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Didi injures Elbow, out for most of Spring Training

General Manager Kevin Towers said shortstop prospect Didi Gregorius, acquired in December in the Trevor Bauer trade, has been shut down for roughly the past month with elbow problems and might have to start the season on the disabled list. Towers said Gregorius’ elbow didn’t feel good after a long-toss session in January, at which point he traveled to Arizona to be evaluated by team physician Dr. Michael Lee. "Dr. Lee said it was nothing serious and we decided to err on the side of being cautious," Towers said. "Dr. Lee felt it would be best to take four weeks to shut him down, with no swinging a bat or throwing, and then start ramping him up." Gregorius is scheduled to begin a throwing program sometime next week, Towers said, but he still is expected to miss the start of the Cactus League season. Towers is hoping Gregorius will be able to start playing in games near the end of spring training, but he "may be a week late" to start the regular season. "It’s nothing serious, no surgery or anything like that," Towers said. Gregorius already was a long shot to make the Opening Day roster, given his limited experience in the upper minors and the presence of Pennington and Bloomquist, and the injury all but guarantees that he’ll start the year in the minors. As to when his season will begin, time will tell.

D Backs Plan Revealed

They are hoping they have unlocked the key to beating your pythag on a consistent basis "Last year, we scored more runs than in the previous year. It’s not all how many runs you score. In 2011, we...

Piecoro:zona Diamondbacks didn’t get enough from Atlanta Braves for Justin Upton

My opinion on the deal is right in line with the general consensus: The Diamondbacks didn’t get enough. Which, in so many ways, is incredible to me. After close to 2 1/2 years of on-again/off-again trade discussions involving Upton, this is the deal they settle on? After saying time and again that they’re only going to trade Upton if/when the right package comes along, this is the one they deem the right one? *This whole off-season seems like a huge overreaction, something Towers said in early December he didn’t feel any pressure to do. This is from a story I wrote just before the winter meetings: "Even though last year was a disappointing year," Towers said, "I still think that same ball club, given maybe a different year and a different set of circumstances and doing some of the little things that are hard to measure better and smarter, that we can be a much better ball club. "I know everybody thinks you have to tweak it here and tweak it there and there are some years you have to, but I still look at my club and am a little dumbfounded (at the results). I think we were a better ball club." He mentioned the number of highly regarded prospects in his farm system. He brought up the fact that the organization has no bad contracts. He said his roster has flexibility. "I really like the state we’re in," Towers said, "and I don’t want to do something drastic just because we finished .500 last year." It seems he’s done exactly that.

Perception and expectation

Perception and expectations are funny things. Look at the batting line for these two players between the ages of 22-24 OPS+ PA BA OBP SLG OPS 124 1824 .276 .365 .458 .822 ...


Should Towers have traded Upton after 2011 ?

The really ballsy thing for Towers to do would have been to trade Upton after 2011.Oh I would have screamed bloody murder, but if he were going to have a chance to get some team to wildy overpay...

Upton should play where he's wanted


Nick, who is obviously close to the team, sounds off on the Upton rumors. Taken together with his article pointing out all the contradictions in the statements from the front office, I think it's pretty clear where he stands


Runs, RBI's and Outs

There are a lot of run estimators out there, such as RC or Runs Created used at baseball reference, based off of Bill James work. Or wRC which is the runs created estimator they use at Fangraphs. ...


Playing around with bWAR as a Rate Stat

WAR is a counting stat. Kind of. Just like RBI, or HR, WAR is basically a tabulation of performance. The difference is a player can have positive or negative events as it relates to replacement...

How to snyc radio and tv


Thought some might find this link useful if they wanted to listen on radio and watch on tv


Revising my Adam Eaton position

I am a firm believer in the saying "when presented with new information, one must be willing to revise previously held positions" I am going to do that with Adam Eaton, and my oft stated...

Is Willie Bloomquist Immortal ?


Tango: (*) If ever I roll out my version of WAR, I’ll likely call it W/w (Wins over Willie).


Could Batting Upton leadoff be just the spark this team needs ?

There are few things in baseball that are discussed more than batting orders and lineups. Every fan, analyst, and Tom Dick and Harry has an idea on how best to construct the lineup. Most...


Is Drew about to get hot ?

They keep saying on the broadcast how Drew has been hitting the ball hard, but been very unlucky. In Drew's case, that's probably true.Prior to tonights game his BABIP was just .273, and based on...


Is Justin Upton a future MVP ?

It's a simple question. Do you think Justin will ever win an MVP award.....or to be more realistic, do you think he will ever finish in the top 3 in either the MVP voting, or in WAR ? Just to try...


Some ideas for mid season moves to make

Trade Joe Saunders Won’t get much in return, but you do get a roster spot, which can go to one of the young pitchers instead of sending them back to the minors, and you get salary relief. There...


A New Proposal for the MLB All Star Game

I have a proposal that I believe could breath new life into the all star game and address some of the issues with all star team selection and participation at the same time. I have made this...


Ian Kennedy: An Inconvenient Truth

Overall, the trade that brought Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks has to be considered a success, recent struggles notwithstanding. Since being traded for Max Scherzer, Ian has fared well in head...


Brett Butler stands up for Drew's Character and Integrity

But at times has had to battle a reputation for being "soft," a characterization that many believe comes from being the young brother of the injury-prone J.D. Drew. Reno manager Brett Butler made...


Justin Upton 2011 vs. 2012

The first line is first 49 games of 2011 and the second is his first 49 games of 2012 210 PA .247/.329/.462 .791 OPS 11 DB, 1 TP, 9 HR 24 RBI, 20 walks 39 K's and 3 HBP 204 PA .249/.348/.376 .724...


Working the Montero Comps again

Probably the last thing anyone wants to read from me is another Montero post. At this point, it's mostly a moot point. He's signed. He's staying at least for a while, (although it's notable there...


Who should replace Collmenter in the rotation ?

I think it's becoming pretty clear that the one thing that Collmenter had going for him more than any other last year, pinpoint control and command, has deserted him. Not only is he walking more...

Interesting Bauer Comments from Nick's Blog


I didn't see these comments highlighted anywhere else. Catcher Miguel Montero made some comments yesterday about right-hander Trevor Bauer needing to learn how to pitch hitters. There was something about his tone that sounded almost critical of Bauer, rather than him talking about a pitcher going through the normal maturation process. Then this morning, manager Kirk Gibson mentioned how Bauer was late going through his pre-start warm-up routine, to the point that he had to rush things to be ready to deliver the first pitch on time. "First of all, he was late getting warmed up," Gibson said this morning. "I think he probably got to the pen about 1 p.m. So he was late with his routine. That was on him." Maybe people with the team are trying to dial down expectations on him – Gibson has always been sensitive to that kind of stuff, given that he was called "the next Mickey Mantle" – or they’re trying to show us that he’s not quite ready for the major leagues. Or maybe there’s more to it, like there’s some sort of resentment to the hype/attention that has accompanied Bauer and his unusual ways. Bauer seemed sort of baffled this afternoon when a couple reporters asked him about being a little behind schedule yesterday. "I don’t know if it affected my performance at all," he said. "Could have, could not have. But when it comes down to it, they didn’t really hit a ball hard. It was one of those days where the broken-bat hits fall and the ground ball, instead of being a double play to the second baseman, rolls through the hole." Anyway, maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it just seems like there already are people questioning the way Bauer does things, and he hasn’t even had a chance to see if they work or don’t work at the pro level. All we know so far is he’s thrown pretty well in his first big league camp, giving up four runs in 10 innings, with one walk and nine strikeouts. If he continues pitching well or if he struggles, it’ll be interesting either way.

Fangraphs ranks D backs rotation 20th in Baseball


David Cameron writes: Along with the Reds placement, this is the one that I expect to ruffle the most feathers. The D’Backs were one of just six teams to get 1,000+ innings out of their rotation last year, and with Kennedy and Hudson at the front end and Bauer and Skaggs on the way, it’s not like there’s age related decline to worry about. But, in reality, the D’Backs staff just overperformed last year relative to their talent levels, and ZIPS expects some real steps backwards in 2012. Replacing Collmenter and Saunders with the young kids could lead to some real improvement, but Arizona doesn’t have as much depth here as they think, and their front-end guys aren’t as good as their performances last year made them look. There’s certainly potential for a really good rotation in Arizona, but it might come in 2013 instead of 2012.


Whats the deal with Josh Collmenter ?

Josh Collmenter had an excellent Rookie season. His 3.38 ERA , (117 ERA+) were very good. His WHIP was an excellent 1.069. He did a great job at keeping runners off base. The underlying...


Should the D Backs have tried to sign Jose Reyes ?

I've been criticized for criticizing many of the teams recent moves. The crux of my criticism has been that the team has signed a lot of position players and committed a lot of money, but has...

MLB HOMEGROWN What if there were no trades? No waivers, no minor- or major-league free agency?...


MLB HOMEGROWN What if there were no trades? No waivers, no minor- or major-league free agency? Once a player becomes a professional, he stays with his original organization for the duration of his career. In this month-long series, our blog crew will take a look at all 30 team rosters. And, once we're done, well go back and rank them all from worst to first. To track the series, follow us on Twitter @EyeOnBaseball or subscribe to the RSS feed


Who will have better 2012 Season, Bauer or Skaggs ?

Simple question: Who will have the better 2012 season, Trevor Bauer or Tyler Skaggs ? By definition, producing anything above replacement level in the majors trumps anything that is done in the...


Two Super Hot Streaks Define Season So Far

The D Backs season is defined by two super hot streaks.After starting the season 15-22, they reeled off a 15-2 streak to vault into the NL West race.They then played up and down ball for 2 1/2...

MLB Top Historic Collapses


Pretty "cool" table showing biggest collapses of all time. Of course the most famous among them are the 51 Dodgers, the 64 Phillies, but numerically, some came out higher than those. In case you were wondering, the 2008 D Backs clock in at number 59

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