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Friday night is going to be crazy

I bought Warriors season tickets 6 years ago almost entirely because of Monta. I was sitting at home and he did this to Barbosa and I started running around my apartment in excitement. Then I was...



Impossible shot percentage is definitely a good one for him.

Chandler is gone, onto Jordan


@sam_amick Sam Amick Source says Golden State is expected to make a hard run at the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan if and when New York wins out on Chandler. I bet Clips will match no matter what with how tight Jordan is with Griffin. I guess at the very least we could force them to pay more than they were planning on. Think that I'm most bummed about Chandler not coming here because that pretty much officially kills the CP3 pipe dream.

Has Monta's defense really been that good these last 2 games?


Roy was really quiet these last two games. The bucket they showed Roy getting in the highlights was an extremely tough one where Monta was right in his grill. Anyone out there who saw either or both of these games? Was Monta's D really that tough? Has Roy just look disinterested? Was it just a lack of minutes for Roy? Another highlight shows Monta letting Bayless going right by him (does look like he was expecting help, but still..). Really hoping he puts forth big time effort on defense against everyone this season, not just the big names. I think if he does that he'd get the type of respect around the league that actually could lead to an All Star berth. And obviously the Warriors would be a much better team.

Overvaluing our Players


Dime magazine asked people who they would pick as a PG to start a franchise and these are apparently the names that were mentioned the most. CP3, D-Will, Rondo, Rose, Nash, Billups, Westbrook, Jennings, Wall I'm not saying I agree with this list at all, but I'm just trying to demonstrate to everyone on here that you value our players much more than other people. I've been shocked at how appalled people are at the very mention of including Curry in a trade for Melo and I guarantee most people who don't frequent GSOM would be too. Curry is a really good player, but let's temper our expectations a little bit here. He's not someone that is going to be a top 5 player in the league (apparently most fans dont think he's even on his way to being a top 5 PG). Just trying to be realistic.


Enough with "Just can't"

The only time I ever see people around this site quoting Monta anymore is the infamous "Just can't" way back from Media day.  Steph had been already declared the choosen one, leading to more and...

Last second, but anyone want my 2 tickets for tonight for free?


Section 123, row 23, email me at I'll email them to you right away.

ESPN has Monta 5th in the race for defensive player of the year


Monta has been playing some good D lately, and I'm on his jock as much as anyone, but even I've got to admit this is taking it a little far. Great to see a Warrior get some national pub though. If we can get to .500 somehow by the break I think he'd have a pretty good shot at being an All Star, especially if people are giving him props for his D.

When Monta Ellis attacks...


A Dallas fan broke down Monta and the rest of the Warrior's recent dismantling of the Mavs.

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