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The Bills are the best team in the best sport, period. I have loved the Bills since the beginning of the Jim Kelly era. I have only seen two games, both in Jacksonville against the Jags.

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Riley Cooper in he fifth, please

I decided to write a piece about a potential draftee named Riley Cooper.  I'm sure many of you have seen me mention him before, but I really think this guy can be a late round find ala Andre Reed...

Ferguson Suspended


FA NT Ferguson suspended by the NFL for 8 games for PEDs. So anyone thinking he was coming to Buffalo should probably put that thought to bed. He was suspended fro 8 games, half of the season.

Sproles NOT a FA


Looks like SD decided not to get rid of their entire backfield this year... He received a 1st and 3rd round tender.

I’ve been writing and saying all offseason that the Eagles will not trade Michael Vick unless they g...


I’ve been writing and saying all offseason that the Eagles will not trade Michael Vick unless they get a solid pick in return. And unless they get a second round pick, they won’t move him. You think that’s too much? Not really if you understand that if they hold on to him and he becomes a free agent in 2011, then signs with another team, the Eagles would probably get a compensatory third-round pick. So it makes sense to ask for a second rounder right now. Who will pay that? No one. That’s why I see Vick back with the Eagles.


Sproles to become free agent


Interesting......does this mean anything for the bills? My guess is no, but still very interesting.


Whitner for Vick??

This is going to be a really quick fanpost.  But I feel it should be mentioned.  First let me give props to CanadianBillsFan for the idea, as it is not mine originally.  While over at the Eagles...

Kwan will be special teams asst.


"With 19 years of NFL coaching experience, Kwan was most recently the special teams coach of the Detroit Lions from 2007-2009. Last season Detroit was 11th in average drive start on kickoffs (27) just behind Buffalo (27.5). In 2008 Kwan’s special teams coverage units forced a league-high five takeaways as their plus-four turnover margin also led the NFL that season. The Lions’ kickoff coverage unit also allowed the fourth lowest average drive start (25.5) in 2008."

Bills release 7 players


"TE Derek Fine, DE Jermaine McGhee, LB Ashlee Palmer, DT Marcus Smith, S John Wendling, WR Justin Jenkins and C Marvin Philip."

Sources: McNabb wants no part of buffalo


Its a long article about the future of McNabb but about half way down it mentions this nice little quote "sources say, he wants no part of Buffalo." He being McNabb obviously. Take it for what you will (speculation) but I am kinda glad, hes be too expensive and I dont see this as being blatantly false. Why would Mcnabb want to come to buffalo at this point in his career??

Antonio Peirce as MLB?


Antonio Peirce was just released by the Giants. Is he a possible FA to pick up to give depth to the LB corps?

Drunkest Cities


I thought this was funny, maybe its not. Buffalo is number 66 on the list, and the city I live in currently is number 2! Sweet! Also Rochester was the 3 soberest city....which I think is intriguing.

Stroud high on "hard-nosed" Edwards


dont know if it was posted, but now it is.

Tebow progressing. Cooper raising draft stock


Mainly added to help combat those that say he cant improve. Everyday he has improved his game. Thats really all I need to see, steady improvement everytime he takes the field. And Riley Cooper (wr) is mentioned. I wish he wouldnt do as well and drop in the draft, i would love to draft this kid, but i just dont see us doing it because he will go to high and WR isnt a huge need on this team.

John Wendling: Special Teams MVP


i guess this means hes gonna stick around?


why tim tebow would be a great pick for the bills

First you will have to excuse my writing style, as i blog without many punctuation rules.  mainly i dont capitalize and use ' in my words.  im sorry if it is hard to read, its just my style.  many...

fun mugshots of jets fans.....i just thought it was funny


fun mugshots of jets fans.....i just thought it was funny

Ex-GM and Personnel Director Herock loves Tebow


its a quick story about how tebow has "it" to be a QB in the nfl. Herock believes tebow has the will to win and is improving his physical downfalls. Herock basically compares him to other qb's based on his 4 hour eval. most notably favre. Herock concludes his comments by saying " If there was one word I would use to describe him, it would be 'winner.'"

Tebow in the Super Bowl?


OK not really, but it got you to click on this fanshot. Apparently Tebow will be on a commercial during the Super Bowl. If people thought they had enough of Tebow already, they better get ready now that he can be a paid advertiser (although not the case in this instance).

Thurman Thomas Statue Found; on its way to being returned.


So the guy that stole the statue was supposedly doing it for its own safety, as he over heard some guys saying or plotting to set it on fire. I hope that is the case, and he didnt steal it for his own gain. And yes I know this links to TMZ but I swear I didnt find it!

A video about our fav QB. I personally like TE and think he should get the rest of the year to...


A video about our fav QB. I personally like TE and think he should get the rest of the year to prove what hes worth. But I thought that some of you would enjoy this...

Jerry Jones not a fan of Revenue Sharing


The article is more centered on the Vikings and their struggle to get a new stadium, but in it, JJ says that revenue sharing is a horrible practice and should be stopped. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't revenue sharing help keep small market teams like the Jags and Bills in business? JJ is quite the loud talker and he seems to carry a somewhat big stick. So it obviously concerns me that he wants to get rid of revenue sharing for the next CBA. Wouldn't this really hurt the Bills and other small market teams? And what is the liklihood that revenue sharing does actually stop? Thoughts?



I live in Reno, NV where the Aces play and have had the pleasure of going to a number of games this season.  I have watched their number 1 catcher Hester play out of his mind this year in AAA, and...

Bowden thinks Ward > Tebow


Well I think the title says it all. Statistically, theres no sense in his argument. Both won a heisman, both led their team to a NC. All stats are taken from Wards two years playing and Tebow's Soph and Junior years playing. (Excluding freshman year to make it fair) Passing wise: Ward: 468-745 att, (62.8% comp) 5679 yds, 49 tds, and 21 ints Tebow: 426-648 att, (65.7% comp) 6032 yds, 62 tds, and 10 ints If that wasn't enough how bout rushing stats? Ward: 889 rushing yards, 10 rushing TDs Tebow: 1568 yds, 35 tds. I don't get it. Am I missing something. I'll admit Ward was a great player, and amassed a crazy record as the starter ( i think it was 23-2 or something) but his number statistically dont match up.

Sources: Vick to get 4 game suspension


WHAT?! Seriously? Marshawn gets 3 for a misdemeanor and Vick only gets 4 after a lengthy prison term? As is well known on this site, I do believe Vick should be allowed his second chance, but I can't believe he will only get 4 games. This makes Goodell's "punishments" look even more capricious.

Madden '10 RB rankings


The latest Madden '10 rankings of RB, and Marshawn Lynch didnt make the top 10. I think its bogus, what do you guys think. And yes i know its just a game, but a game probably alot of us play, so it sucks Marshawn doesn't get the respect he deserves.

Things getting fiesty in Boston


So the day after the big sahqtus trade, the agent for Rondo has come out and criticized Ainge. Apperently Ainge went on the air saying Rondo needs to grow up and is not worth a max contract. Seems very interesting seeing as they won a champ with him at point, and he did pretty well this past season and seems to be improving every season. Either way, this is great news if you hate Boston. Either hes off the team and they have to start over at point, or they have a malcontent at point.....I see only positives.

Antone Smith


Antone Smith has been way under the radar, and for us looking for a 3rd RB, this guy could be a steal. I havent seen him going anywhere on the first day, leaving him for the second day. honestly, i think he will be around in round 5, at which point we would be absolutely crazy not to pick this guy up. going into college he was a 5start recruit, last year he scored 14 tds in an FSU offense that had obvious O-line problems. he would more than fill in at the 3rd RB position.

Florence to help Whitner?


article says that adding florence could give the bills a true 4 cb coverage scheme, allowing whitner the ability to hang back more and make plays on the ball. hopefully this is true.


TJ Whosyamama to Seattle?

Right now tentative reports having TJ going to the hawks.  This cant be good  news on the coles front, as I'm almost sure the bengals will throw loads of cash to get coles now.  The only thing i...

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