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S & Ts for Martin and Kirilenko a Good Idea?

Why the Wolves are better off executing a sign and trade for Kevin Martin, and one for Andrei Kirilenko if they choose not to keep him.


CBA Rules about Trading a Pick

There has been some confusion about trading our pick, so I thought I'd spend some time on the rules. First, here's the language for the two picks: Receive 2013 first round draft pick from...


Derrick Williams : Cash Cow

Right now, Williams is not a highly productive player that leads to wins, and I think this causes casual fans to under-estimate his trade value. However, for NBA teams, the bottom line isn't just...


The Real Cost of Pau Gasol

With the recent rumors of a trade based around Derrick Williams and Pau Gasol, I've seen a lot of misconceptions on Gasol's salary, even from national correspondents, and I hope to clear some of...



Cleveland's win last night pushes their record a game ahead of the Wolves, improving our lottery odds.  Tonight's Memphis game at Portland could raise the value of that pick from 21 to 19.   R...

Pick Update


A bad day for the Wolves sometimes means a good one for the Wolves' picks.  The bright spot with MIN losing to SAC, combined with the Wizards victory, is that MIN moved to the second worst record. ...

Pick Watch


Since there are still about four weeks left in the NBA schedule, I'll hold off on discussions of tie-breakers, home-away record and such, and just give you an early head's up about where our picks...

Talking Sports Beats Watching It?


Last week, while Darren "Doogie" Wolfson filling in for Joe Alexander over on ESPN 1500, he brought up an interesting point, including a nice plug for our posters at Canis Hoopus.  He had just...

The Real Cost of Eddy Curry


With the strong chance that Eddy Curry's contract may be included in an Anthony Randolph deal, I thought I'd try to write a quick article explaining the cost of swapping Curry's deal with our...

Cap Space Deadline


 In David Kahn's Letter to the Fans on September 14th, Mr. Kahn named three distinct time periods he was targeting to trade our $11.77 million in cap space for maximum effect. However, if one of...

A Quick Look at Picks


Now that the Wolves have officially reached the half-way point of the season, I suppose that the NBA's Miss Manners would not disapprove if we took a quick look at our potential 2011 picks. NBA...

Christmas Eve for NBA Trades


For the small percentage of internet junkies who love to follow the actions of NBA front offices, tonight is Christmas Eve, and we're waiting for Santa to bring us Trades and Transactions that...



Erick Dampier is not an impact player any more, but he has one of the biggest "impact contracts" in the NBA.  Dampier is on the final year of a deal that pays him $13 million, but the contract is...

The Real Cost of Elton Brand


In an interview on KFAN Tuesday (here's the podcast), Wolves GM David Kahn was asked about a rumor from ESPN's Chad Ford that Philadelphia may trade the #2 if they can unload the $51 million/ 3...

Pick Update


MINNESOTA #2 slot in lottery. Regardless of the final game, MIN is locked into this spot. CHARLOTTE #16-17.  This is looking like the #16 pick.  Charlotte is locked into the #7 seed, because MIL...

Our Picks, with Two Games Remaining


We take a look at the schedules and Minnesota's chances in the lotto/draft.

Three Teams Pass Utah


Last night's Jazz loss, and wins by their three closest competitors knocked the Jazz a half game behind three teams, and down to the #24 pick. Five other teams are within 2.5 games behind the Jazz,...

UTAH Pick in Four-Way Tie


  Picks as of the games of April 4: MINNESOTA PICK (currently #2 slot in the lottery) CHARLOTTE PICK  (currently #16)  UTAH PICK (currently #24-27)  now a 4-way tie   UTAH...

April PickWatch


I'll try to keep this updated as we watch the games of the final two weeks of the season.   BOS and SAS beat the top two teams in the league, and OKC beat one of the worst (us), to keep pressure...

The Charlotte Pick


On Saturday night, there was a game that slipped many people's attention, but may have a profound effect on the Timberwolves future.  Milwaukee beat Charlotte 93-88, and it reduced the Bobcats lead...

Summer Cap Space Projections


The trade deadline has passed, and we have a better look at where our picks will land, so I thought it was time to revisit our summer cap space numbers.$13,000,000 Al Jefferson $3,964,320 Ramon...

"Trading" Cap Space


The Minnesota Timberwolves may find that their cap space this summer is more valuable if they DON'T get a free agent! Find out why!

One Month to the Trade Deadline


With one month before the NBA Trade Deadline, the Minnesota Timberwolves must decide whether to act now, or wait until the summer.

Pau Gasol - NBA's Scariest Man .. Again


Should the NBA fear Pau Gasol's extension? The Lakers flex their financial muscle.

Gates of Hell


Can the woeful Timberwolves withstand poor gate receipts and finish their major rebuilding? Minnesota hopes to become a "have" from a "have-not"

Luxury Tax - Past, Present and Future


Before December 15th opens the door for many players on new teams to be traded, I wanted to take a minute to talk a little bit more about the luxury tax.  With the rapid rise in the tax, we may see...

Picky Picky


After last night's narrow loss increased our chances for keeping the future pick we owe the Clippers, I thought this would be a good time to review the Collective Bargaining Agreement's rules on...

Shrink's Mailbag


  Money Talks  with shrink First, would Rudy Gay's qualifying offer carry over to us if we were to trade for him midseason?Second, if so, would that technically count him as a member of our team...

Houston: Life on the Lux


   Money Talks with shrink While Minnesota fans keep an eye squarely on the 2010 Salary Cap, many teams are more concerned with the 2009 Luxury Threshold.  The lux has served as an effective...

The Dallas DUST Chip


  Money Talks with shrink Summer 2010.  Wolves fans have waited many years and seen many trades accumulating cap space looking forward to this summer.  In eight months, they will finally see...

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