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Baltimore. Ravens.

Graduate of Towson University, apprentice of Ball So Hard University. I love football, love the Ravens, hate online arguments but for some reason cant keep away from the Beatdown!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Baltimore Orioles
  • NFL Baltimore Ravens
  • NCAAB Maryland Terrapins
  • Boxing Manny Pacquaio
  • General Bucky Lasek
  • Soccer Alex Morgan
User Blog

Ray Rice is the greatest human being to ever grace this earth.

Dont you guys get sick of seeing the criminals and jerks of the league always in the spotlight? Me too.

Lil Wayne: Green & Yellow

Just give it a listen and feel good about something non-Raven related, no matter how hard it sounds.

We're spitters.

I thought this was funny, its really short. But it shows what a piss-whiner such as Crowder can do to the ignorant NFL fans. I don't believe that LeRon actually "hocked a loogie" on the piss-whiner. Weve all been in arguments where our neck snaps a little bit. Who knows, all I know is if you spit on someone, they wipe it off immediately, everyone except piss-whiner I guess. Maybe someone can make a video of LeRon's neck snap and replay it over to the "I whip my hair back and forth" song.


Whats the big deal about Ed Reed?

Well as we all know, the guy is kind of a big deal, but that's no secret. Norris and Dave from 105.7 The Fan conducted a hot-topic interview with Mr. Reed this past week in which they covered many...


Ravens v. AFC East thought

Just sitting here in class thinking about the Ravens, Its an unbreakable habit, I sometimes wonder if its healthy but anyway.


NFL Truths.

I just read an article by Jason Whitlock tiled 'The truth is sexy ... and so are NFL Truths' on MSN Sports. It was a pretty good time occupier.


Want a good laugh?

None of us like it when we add a link to a post and say "follow this." I cant stand it either, but this "chat" is way too long to paste in here, so if youve got a few minutes take a look.


Hey there ESPN,

I dont trust you. Not one bit.


Flea Flicker Fantasy League.

So I'm adjusting my team right now, (I sometimes get so caught up in pregame I forget to make changes), and Im in between a rock and a hard place currently. So I figured Id get some advice from my...


Ray Rice (The Beast)

I love watching Ray play, he's got all the tools and he puts them all to really good use. But it drives me crazy that he has yet to score! He came inches short this Sunday, he came inches short...



Our D gave up 188 total yards. 50 of those came on a pass that may or may not have had some illegal contact involved. Regardless...188 yards and we already have people claiming our D is bad?!


How about them Redskins.

Im sure weve all seen about the lawsuits betwen "diehard" Redskin fans and the organization.


Jon Gruden

I think he did a great job as a commentator and I just wanted to see if any other Raven fans feel the same way.


2009 Season.

I had some time on my hands. So I thought up a little game, figured it was worth posting.


Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers.

As we approach the 2009 NFL Season with every second passed we grow with excitement and anticipation. As Baltimore Raven fans we think about one thing; the Pittsburgh Steelers. We also tell...


Excitement and Optimism heading into this season. Part 1.

With the season so close I just wanted to share some personal views and beliefs; while allowing fellow fans to weigh in and see how we all feel. With all the "Lack of WR depth" dominating Raven...

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