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I was born in Jackson Mississippi in 1984, however, I've lived most my life in Florida. I lived in Mandarin from 1992-1997 and have bled teal and black since the team's inception. The most important things to me in life are my God, my family, and my Jags (In that order). I love just about all sports, but especially Football, Hockey, and Basketball (professional).

I'm a doctoral student living in Tampa working on my Psy.D (Doctor of Clinical Psychology). I currently live in Tampa, FL.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Detroit Pistons
  • NFL Jacksonville Jaguars
  • NCAAF Florida Gators
  • Golf John Daly, Vijay Singh
  • MMA brutal sport
  • Boxing corrupt sport
  • Soccer boring sport
  • Cycling is this a sport
User Blog

The Mastermind Vs. The Motivator - Comparing Andy Reid and Gus Bradley

Hey Gang, I have been thinking about this since the opening game of the season. I don't quite understand most Jaguar fans' view on coaches and what makes a good coach. When we look at the last...

Live Chat with Kirk Morrison @ 11AM


A chance to talk with one of the more gregarious Jaguars, Mr. Morrison.

Adam Caplan reports Cribbs to miss game against Jacksonville


Well, it looks as if the Browns will be without their most dynamic play-maker when they come to town. Time to force Colt McCoy to beat us.

Quick Bytes: Video Edition


A compilation of recent Jaguars Videos

Weaving a Winning Strategy: Dirk Koetter's Masterpieces


A look at how successful Dirk Koetter has been so far as the offensive coordinator of the Jaguars.

Live Chat With Uche Nwaneri at 11:00 AM EST.

+ is hosting a live chat with Uche at 11 AM. He's having a great season after signing an extension earlier in the year. Uche, along with Monroe and Britton, represent part of the young core of our offensive line.

Del Rio Gives the Team Monday Off... Again?


A look at Jack Del RIo's decision to give his players an extra day off... again!

Jaguars' QB David Garrard: What if it was the offensive line...?


A look at how the improvement of the offensive line can lead to a big jump in QB David Garrard's play after a season in which he was the most hit QB in the league.

Jaguars 2010: What a difference a year makes!


A look at the differences in the 2009 and 2010 Jacksonville Jaguars.

4th Quarter Game Thread - This is it...


Here we go... NOT... We just got a lightning delay... haha, you're kidding right?!? Well... Let's pass the time...

Jaguars 2010 Season: "It Has Begun!"


The Jaguars' 2010 season is about to start... an overview of the game.

2010 Jacksonville Jaguars: Stacked at Running Back


A look at the Jaguars' decision to keep six players in the RB/FB positions. The logic behind the move and what each player brings to the position.

Jaguars @ Buccaneers: What we learned


A look at what we learned from the Jaguars preseason game against the 'Bucs.

Reviewing the Tape of the Jaguars versus Eagles: Defensive Starters


A play by play analysis and breakdown of Jags and Eagles.

Jaguars @ Eagles: Watching the Offensive Line


A look at the Jaguars' offensive line and the things to watch for.

QB Kellen Clemens: Future Jacksonville Jaguar?


A look at Kellen Clemens as a potential Jaguar player after he is cut by the Jets and becomes a free agent.

D'Anthony Smith Goes Down: Injuries happen... Walk 'em off.


Jaguars' rookie DT D'Anthony Smith goes down. Looking at other players the Jaguars' can't afford to be injured.


To My BCC Family: See you in September....

Dear BCC Brethren, This season marks the beginning of my third year writing and editing for Big Cat Country, and it has been a wonderful and plesasent experience getting to know so many fellow fans...

Broncos sever ties with long-time Jaguar, Mo Williams


It appears that Maurice WIlliams will not be given a chance to compete for a starting guard position for the Bronco's O-line. Should Gene consider giving the aging vet another shot?

Interviw with Don Carey


An interview with Doncarey where he discusses his time with the Jaguars.

The X-Factors in the Secondary: Starks and Carey


The Jaguars have a serious competition brewing at the Nickel Cornerback position, Scott Starks vs. Don Carey.

Gene Smith vs. Rashean Mathis: Why Mathis wants his money now.


a look at why Rashean Mathis is holding out. Gene Smith is running the organization differently and has players scared.

The Art of War: Know Thy Jaguars


A look at the Jaguars' main weaknesses heading into 2010

Big Cat Country gets some PFT love...


PFT cites a source correctly, and gives BCC credit for calling the Mathis contract dispute and his intention to skip OTA's a week ahead of everyone else.

An honest, but overall positive outlook on the Titans from writers of Big Cat Country


A look at the great Jeff Fisher, and the weaknesses he'll have to deal with in 2010. Check it out.

The Art of War: Know Thy AFC South Enemies - Titans


A look at the Jaguars AFC south Nemesis the Tennessee Titans

The Art of War: Know Thy AFC South Enemies - Texans


Looking at the Jaguars' AFC South divisional rivals... The Houston Texans and their weaknesses.

The Art of War: Know Thy AFC South Enemies - The Colts


Looking at the Jaguar's opponents in the AFC south and their biggest weaknesses.

Torry Holt Interview on being a Jag for one season... Q: How did you feel your one season with...

Torry Holt Interview on being a Jag for one season... Q: How did you feel your one season with Jacksonville went and were you disappointed to be released? A: I felt my season, for the most part, went OK. I thought I did what they asked me to do and that was to show the young receiving corps how to go about the receiver position on a day in and day out standpoint. Then, when given the opportunity, to go out and perform on Sundays, take advantage of the chances given to perform. With a few more opportunities I thought I could have done a lot better and if there was anything that I was disappointed in, it was probably that for the first time in eleven seasons I went scoreless. Q: I kind of want to touch upon that. You say you were disappointed in going scoreless, but when you look at your statistics, in your rookie year you had 52 catches and averaged 15.2 yards a catch. Now, in your eleventh year, 51 catches while averaging 14.2 yards a reception. So what do you say to those critics that say you’ve lost a step, when your yards per catch average is nearly the same as it was in your rookie season? A: I laugh at that. I’m eleven years in the game now, so obviously I’m not running the same as I did when I was a rookie. But I don’t know anybody in the game who could say that. I look at it as I still have enough ability to get past defenders and I think I showed that on some occasions last year. For instance, if you look at our season (Jacksonville in ’09), the longest pass of the season was 63 yards and who was on the other end of that catch? Me. So for someone who can’t run and has lost obvious steps, how can I turn out that type of catch at this point in my career? So I just try to go out and defy the odds every year and when those opportunities present themselves to get by defenders or the deepest defender, I just try to take advantage of those as much as possible.

A Leg Up for the Jaguars in the AFC South: Aftermath of Cushing's Suspension


The aftermath of the Brian Cushing suspension and how it will effect the Jaguars.

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