interesting tidbit was "The Blazers have already turned to other things. The front office will direct its focus to making a financially lopsided trade for a small forward, and then to adding a backup power forward."

ESPN: Ariza Verbally Agrees to Sign with Rockets


LA and Houston have switched SF's it looks like.

Sources: Ariza Leaning Towards Leaving Lakers (FROM ESPN, NOT A FAKE LIKE THE TORONTO ONE)


That Toronto deal was a fake, but ESPN has five teams (including the Blazers, although I think that's unlikely) being interested and the Lakers not willing to offer much more than the MLE.

Pistons sign Gordon, Villanueva (likely meaning they're out on Hedo)


Don't see how they're still in on Turkoglu now. So it's down to us or Toronto.


Nice story about Shaq in the Oregonian today

Hey all, I'm actually a Blazers fan but I thought it would be good to pass along the story that appeared in the Oregonian today about a kid in the Vancouver, Washington area who has lymphoma and...


RUMOR: Manny to Yanks 3y/75mm?

Just stumbled on this, no idea how legit it is, but given how they swooped in on Teixeira at the last minute I wouldn't be surprised if this were true.  


Rudy wins dunk contest vote!

NBA.com just sent out an email confirming that our own Rudy Fernandez is the winner of the vote for the fourth contestent in the Slam Dunk Contest.  

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