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I was born in Jackson Mississippi in 1984, however, I've lived most my life in Florida. I lived in Mandarin from 1992-1997 and have bled teal and black since the team's inception. The most important things to me in life are my God, my family, and my Jags (In that order). I love just about all sports, but especially Football, Hockey, and Basketball (professional).

I'm a doctoral student living in Tampa working on my Psy.D (Doctor of Clinical Psychology). I currently live in Tampa, FL.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Detroit Pistons
  • NFL Jacksonville Jaguars
  • NCAAF Florida Gators
  • Golf John Daly, Vijay Singh
  • MMA brutal sport
  • Boxing corrupt sport
  • Soccer boring sport
  • Cycling is this a sport
User Blog

The Return of the 4-3 Defense, Series by Series: Second-Half


A play by play breakdown of the Jaguars defense having made the switch back to a 4-3 front.

The Return of the 4-3 Defense, Series by Series: First-Half


A series by series look at the Jaguars' defense against the Chiefs.

Jaguars Return to Roots in Victory Over Chiefs: Offensive edition


The Jaguars returned to their roots and we saw what this team can do when they run first.

Second-Half Thread


Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) Week #9 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) VS. Date: November 8th, 2009 Location: Jacksonville,FL Time: 1:00 PM EST Stadium: "The Jack" TV: CBS F...

Jaguars Claim Safety Anthony Smith Off Waivers


Well, Gene Smith continues to show his dissatisfaction toward our safety play, as he acquired the former Rams Safety Anthony Smith off of waivers. Gene is trying to fix the safety spot as the season progresses, with other teams' cast-offs.

Jacksonville Jaguars' Coaches: Jack, Dirk, and Mel


Jack Del Rio, Mel Tucker, and Dirk Koetter, all play a role in Jacksonville's struggles.

Second Half Thread: Run the ball


  Tennessee Titans (0-6) Week #8 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) VS. Date: November 1st, 2009 Location: Nashville, TN Time: 4:05 PM EST Stadium: LP Field TV: CBS Favorite: T...

First Half Game-Thread: Late start edition


Tennessee Titans (0-6) Week #8 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) VS. Date: November 1st, 2009 Location: Nashville, TN Time: 4:05 PM EST Stadium: LP Field TV: CBS Favorite: T...

COMCAST's Red Zone Channel: Jaguars' MJD is better than Titans' Chris Johnson


The Jaguars are doing well in the Red Zone, and MJD is the reason.

The Titans break the curse of the terrible towel...


I hope you aren't superstitious... Otherwise this might be misconstrued as a "bad omen". Talent, coaching, and heart win football games, and the titans lack two of those. It hasn't the slightest to do with some ethereal curse or other mysterious force. Nothing is going to stop a second curb stomping of "The Fish", only this time we're taking the ass-kicking to their back-yard.

Florida NFL team for sale?!?


Wow... Well, The Glazers also own a soccer team that is draining their income too. They could be a potential team to move. The Glazers aren't committed to Tampa. As a resident, I can tell you that. This is fantastic news for the Jaguars... Absolutely fantastic.

Ted Monachino can't coach... So Big John is filling the void.


No wonder we've seen such improvement in the defensive line this year. Henderson looks to have taken on the role of Asst. D-line coach. Teddy M just doesn't cut it, and it seems that Henderson is hosting Thursday night film sessions. Good to hear.

T. Knight is now "Pot Roast"


Jaguars' "Pot Roast" Rookie nose tackle Terrance Knighton earned the nickname "Pot Roast" on the club's recent road trip to Seattle through a simple food order on the team's flight. However he got it, Knighton said he "plans to market" the moniker. Defensive Atiyyah Ellison joked Thursday that Knighton, 6-feet-3, 325 pounds, "ate three pot roasts on the flight to Seattle." But according to Knighton, the nickname came from linebacker Clint Ingram, who overheard an exchange between the rookie and one of the flight attendants. An attendant on the flight to Seattle asked Knighton if he wanted shrimp alfredo or pot roast for his in-flight meal. Knighton replied, "I don't eat shrimp alfredo," which meant he'd take the pot roast. Ingram, who was asleep in a seat in front of Knighton overheard the conversation, woke up and said, "Pot roast, that's your name," before falling back asleep. "He woke up just to tell me that," said Knighton, who also added that it was "the first and last time" he'd eaten pot roast.

Derrick Harvey's Role on Defense


Derrick Harvey's struggles to rush the passer may have to do with his position switch

Jaguars' Play-Calling An Issue in Win Over Rams


The Jaguars' offensive coordinator is part of the problem in Jacksonville.


Madden 2010: Jags Vs. Rams

Well, I just finished playing an online slugfest of a game. Final score: Rams 3, Jaguars 7. We only threw the ball 6 times, and one of those was picked-off. We ran the ball 31 times for a total of...

Jacksonville Jaguars Collapse in the Trenches


The Jaguars' offensive and defensive lines were the problem against Seattle. JDR made the right decision to sit Mike Sims-Walker

"You all know me. I'm not a person who gets down," he said. "At the beginning I was, but I went...


"You all know me. I'm not a person who gets down," he said. "At the beginning I was, but I went home and readjusted and (thought), 'Q, maybe you have to put a little more work than I was putting in before.'" (emphasis added) Groves was told by the coaches about the change last week, but Del Rio didn't go public with the demotion until Wednesday when he was asked why Groves didn't play more against the Titans. Groves said he fell short in "little things" like coverages and awareness including "what's happening in front of me and behind me" as he adjusts to the new 3-4 defense. "I am working every day to make it back and show them he does belong here and he can do the things we ask him to do," Groves said.

- Quentin Groves on his demotion, and struggles with learning the 3-4 defense -

Paul Kuharsky Reports on the Jaguars: Alexander promoted, Groves demoted


The Jaguars make some changes on the depth chart at SS and LB before this weeks match-up against the Seahawks.

Evolution of the Jaguars: Dirk Koetter, Gene Smith, and the rookie report


A look at the Jaguars offensive evolution under Dirk Koetter and a look at the rookies so far.

Jacksonville Jaguars Demolish the Titans: Top-Performers


the Jacksonville Jaguars defeat the Titans. Here's a list of the top performances and analysis.

Jaguars Defeat Titans: Post-game thread


    Tennessee Titans (0-3) Week #4 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) VS Date: October 4th, 2009 Location: Jacksonville, FL Time: 1:00 pm EST Stadium: "The Jack" TV: CBS F...

Jacksonville Jaguars Defeat Houston Texans: Jags grow by leaps and bounds


The Jaguars play great and snag a win against the division rival Texans. Analysis.

Gene Smith Continues Reign of Terror: G. Estandia is cut, M. Desormeaux is waived


Gene Smith continues to reshape the Jaguars roster.

Both Boldin and Breaston Battle Injury-Bug


Both Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston had over 1,000 yards receiving last season, and both are listed as questionable on the Cardinals' Friday injury report. Mike Florio has picked the Jaguars to win, and Vegas has us as a 3 point favorite... I like it...

Jaguars Vs. Cardinals: The War Room


Going over strategies likely to be seen during the Jaguars vs. Cardinals game Sunday.

Jaguars @ Colts: The Beginnings of a Bright Future


The Jaguars had a great game and are a team with the arrow pointed up!

Poetry in Motion: So, I was sitting and conversing with myself (as I sometimes do after imbibing...


Poetry in Motion: So, I was sitting and conversing with myself (as I sometimes do after imbibing various libations). Thinking, "Who would win in a fight, MJD or Peyton Manning?" At first, I figured MJD easily; because Peyton's forehead presents such a large target. However, one of the voices countered with an excellent point, Peyton's gangly girl arms could hold MJD at bay while the the "Man-Child" swings harmlessly at the ankles of the "forehead". Your thoughts?

Source: Anonymous Voices....


BCC College Football Edition Week 2   by FSBlueApocalypse on Sep 12, 2009 11:45 AM EDT  0 comments I think something is going on in Columbus, OH today. I might be wrong on that, but I'm pretty...

Taking the Ticket Sales Problem to the Streets!!


Now this is what I am talking about! Forget politics... Get on the street to support ticket sales!

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