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Report: City Youth Player Released


News of no great import, really.

Week 22: Sortable Tables


All tables are machine readable, so pull 'em into your database and play around.

Man City & The Race For The Title


Strong form, goals galore, players returning to full health and an improving defense are all positive arrows in Manuel Pellegrini's debut season. But how are Man City tracking for the title? Are...


Man United & The Race For Fourth Place

I'm going to use a really simple method and a couple of illustrative graphs to show how Man United have fared so far this season in terms of title winning form and fourth placed form. To do this I...

La Liga: Player Per 90's (wk 17)


These numbers are a game out of date, my apologies.

Week 20: Sortable Tables


Week 20.

The Halfway Point In 2013/14: Zone Efficiency


Zone efficiency is an experimental stat that needs far more work and testing than I have time to give to it. Alas, I'll publish anyway and hopefully readers can follow my train of thought as I...

Halfway Point In 13/14: Save%, Scoring% & PDO


I want to very briefly look at how good PL teams are converting their shots on target into goals and preventing the opposition from doing likewise, and what happens when we add both of those...

Halfway Point In 13/14: Strength Of Schedule


Trying to analyse a teams fixture list is a tricky business; each team has now played every opponent in the league (I hope!) at the halfway stage and thus it may be fair to say that each team would...

Halfway Point In The 2013/14 Season: Final Third P


I have looked at final third possession, or final third possession share for a good few months now in the Sortable Tables articles. Now, with the PL at its halfway stage I'm going to give the topic...

The Halfway Point In 13/14: Injury


We are 19 games into the 13/14 season and now - in the midst of stupid scheduling, 3 games a week and an increasing injury rate - what better time is there to look at the injuries numbers for this...

The Halfway Point: Time


Again, this is pretty simple: Which teams have spent the highest average number of minutes per game in a winning, drawing or losing position?

The Halway Point: Zone Time

Zone time is a pretty simple premise: How many minutes per game does each team spend in the opponents final third or the middle third of the pith, or their own defensive third. An introductory...

Week 18: Sortable Tables


TSR (Total Shots Ratio) Otherwise known as Corsi in hockey. This looks at a teams share of the total (missed/blocked/on target) shots count. shots for / total shots (shots f + shots a) SoTR...

2013/14 Season: Top 10 Man City Goals (GIFs)


Happy Xmas everybody. Here are my picks for the top 10 goals of the season so far. All clips taken from the outstanding site where the highlights these clips are taken from are available to share.

Week 17: Sortable Tables


The usual.

2013/14 PL: 8 Game Splits And Predictive Values


This article is part 2 of a brief look at the first 16 games of the season and what splitting those first 16 games into two groups can tell us about certain statistics and their predictive value....

Man City Home/Away: Player Usage Chart


The player usage chart is a really simple premise: we take the home minutes played, the away minutes played and the total minutes played for each and every Man City player and create two charts. T...

The Career Trajectory Of Micah Richards


A short post on the direction of Micah Richards' career.


Robin van Persie: Injury & Performance

With Robin van Persie currently out for a month with a thigh injury what better time is there to examine his career in terms of injury and performance. To do this I am goint to look at the players...

2013/14 PL: 8 Game Splits & Repeatability


I'm going to post a few tables on how teams have fared in their first 8 games and the the most recent 8 games. 8 game splits, if you like. Points, Goal Difference, shots information and...

Week 16: Sortable Tables


TSR (Total Shots Ratio) Otherwise known as Corsi in hockey. This looks at a teams share of the total (missed/blocked/on target) shots count.   shots for / total shots (shots f + shots a) SoTR...

Bayern Munich 2-3 Man City: Highlights (5:02)


Highlights of the glorious and, quite frankly, shocking comeback win in the Allianz Arena.

Tuesday's Links: Bayern Preview & Press Conference


A quick roundup of City news.

10 Points: RvP, Fulham & Arsenal's Defence (wk 15)


1) Close Goal Difference Close Goal Difference = Goal Difference at minus 1, tied and plus 1. I've banged this drum for some time now in various places. Close Goal Difference has an almost...

Week 15: Alternative Tables


Numbers, in sortable format, that tell us things about how good or bad all 20 Premier League teams are.

2012/13 Save%: Sustain & Regression


If we take a look back at the 2012/13 PL season we always find cool little nuggets of information that may help us, at least a little, to understand the 2013/14 season which is currently unfolding. ...

Week 14: Alternative Tables


TSR (Total Shots Ratio) Otherwise known as Corsi in hockey. This looks at a teams share of the total (missed/blocked/on target) shots count.   shots for / total shots (shots f + shots a) SoTR...

PL 2013/14: Zone Time


Another short article.

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