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Basketball Team Season Best Performances

Since our team is in a bit of a slump, I thought we could use a positive article about them. I went through the season thus far, and pulled out what I felt were the season high performances for...

2011 Sugar Bowl Open Thread


If you don't want to scout Mallett, scout and talk about someone else.


From a Carolina fan ...

... I'm going to tell you guys what your team needs to do to defeat us. I'm doing your coaches a big favor here, so you should tell them to read it, just kidding. I just thought I'd give my...

The College Football Belt


Apparently, Carolina is the holder of some championship belt. The people who made the thing up gave the first belt to some great team way back when, and every time the reigning champion plays a game it will be transfered to the winner, like a boxing title. They claim you can pick any team in football history, and the title will eventually converge with their lineage. We've currently held it since defeating Florida. We held it earlier in the year by defeating Alabama. It gives information on every team that has held it, and every championship game played. I didn't know anything about it 'til going to the Clemson SBN site.

FBS Team Statistics Pt. 2


I only noted them if Carolina was ranked in the top 20. I imagine we're ranked fairly high in sacks too, but the site I used doesn't keep track of that. Does anyone know of a site that does, laid out in a nice sortable table? Offense: 3rd Down %: 7th [52.4%] 4th Down %: 18th (tied with seven other teams) [66.7%] Completion %: 7th [67.7%] Defense: Rush Yards Given Up: 8th [976 yards] Rushing Average Against: 6th (tied with two other teams) [3.0 yards/carry] Rushing TDs Given Up: 14th (tied with four other teams) [8 TDs] Rushing First Downs Given Up: 16th (tied with one other team) [64 first downs] Interception TDs: 14th (tied with fifteen other teams) [2 TDs] Other: Penalty Yards: 12th [394 yards]

Carolina ranked #32 in the league in dancing.


Carolina ranked #32 in the league in dancing.

Vote for Sam Mills and Kevin Greene to be in the 2011 Hall of Fame class!


I saw the ad for the fan ballot thing on ESPN during the Saints game tonight. That was a disappointing game by the way. Anyway, register and sign in first. After you select who you want, click "Add to ballot". You can vote as many times as you want.

FBS Team Statistics


I thought our team was doing really well against the run, so I wanted to see where they were ranked thus far. Here are some other stats while I'm doing it. Defense Pts/Game: 9th (tied) Rush Yds/Game: 7th Rushing TDs Given Up: 1st (tied) with six other teams for zero given up Rushing First Downs Given Up: 6th (tied) Rushing Yds/Carry: 7th (tied) with a 2.2 ypc average Offense 3rd Down%: 7th Completion%: 18th (tied) Everything else was decent to pretty pedestrian to bad, so I will conveniently not mention those.

Carolina Panthers - Trent Guy makes the practice squad


He got cut from the 53-man roster, but the practice squad is better than nothing. He didn't get many chances in the preseason due to a hamstring injury, and there being 10 other receivers.

Sport South


Short notice, but the 2001 win against Alabama is supposed to be shown on Sport South (College Flash Classics) in a few minutes at 2pm. The Steve Spurrier Show comes on at 5pm.

Carolina Preview and Predictions


I don't know when all those predictions were made, but I'm astonished about the comments on the defense.

Colors of the Panthers rainbow


"Carolina owns an all-time regular season record of 70-70 when wearing white jerseys, 40-45 when dressing in black jerseys and 7-8 when sporting the blue tops." Dang, they don't wear black 'til November. That's my favorite. Back in black!

Team Captains


"Looks like the captains will be RB DeAngelo Williams, OT Jordan Gross, LB Jon Beason, DE Tyler Brayton and K John Kasay."

Wednesday wrap: On to Baltimore


" Eleven players won't even make the trip, including the four on the physically unable to perform list (WR Steve Smith, RB Jonathan Stewart, RT Jeff Otah and LB Thomas Davis). The others staying behind are: CB Chris Gamble, S Aaron Francisco, LB Jordan Senn, WRs Charly Martin and Trent Guy, RB Mike Goodson and T Garry Williams." That's unfortunate about Goodson, Senn, Martin, and Guy. Out of that group, I particularly wanted to see how they did.

Kurtis Gregory was cut from Carolina.


Sorry folks. He was one of two rookie UDFA linemen cut today, and they signed two other linemen, Andrew Crummey and Jason Capizzi. I'm not sure what the reasons were. I know they had their team scrimmage a few days ago, and reports were the offensive linemen did pretty bad. I'm not sure if that was one of the factors or not. Maybe he'll get picked up by another team.

Norwood still finding niche among Panthers


"Still, the question persists, how they're going to use him? They've got more experienced players at each spot, but with every day of camp, you wonder how they can afford to not incorporate Norwood somewhere." Man, he's going to have the cardio of Lance Armstrong if they keep it up.

Rookie Hardy doing an NFL about-face


" 'We're seeing what we hoped we saw when we drafted him,' Baker said. 'Big, explosive, active kid. Certainly brings a lot of energy. There's nothing timid about the guy. If he makes a mistake, he makes it a hundred miles and hour. Usually he's around the ball when he makes a mistake.' " Good to know! Please stay healthy!! For all that's good in the world, stay healthy!

Brett Warren (LB) was cut back on the 28th.


Was anyone aware? I hadn't heard anything about it. Strange timing. Did he fail the physical or something?

Vendor Inspection Reports


Bank of America Stadium Carolina Panthers Vendors with critical violations: 55% Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors witnessed employees at several locations improperly keeping personal drink cups near food prep and saw one worker eating from a fryer basket. RBC Center Carolina Hurricanes Vendors with critical violations: 67% Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors cited one vendor after watching employees handle raw, breaded chicken while loading fryers and then handling cooked food without changing gloves or washing hands. The employees placed cooked chicken back in the same container used to pre-portion raw chicken before cooking. Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte Bobcats Vendors with critical violations: 73% Inspection report excerpt: At one location, inspectors found debris under a slicer blade and pulled three pans that needed to be cleaned again. The Panthers were the 3rd worst in the division! There were two with 100% of the vendors committing critical violations, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Washington Wizards/Washington Capitals.

NFC - Blue and Red Chip Players


Blue = top 10 at that position Red = top 15 at that position Also, there are 6 blue chip coaches. Carolina Panthers Blue: OT Jordan Gross, WR Steve Smith, RB DeAngelo Williams, LB Jon Beason and HC John Fox Red: OT Jeff Otah and RB Jonathan Stewart My thoughts: I don't see how Jonathan Stewart isn't a top 10 RB. He has guys like Steven Jackson, Ricky Williams, and Cedric Benson ahead of him (see AFC list linked in the article). No way in this universe is Benson better than Stewart. Ryan Kalil is missing from the center position altogether. Kalil is a top 3 or 4 center easily. Chris Gamble is a top 15 corner in my opinion, as is Travelle Wharton at guard. This may be borderline, but I think Matt Moore should be considered a top 15 QB, despite his inexperience. Kalil has to be, by far, the biggest exclusion though. I think he had a brain fart on that one.

Carolina Panthers 2010 Season Preview


It's a New York Times article. If it's been linked before tell me and I'll delete it. I haven't seen it.

Son of Walls: The Legend Continues


LB Colton Walls (6-2 230) of Charlotte, the son of former Panthers tight end Wesley Walls, committed to Clemson Wednesday becoming the 16th commitment for the Tigers 2011 class. Walls picked Clemson over offers from Duke and Memphis. He also drew interest from North Carolina, Vanderbilt and Virginia. "They liked my attitude and feel like I will bring a good attitude and good work habits to the program," Walls said. "Duke was pushing me to commit and I started thinking about committing in general and Clemson was my number one, so I decided to commit. "I liked the atmosphere there and the coaching style," he said. "And I like their campus. Plus their traditions and facilities are unbelievable." Walls will play inside linebacker for the Tigers. "I'm not the best player right now," he said, "but coaches say with my work ethic and determination I'll be able to compete. I'm very coachable. They say I have great instincts, good feet and good hips." Walls moved last season from the defensive line to middle linebacker and had 116 tackles with 7 sacks and 1 interception.


Joique Bell

What do you folks think the chances are of Joique Bell being cut and, if so, not making the practice squad? On the Panthers blog, I posted what I thought the final depth chart and practice squad of...


Mike Tepper

What do you folks think the chances are of Mike Tepper being cut and, if so, not making the practice squad? On the Panthers blog, I posted what I thought the final depth chart and practice squad of...


Davon Drew

What do you folks think the chances are of Davon Drew being cut, and if so, not making the practice squad? I posted what I thought the final depth chart and practice squad of the Carolina Panthers...


Martail Burnett

What do you folks think the chances are of Martail Burnett being cut and, if so, not making the practice squad? I posted what I thought the final depth chart and practice squad of the Carolina...


CAR - Top 11 Biggest Wins and Worst Losses of the 2000s.

These are the biggest blowouts and worst losses of the past decade for our Carolina Panthers. Thanks for an entertaining decade Carolina, and see you in the next one! Number 11Best: 2002 - vs. B...


Predict the final depth chart.

We could wait 'til training camp or preseason starts, but that's for girly men. It's much more entertaining to do it now, before we have a chance to hear from John Fox about who is doing well and...


What the Panthers Should Do to Reach the Playoffs

I've been thinking a lot about ways to become a sure playoff team this year, and also to grab more media attention. I think Carolina should do the following: 1. Resign Vinny Testaverde. This is...


I forget, why did they hire Ron Meeks?

I, like many, am concerned about the puny defensive tackles we have, so I wanted to see how Meeks' philosophy of undersized, quicker tackles panned out in Indy. I assume someone has pointed all...

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