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Hi, the name's Mark and I'm as unathletic as they come. But hey, I love sports.

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Recap: Carter buzzer beater lifts Mavs over Spurs


Read recap at your own risk. But with a dose of calm and hope. Most especially hope.

To the Grindhouse in Memphis, the Spurs go

The Spurs hope to ground-and-pound the Grizzlies into submission in Game 3. No blood, no foul warning up ahead!


Hate All The Things a.k.a. NBA Finals Game 1 Loser Thread

It's weird how nobody has the heart these days to make one. Anyway, here you go. You're welcome.

Sublime Durant, Thunder even series with reeling Spurs

Sublime Durant, Thunder even series with reeling Spurs

Tony Parker: From Third Wheel to MVP

How did Tony Parker progress from a 19-year-old rookie to the MVP candidate he is today? As Pop likes to say: "... over a long period of time."

Bucher: French evolution


Heh, Ric Bucher's been showin' some love to the Spurs lately.

Greg Oden on Greg Oden


A really good interview. I really hope he can make a comeback, there aren't enough good centers in the league. (maybe the Phoenix Suns medical staff can help him out?)

Spurs conclude 13th straight 50-win season, primed for deep playoff run

Spurs conclude 13th straight 50-win season, primed for deep playoff run

48MoH: Tim Duncan can STILL dunk on you


Awesome piece written by PtR's adopted son, LatinD. I'm still looking for the rec button in that site.

Players' Poll: Coach You Would Like to Play For the Most/Least


I don't even get this. Seriously, Doc Rivers and D 'Antoni over Pop? DOC RIVERS, CELTICS 22% MIKE D'ANTONI 21% GREGG POPOVICH, SPURS 16% RICK CARLISLE, MAVERICKS 6% RICK ADELMAN, T-WOLVES 5% LEAST? STAN VAN GUNDY, MAGIC 22% SCOTT SKILES, BUCKS 14% BYRON SCOTT, CAVALIERS 9% FLIP SAUNDERS 6% MIKE D'ANTONI 4% FAST FACTS The active coach with the best winning percentage, the Bulls' Tom Thibodeau (.767), was sixth (4%) on the most list.... The Pistons' Lawrence Frank and the Lakers' Mike Brown also received 4% of the least vote.... Saunders was fired by the Wizards (for whom he was 51--130) on Jan. 24; D'Antoni resigned from the Knicks (121--167) on March 14.... Van Gundy also finished eighth (3%) on the most list. Rivers didn't receive a single least vote. BASED ON 134 NBA PLAYERS WHO RESPONDED TO SI'S SURVEY

NYTimes blog: Pace, Space and Parker


"What began as a means to ease the burden on Duncan has gradually become a chance to emphasize Parker. The passing of that torch was fairly inevitable, but it’s the way the torch has been passed – so dramatically as the basic style of the grind-it-out Spurs is set ablaze – that has made San Antonio’s transition all the more vivid."

No Duncan, no problem: San Antonio Spurs roll to fifth straight win over Sacramento Kings

No Duncan, no problem: San Antonio Spurs roll to fifth straight win with 127-102 romp of Sacramento Kings

TrueHoop: What makes Kawhi Leonard so good?


We kinda know this already, but hey, the national media's catching on!

Spurs in Space


Not outer space, sadly. Still, a good description of the vaunted Spurs attack.

Players vital to postseason success (Insider)


Three players were mentioned: Nick Collison (OKC), Shane Battier (Miami) and Tiago Splitter (San Antonio) Here's the take on Splitter: "Projected WARP: 4.2; current WARP: 3.9 Only Denver and Chicago have relied on role players more than San Antonio this season, but of course that is nothing new for Gregg Popovich's team. Splitter's minutes have been slipping of late, but he remains very important to what the Spurs do. Over his past 20 games, Splitter's usage rate has increased to more than 20 percent, but his true shooting percentage remains well over 60 percent. Players who can do more without losing efficiency are tremendously valuable. In terms of plus-minus, Splitter doesn't have as much of an impact as fellow role-playing big man Matt Bonner, but the two work in tandem to give Popovich the ability to load up in the paint or spread the floor as the situation dictates. In Splitter's case, not only does San Antonio's proficiency in the painted area increase with him on the floor, but his ability to collapse the defense opens up the corners. The Spurs shoot 46 percent on corner 3s with Splitter on the floor. Overall, San Antonio's true shooting percentage increases by 4.4 percent when Splitter plays. Splitter's defensive impact is more muted, but the Spurs hold steady on that end when he's on the court. Teams like to isolate him, but he's held his own in those situations, ranking 62nd in the league according to MySynergySports.com. The Los Angeles Lakers could be looming in the second round for the Spurs and Splitter is going to be a key to making Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol work when Tim Duncan is off the floor, though Popovich might opt to play them together a bit more often against L.A.'s twin towers."


NCAA Championship (a.k.a. Unibrow Coronation) Thread

It's Anthony Davis and the Unibrowsers versus a tough-fighting Kansas Jayhawks, which feature potential Top 5 pick Thomas Robinson. Throw in another potential Top 5 guy in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist...

Rebuilding the New Orleans Hornets


Just a great and inspiring read. It's really nice to see ex-Spurs Monty Williams and Dell Demps doing a tremendous job with the franchise. I think, more than Spurs proteges going to big markets, it's really in small cities where you can see how they apply whatever they've learned, from both a coaching and general management standpoint. Hopefully they'll get a new owner who truly cares about the team and winning.

Spurs keep rolling on the road, hold off opportunistic Kings 117-112

Spurs win again, manage to perfect the art of six-in-eight. Everybody drink the Kool Aid!

Duncan-Parker-Manu trio power Spurs to fifth straight win, edge Suns 107-100

Spurs power past Suns, you get an awkward running diary of a recap by @sbdavis_PtR

Jackson makes debut but Spurs fall 106-99 to Dirk, hot-shooting Mavericks

Jackson makes debut, but Spurs fall 106-99 to Dirk, hot-shooting Mavericks

SheridanHoops: Euro Stash Trade Assets


For the Western Conference, here's where the Spurs' assets rank: 3. Erazem Lorbek European Club: Regal Barcelona (Spain) Odds He’ll Defect: 25 percent. Erazem Lorbek is having the best season of any power forward in the Euroleague, his unassuming genius populating box scores with big numbers before you even realize he’s taken a shot. When he does shoot, he usually makes it: 63 percent of his 2-pointers and 44 percent from 3 in the Euroleague this season. So of course the Spurs got the Pacers to toss him in the George Hill-for-Kawhi Leonard deal last June. If the Spurs offered him a deal this summer, would Lorbek take it? 9. Adam Hanga European Club: Manresa (Spain) Odds He’ll Defect: 30 percent. Hanga’s a decent looking deep ball away from NBA material on the offensive end (just 19 percent on 3s this season), but he’s already figured out how to disrupt just about everything on defense. Luckily, Hanga hails from basketball bereft Hungary and has entire summers to dominate the ball, hone his skills and generally freewheel his way through qualifying tournaments that Hungary never wins. If he does make it to the Association, he’d be only the second Hungarian ever to have his name on an NBA jersey. If you remembered that the other was Kornel David, who split 109 games between Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Toronto between 1998 and 2001, you’re a better man than me. 10. Nando de Colo European Club: Valencia (Spain) Odds He’ll Defect: 35 percent. Here’s another guy who could benefit from the decongested NBA lanes and a hastier offense, but as long as Nando’s a defensive liability (which he irrefutably is), I can’t see Gregg Popovich getting too psyched about seeing him in silver and black. You can view the Eastern Conference picks here.


PtR March Madness: Pounding the Bracket!

I think we had fun with this last year, and people may want to join so I went ahead and created one. Sorry for the name, it seems like people have an affinity for "pounding" over here. Join in!

SI.com: Interview with Jordan's former agent, David Falk


I know Falk's probably not the most loved guy in the league but he makes a lot of sense in this interview. Some highlights: "SI.com: How did you see Billy's [Hunter[ part in it [the lockout]? Falk: He doesn't think he needs support, which I find incredibly difficult to understand in a process that's inherently political. Stern -- who is a very smart, powerful guy, and the most able commissioner in the history of professional sports -- is surrounded by dozens of lawyers. No one says that having the lawyers around him weakens David Stern's position, but Billy feels that having support by powerful people somehow makes him look like he's weak. I've never met a person in a high position, whether it's a CEO or the president of the United States or a king, who doesn't have dozens of advisors that he relies on. He makes the final decision, but you surround yourself with a presidential cabinet. You have as many smart people as you can, hopefully people smarter than you, to help make sure that you do a good job. Billy has never embraced that concept. I think he somehow feels like putting smart people around you makes you look weak to the players." "SI.com: In terms of agents separating themselves, I'd think that you of all people would see branding as playing a big part. Can't you separate yourself by landing marketing deals, etc.? Falk: First of all, I think there's only one player in NBA history that has really been branded, and that's Michael Jordan. His brand has lasted from 1984 to 2012, is going strong, is over $1 billion. He's internationally recognized, is the second-most-recognizable person in China, and he truly has a brand that was cultivated. But when he started, the intent wasn't to manage him to create a brand. It was to manage him to become a great player and the brand grew out of being a great player. I think today's generation of players are trying to skip that step. They're trying to create brands, but you can't create a brand. I think the brand is something that derives from your recognizability, your favorability, your performance, success, personality. It's a blend of different factors. Michael Jordan developed a brand because it was something that developed naturally. It wasn't something that was manufactured, and I think today too many people are trying too hard -- in a faddish kind of a way -- and the fad things never last. In Michael's generation, there were people like Jim McMahon and Brian Bosworth -- they were fads. They were hot for a couple of years, but [Jordan's] brand lasted because it was built on a very strong foundation." "SI.com: Do you see LeBron James as a brand? Falk: No. First of all, he hasn't won a championship. Second of all, I'm a big LeBron fan and like LeBron personally, but I think he's trying too hard to be a brand, like we saw with The Decision. If I represented LeBron and he told me that he wanted to do a show called The Decision, I'd say, "Great, after you win your first ring, let's do a documentary detailing why you decided to pick Miami. The reason you picked them is because you wanted to win a championship, but until that time The Decision has made you extremely unpopular." The problem is -- and I like [LeBron's manager] Maverick Carter, as well -- very few players have capable management. I think most of the players are managing their agents, because the agents don't have the confidence or the courage to tell the players what they really think they want to hear. They tell them what they want to hear because they're afraid of getting fired."

The NBA's Photomeister


This dude is pretty remarkable, and a legend in his own right. Oh, and a good read, too.

All-Star Sunday Thread: THE All-Star Game

All-Star Sunday Thread: THE All-Star Game

Blair, Spurs bulldoze depleted Nuggets, 114-99, to conclude Rodeo Road Trip

Blair, Spurs bulldoze depleted Nuggets, 114-99, to conclude Rodeo Road Trip

Spurs Lose by 40 to Trail Blazers as Stars Rest: 97-137

Spurs @ Blazers Recap: The Humbling -- Spurs Lose by 40 as Stars Rest: 97-137

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