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Discuss (then vote for) CP #32

After 3 days of languishing, the poll closes.The poll goes back to 10 players, plus some suggested write-in candidate, plus a pool of "testers" that is my idea of others guys worth discussing now....


CP #24 - Vote for the top prospect of the New Year!

Happy New Year! After a couple more days of polling, Danny Hultzen pulls away with 44 votes and Correa distances himself from the pack with 33 votes. I'll put both of them on, and open the...


CP #22 - Vote early, vote three times

Over two days during the eye of this holiday hurricane, Rendon gets 52 votes to round out the Top 20, and Castellenos finishes far enough ahead of the pack (39 votes) to slot in at 21. 1. J...


CP #20 - Vote now!

The last poll for #17 ran 5 days, so let's forge ahead without Case. D'Arnaud, Lindor, and Yelich grabbed roughly a 7:5:4 ratio of the points last time, with Rendon coming in a distant fourth, so...

PIttsburgh minor league player development methods


Pittsburgh - crazy innovators, or just crazy?


MiLB April 10, 2012

Today's pitching starts are fronted by Minor League Ball's favorite homegrown talent, Matt Moore, all grown up and taking the hill against the revamped DET offense. How many of us will call up...


Post your fantasy baseball want ads here (please rec)!

Hi all, It appears we are seeing the annual bloom of fantasy baseball want ads, with 4 recruitment notices in the past day. Before this morphs into the annual "should we have these or not?"...


Thinking about Delino Deshields on a lazy Saturday - ratings whiff in the making?

Delino Deshields, Jr. was drafted pretty high (8th) as a very young tools guy (not quite 18 when drafted) at a thin position (2b).  He then performed well, putting up a 128 wRC+ in the GCLs in 73...


July 30 - MiLB games and all around day of intrigue

Greetings fantasy campers and prospect mavens! When last we checked in, the creepy visage of Joe Mauer was spreading across SB Nation and a half dozen prospects were vying to be the next lucky...


July 21 - National Joe Mauer Advertising Day (also, MiLB games were played)

Congratulations!  You have found this daily thread in the narrow strip of blog content sandwiched within Joe Mauer  Advertisement Rollout Day.  Please claim your reward by commenting on any minor...


June 11 minor league games

Interesting last couple weeks, in that we get to see some callups performing in the majors. Some of these were expected, but at least two (Greg Halman and Dee Gordon) really suprised me. Both...


MiLB 4/10 - with musings on Greg Halman

Slogging away on the taxes on this dull Sunday, keeping one eye on minor league baseball as a distraction. Many games already underway; the easy list of hurlers still about to take the mound...

Crosby update


Nice article on Crosby. If his arm really just did need a little more recovery time in 2010, we'll all wish we had him in our top-50 this year. Link is in the title of the post.

KC management discussion of Myers move, Colon, Arguelles, etc.


Nice discussion from Picollo describing the assessment that went into the decision to move Myers to the OF; also discusses where Colon will play in 2011, etc.

NY Times: 5 players drafted ahead of Jeter


Nice summary of Nevin, Hammonds, Wallace, Mottola, and Shuey: their original drafting and analysis, what they're up to now, and reflections on their career. Also some nuggets, such as Duquette saying he thought Jeter was already off the board ("whoops!"), and Mottola saying he regrets not trying steroids.


The one and only MOD: Marlins preview thread

So first, a mea culpa: I took the Marlins not because I know a lot about them, but instead because they were still hanging around and the teams I knew by heart were all taken.  I figured I could...

Gladwell article on concussion research


All, Here's an engaging and interesting article on concussion research that's worth knowing about next time you're offered a contract as Yadi's replacement. Also, guaranteed to make you NOT love Michael Vick. Article is from The New Yorker, by Malcom Gladwell - same guy who wrote "Outliers", which I've seen referenced here a few times.


Update on Community Synthesis

Hey all, I've got the numbers run.  But like I said in my post a few days ago, I need formatting input from someone.  I want to post several graphs form XL to this site, but am having trouble...


Cardinals a top-10 farm systemAcc

According to BA:   Of course, I;ve been bitching for awahile...


Last call for community top-100 lists

Hey all, I'm on vacation with Dick Cheney at our secret undisclosed location and am just logging in after a fews day without the internet.  I'd like to run the Synthesis of the Community top-100...


Reminder - Community Top 100 synthesis list

Hey all, It has slid off the front page, so I thought I would give a quick reminder on the synthesis of people's individual Top-100.  The link with full overview and directions is at Top 100...


Community ranking synthesis - call for Top 100 lists

Hello everyone, I have volunteered to collect people's Top 100 and report back to you with the results.  This will be a useful list on its own, as well as interesting to compare to our Community...


DePodesta begins blog - (GMs everywhere cringe)

Yup, it's at:   And, from reading the first two threads (excuse me, um "fanposts"), it looks like it could be pretty nifty.  He comes across as pretty...


Matt LaPorta defensive news

Just came across this while skimming the Milwaukee newspaper,  Given all the recent discussions about the seven-headed monster known as...


Community member sighting - BK letter to Goldstein posted at BP

Great read on both Morales and Stewart, as well as on some prospecting philosophies in general.Not sure how much is subscriber content, so I'll just post the link.h...


Nate Silver on Clayton Kershaw - chat excerpt

I don't think this is subscriber info, so I'll post the whole thing instead of abridging.  Originally tacked it into Prospect #37 diary, but  then felt it had enough tranferrable value to hopefully...


2007 draftee pro performance, Supplemental Round (w/ poll)

OK, here's the supplemental round, which turned out to be even longer than Round 1 in  2007.  As before, the stats are from BB Cube and from, with supplemental info from blog sites and...


Community approach to ballot stuffing

Hey all,I had wanted to put this up earlier, and now wish I had before Votto went on.  I'd have liked to see a discussion on how to deal with Votto before annointing him #13 (or whatever), but...


Community prospect #15

With 233 votes in, Brandon Wood wins #14 going away.  On to Round 15.Once again the requirements are 130 AB/ 50 IP/ 45 Days on a roster not including September call ups.Prospect Rankings    1. Jay...


Sidd's Top 50, annotated

All -Here's the list I sent to Slurve, with my comments on a few selections.  I buried this down low earlier in another diary, but maybe we actually NEED more diaries about baseball in here.Anyway,...

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