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Controversy Brewing at Shortstop?

I think we're all pretty familiar with the struggles of Brad Miller. He hasn't been hitting. He hasn't been walking. Thankfully his defense has been pretty good which is keeping him in the lineup. ...

Nick Nickname Suggestion


BDNF It means what you think it means

Dustin Ackley's Spring Stats concerning


Ackley is running an unsustainable BABIP of .486. Not uncommon in spring for BABIP to be high, but that's enormous. If my calculations are correct, his adjusted spring stats based on a BABIP of .300 would be: .250/.282./.318. All too similar to the Ackley of the past. Also similar are his BB% of 4% and K% of 20%. I really thought he'd show more power this spring. I'm on board the Smoakamotive but not the...Ack-wagon.

Good News! M's Gear In High Demand


Bad news: demand so high people willing to face prison to get it.

Tigers to sign Fielder


Nats dodge a bullet. Had they outbid the kitties on this reported deal it would have been a lot of wasted money at the end of the deal.

Fake Ichiro gets fake tossed. He returned a few innings later.


Fake Ichiro gets fake tossed. He returned a few innings later.


It's July 25th. The M's are 3 games out. Do you trade Bedard?

So if you're Jack Zduriencik and the M's are in second place, three games out on July 25th what do you do?  If Bedard pitches about as well as he has his last four starts, he will be a prized...


2011 Baseball Video Games are Here

The two major MLB video game franchises have just been released this week. Perennial ratings leader "MLB 11 The Show" for PS3 is sitting at 92.7% on Gamerankings while "MLB 2k11" has yet to receive...


Holy Cow We're Getting Roberto Clemente!!

I was looking at a rundown of the players we might pick up in the Rule 5 draft and it made me think, "Does anyone ever get value in the Rule 5 draft?"  Ok, so it turns out, yeah, they do. ...


Bring Back Edgar!

  I was at the Edgar Martinez event at Elysian Fields tonight and had a great time.  Thanks a million to Edgar and the Mariners' organization for making this happen.  Go right now and support his...


Outlook translates Hyphen's voicemail from the original Australian

This is how Outlook translated the Opening Day voicemail RRS left at my office: Hi it's Rhonda Smith I'm calling all day configure how it was a thank you for your support this is and I am...


Another Kennedy Heads to Washington

According to Bill Ladson at the Nats have agreed to sign Adam Kennedy.  Fangraphs has CHONE and fan projections suggesting he'll be worth about one run above replacement, and about 3.5-4.5...


Thanks, Nats, for Ryan Langerhans

Oh, and BTW...Mike Morse is not very good at baseball. As a Mariners fan I have to thank the Nationals for sending Langerhans our way.  A plus defender with an average lefty bat is just what the...


Nick Johnson discussion on Federal Baseball

The Nationals SB blog is having a discussion in this fanpost about trading Nick Johnson.  Who knows if Rizzo's reading Federal Baseball...but it can't hurt our chances of landing NJ to make our...


Washburn's ERA ------> Fairy Land

Is it possible for a pitcher's ERA to be less reflective of his ability than Washburn's is after today's game?  I didn't see the game, but I counted at least four plays by outfielders which caused...


Good News

Erik Bedard has been cleared to pitch! I know lots of people think he was a whiney slacker, but we're stuck with him and he did, after all, have a cyst in his pitching shoulder!  It's not like he...


Watching the playoffs with my computing machine

MLB has been a real mixed bag for those of us who want to access its content through our "thinkin' irons."  With goofy blackout restrictions meaning you usually can't watch your team I've stayed...

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