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The Rutgers Gaff (If It Were an Episode of Seinfeld)

*Note that this was a weird idea that popped into my head and is stictly done for fun. Also I get to kind of poke fun at Rutgers, which is nice.* Shot of Jerry and George sitting at their...


10 Reasons to Back the "We Are! 2014" Penn State Preview Magazine on Kickstarter

As many of you are well aware, the Kickstarter campaign for the "We Are! 2014" Penn State Preview Magazine is coming in on the home stretch and we're close to meeting our goal of $13,000. All the...


Nebraska Tickets and Tailgating

I will be in State College for the Nebraska game, so I thought I'd make a fanpost with a two-fold purpose: first, I'd like to get tickets to the game and wanted to see if anyone is looking to get...



Hola, bitches! I'm bored at work so I thought I'd give everyone a Friday OT question to answer. It has a bit of a convoluted setup, but lets give it a shot. And its about time travel! S...


WE ARE! 2013 Kickstarter Telethon: Day 2

Ska: Welcome back everyone to day two of our WE ARE! 2013 Kickstarter Telethon, where we are raising money for the BSD backed, mother approved Penn State Football e-magazine you can snag for...


WE ARE! 2013 Kickstarter: We're Doing This Old School Telethon Style

Ska: Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever BSD Telethon. I'm skarocksoi and I'll be your host for the next several days as we try to raise money for the We Are! 2013 e-magazine...


Penn State Valentines Day Cards

Hey its February 14th and there's something you were supposed to remember today.... HOLY SHNIKES, IT'S VALENTINES DAY!! So if you're some stupid schmuck who now needs a last ditch effort to save...


OT Friday: The Great Canadian Caper

So reading through the front page on Yahoo, I found a story that intrigued me greatly. It is a gritty crime story of deception and retribution set in one of the most rough and tumble places on...


Giving Das Boot the Boot (or How I Learned to Stop Punting and Love 4th Down)

My Pre-Emptive apologies for how ridiculously long this post is. I started and things escalated quickly. To anyone even tangentially following Penn State football (and to further extent, new...


It Was A Good Day (for the BSD Staff)

To preface, I started this post a while ago, but bscaff's post O'Brien presser post reminded me to finish it. To the tune of "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube. So this is dedicated to the BSD Staff...

An Interesting Personal Story


A little over a year ago, I went to Vegas for a friends bachelor party with my roommate (who is also my friends brother), and on our way back from the weekend, my roommate sat next to this orchestra director who was with a bunch of kids on a church or school mission to build homes for Indian tribes or something. My roommate talked to this guy almost the entire flight back. And apparently, he was just arrested for sexual assault of a minor. I guess we should have done more.

Pat Forde Piles As Many Delicious Ironies As He Can Into One Article


Normally I don't care enough to post things like this, but 1) He's talking about Notre Dame 2) Despite having some reasonable comments to make about IT, this is still the same guy who wrote the "Forde Yard Dash" at ESPN 3)OMG I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT THE IRONIES 4) Rudy still sucks Anyway, discuss.


The Tangelo Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

It seems the tension is breaking slightly amongst the masses here (I even see a thread about changing the uniforms (oh happy days!)) but since we're still mired in shit and knee deep in Illini...


So Where Do We Go From Here?

So the sanctions have come down and now Penn State and its students, alumni, and fans must pay the penance for the actions of a terrible monster and the in-actions of a few brutally stupid men....


The TANGELO Thread (7/18)

I'm seeing some tempers flaring and people getting riled up over all the news and opinion pieces coming out. So instead of making another angry thread about someone saying something stupid, I...


The TANGELO Thread

I figure this will be necessary given the topic du jour, so here's a thread for everyone to come in and chill out, take a break from yelling at each other, kick off your shoes, have a beer, and...



Hey everybody! Since we've had enough BS talk for a freaking Monday (Because eff that noise AMIRITE!?), here's an open thread to blow off some steam and watch the greatest modern movie about July...

Help donate to RAINN again!


A friend of mine (and fellow PSU alum) is running the Pittsburgh half-marathon and is raising money for RAINN. His goal is to get $500, but I figured with some BSD magic, we could beat that. So if you want to help out again and donate, click the link and go to the Donate Now button! And hopefully people read this fanshot.


Penn State Football Coaching Search Hits Snag

According to sources within the Penn State Athletic Office, the search for the next head coach of Penn State football had come close to finding the potential successor to Joe Paterno, until it ran...


Irene is a blowhard

So I know there are some people on here that live in the Norfolk/Virginia area and since this is my first major hurricane I was wondering; should I get the hell out of dodge? I was just planning on...


Michael Zordich Mustache Facts

Here are some facts about the ZordStache to prepare you for the season. Michael Zordich did not grow the ZordStache, the ZordStache grew Michael Zordich. The ZordStache is considered both an...

Les Miles Stays at LSU


Brady Hoke, come on down!

Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will undergo surgery Friday afternoon to stabilize a ligament...


Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will undergo surgery Friday afternoon to stabilize a ligament in his right foot

Per ESPN anchor John Buccigross via twitter. I think something like this would put serious doubt into him leaving for the NFL this year.

A Very Buckeye Christmas

BSD - Bumped from the fanposts, here's a special Christmas present from our friend skarocksoi. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Columbus, Not a creature was stirring, as knocked...

Even ESPN is getting in on the Playoff talk


I'm a little surprised they have this little game/simulation thing, as they hold the TV contracts for a majority of the bowl games this year. Kinda fun to run through and see the different scenarios though.

Kersey Might Be Back?


Supposedly he's back with the team.


Thursday Night Game Thread

It's the ACC! It's the Big East!  It's a battle royale of teams that probably wont do anything significant in college football this year.  It's Reece Davis, Jesse Palmer, Craig James, and Jenn...

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