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Conspiracy Theory

The great thing about a conspiracy theory is that it is just that, a theory. One that we do not have to prove but can throw out like so much gasoline on a fire. Does this whole Tim Brown 'Coach...


The Redskins pulled the trigger

According to the Washington Times, the Redskins have executed a trade to move up with St. Louis for the second pick in the draft. The trade is huge. It looks like Washington traded the 1st and...

ANYONE KNOW WHY HE FELL DOWN? NEVER SAW IT COVERED- As I, and several esteemed BTB members, have...


ANYONE KNOW WHY HE FELL DOWN? NEVER SAW IT COVERED- As I, and several esteemed BTB members, have suggested in these hallowed pages, good teams need to build the kind of leads convincing enough that the game cannot turn on the vagaries of the football gods. In a closer contest, we'd be pulling out our hair at DeMarco Murray's peculiar fall-down after a 43-yard run.


Fan Guide to Choosing your Favorite NFL Team!


Notice which team is first. Notice the reason why! We don't care about being liked, just winning Super Bowls!

Lawyers dissects the Lockout and a Full Season


I am reading anything and everything on the Lockout, so here is an interesting take from a former lawyer who thinks there will be a full season. Not as optimistic for the players. I am only hoping that he is right about a full season. "Here is why I think we will have a season — a full season. Most of the owners and most of the players want to settle, and the makings of a deal are there. The owners want to have the 2011 season, but they lose much less than the players do if the season is canceled. They can more easily bear the financial losses and outrage from the fans — after all, the fans don’t much like the owners in the best of times; their passion is about the players. So the owners might as well drive as hard a bargain as they can if this season is lost. By contrast, the players have a short window for making the kind of money they make (just ask Plaxico Burress, released from prison after 20 months today). If this season is lost, there’s no guarantee there will be a 2012 season either — if the owners’ position hardens, careers will be ended prematurely (see, e.g., Plaxico, supra), opportunities for off-field earnings will be slashed … and the owners have much more wherewithal to stick out protracted litigation over these matters than do the players. The players of today make lots of money from the pot of gold as it exists now, and they don’t need to worry about future income streams — most will not be around anymore by the time those kick in. They will want to preserve as much as they can of what they have now. The settlement premium they can get from the owners lies in making a deal that saves this season — the owners will almost surely be happy to pay something extra for that, as long as it happens soon. The premium diminishes as weeks of the season start being canceled."

Labor Strife Overview and History Lesson


I know it is the Bleacher Report but I thought it gave a good overview and history of the Labor Dispute. The author is actually a sports radio guy. It also has extensive footnotes. Give it a look.


CBA Talks Progressing

Mike Freeman at CBS Sports is reporting that the two sides are getting close together.  The News at Bloggintheboys shows that Jerry and Mr. Kraft are at secret talks with the players. So much for...

Don't want to end up like Bleak House where only the attorneys win!


Let's get this settled before we end up out of a season, out of time, and generally out of minds. Bleak House - At the novel's core is the long-running litigation in England's Court of Chancery going until it uses up all the money.



Given the state of the economy, this case forebodes bigger changes may be in store to Anti-trust and Labor Law.


Proctor and Preston Cut by the Cowboys

Nick Eatman at DC.com is reporting that the Cowboys have cut ties with Cory Proctor and Duke Preston.  Proctor is an interesting cut considering the weakness noted along the O-line.  Preston was...


Anatomy of scouting a quarterback

Found this article from a few years ago concerning a scout's take on finding the next great quarterback.  "This is the quarterback problem. There are certain jobs where almost nothing you can...


Vikings helped the Cowboys

Now that we have had a week to digest the poor performance in Minnesota, what does it mean for the Cowboys?  This defeat compares in scope to the Eagle defeat the year before.  Many commentators...

2007 Cowboys Redux


The 2008 Giants are this years version of the 2007 Cowboys. Strong early, fade late, nothing doing at home in the playoffs. One and done. It seems there is no formula. Dallas had to win against Baltimore, then had to win against the Eagles. Playoffs- none and done. We can hold out the hope that next year will be the year we are a TEAM for the whole year.


Cowboys up the ante for Pacman?

A Nashville paper is quoting Titan sources as saying Dallas has agreed to a 4th rounder for Adam Jones.  But it looks like the Titans want more.  Everything else I am reading tells me that the...

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