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EPL Week 3: Alternative Tables


All of Bitter and Blue's alternative tables on a single page

10 Points: Deadline Day, Liverpool, Di Canio etc


The usual round up of the weekends Premier League action.

The 2013 Summer Window: Man City Ins & Outs


A full breakdown of Man City's Ins and Outs


Mesut Özil: Career Numbers (per 90)

You never can be sure with deadline day deals but it appears increasingly certain that Mesut Özil has become an Arsenal player fo ~42m Euros. Most of us are familiar with Özil's style: a...

Alternative Premier League Tables: SoT% Rating

Another alternative table. All game states are included in the following chart.

Breaking Down The Corner Goals


Man City were undone on Sunday not by superior play but merely two moments of excellent delivery from Cardiff and two moments of poor concentration on City's part.

Per 90's In 2012/13: 30 Of Europe's Best Players

Go here (link) for a full explanation of the per 90 minutes metric 2012/13 Season: 30 Elite Players Of Interest Goals p90 Assists p90 Shots p90 SoT p90 Scoring% Passes p90 ToP% M...

2013/14 Fenwick: Tied, Close & Total

Fenwick is TSR with blocked shots removed. Tied Game State = When the game was tied. This can include the first 89 minutes of Southampton's eventual win at West Brom. Close Game State = All the...

2013/14 PL SoTR: Tied, Close & Total

Updated weekly. Shots On Target Ratio: Week 3 Sorted by Close GS Pos SoTR Tied Close Total 15 Everton 78.95 77.27 77.27 2 Chelsea 66.67 64.71 61.9 3 Man City 75 63.64 7...

2013/14 PL TSR: Tied, Close & Total

These table will be updated on a weekly basis. TSR/Corsi: Week 3 Pos TSR/Corsi Tied Close Total 15 Everton 78.26 78.08 78.08 12 Newcastle 72.55 72.41 61.33 3 Man...

2013/14 Tables: Scoring%, Save% & PDO

Scoring % (goals/shots on target) Save% (100-goals against/shots on target against) PDO (scoring% + Save%) *Updated For Week 2, minus the Man United v Chelsea fixture. Table: Scoring%, Save% &...

2013/14 PL: Possession Average

We'll see how this shapes up, see if there's any interest in it.....

Final 2012/13 EPL Table: TSR, SoTR & Fenwick

TSR=Total Shots Ratio SoTR=Shots On Target Ratio Fenwick= Shots ratio with blocked shots removed. Ave Rank=A teams average positional rank across the 3 different shot ratios. 2012/13 TSR,...

2012/13 PL: Blocked Shots AT Plus 1 Game State

What I want to show you now is each teams blocked shots info at Plus 1 game state. Why Plus 1? Well, this is the game state where an awful lot of teams go into a shell, try and protect the lead...

2012/13 EPL Fenwick: All The Game States

The full Game States by Fenwick -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 T 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Arsenal 66.7 50.5 61.3 53.7 55.3 60.0 72.2 0.0 Aston Villa 0.00 0.0 20.0 37.5 43.5 4...

Fenwick: Minus 1 Game State

Just to prove Man United were actually good at something........ Fenwick At Minus 1 Minus 1 Everton 84.2 Tottenham 68.3 Man United 67.9 Man City 63.6 Chelsea 6...

Fenwick: Plus 1 Game State

This time we are going to look at Fenwick at Plus 1 game state. Fenwick at Plus 1 Plus 1 Tottenham 65.44 Man City 63.87 Liverpool 62.81 Everton 61.34 Man...

Fenwick 2012/13: Tied

Tied Fenwick for the 2012/13 PL season. Tied Fenwick Sortable Team Tied Tottenham 70.77 Liverpool 66.15 Man City 64.05 Arsenal 61.29 Everton 59.91 Chelsea 5...

Fenwick: FenClose

Fenwick is the name for the ratio of a teams unblocked shots. By unblocked we mean missed shots and shots on target. Fenwick ratio = shots on target for + missed shots for/ total shots on target...

Expectations Part III: Midfield


Continuing the Expectations series, today we focus on the midfield. That ship is YaYa Toure

2012/13 PL: Team Shot Differential (10-20)


Part 3. Positions 10-20. Landslides.

2012/13 PL: Team Shot Differential (6-10)


Paart 2. Teams placed 6th to 10th in the Premier League in 2012/13

2012/13PL: Team Shot Differential (Positions 1-10)


I am getting mighty close now to ppublishing most of the basic info I collected on the 2012/13 and as part of the final push I want to publish every Premier League teams rolling shot differential. ...

Expectations Part II: The Defense


Continuing the expectations series with a look at what we can expect from Man City's defensive personnel in 2013/14.

Do Barcelona Have A Weakness At Set Pieces?


As I walk around these dry dusty streets, drowsily creeping from from one shaded block to the next in an attempt to avoid this savage Catalan sun, it seems odd that the start of the of the season is less than two weeks away

Expectations Part I : Goalkeepers


Welcome to part one of a five part series that will serve as a preview of sorts for the upcoming 2013/13 season. New Manager, a new approach, new tactics and some welcome upgrades in the form of...

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