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Is the o/line as bad as thought ?

Is our o/line really as bad as popular opinion says it is ? The stats say we are currently 6th in total offense . 3rd in rushing yds , 10th in passing , 1st in rushing Avg and we have given up...


Here is my 53 man roster

Offense QB Rg3 and cousins , no REx because I feel we can save the roster space and bring Rex back quickly no one is signing him (2) Rb Morris Helu Thompson and Jamison . PerhapsJamison...


My updated mock

2) Xavier Rhodes cb 6-2 4.4 speed . Walter football has him going in round 2 so we should have a shot . IF he is gone we have several options at cb or safety 3) david Amerson , 6-3 cb/s ...


Odds on low draft picks and RFA's

In another fan shots post I read in the comment section about the odds of mid to late round picks being avg . starters . They were very low according to the poster. I went through the...


Here is my early shot at a mock draft subject to change

2) Xavier Rhodes cb 6-2 215kbs 4.4 speed . If he is gone then look toJordan Poyer 6-0 190 lbs 4.45 3) David Amerson 6-3 194 cb/s 4.46 . has wr skills and can play safety or cb . nice and...


Is the NFL being petty?

1st its the cap penalty the day before free agency then its the jackson suspension during final cuts whats next ? we make the superbowl and then have to give back the NFC championship game...


The roster

Here are some of my thoughts We have some talent on offense now and we will have to juggle some things I have us keeping , Garcon , Hankerson , Moss, Morgan, Briscoe and Robinson . The telling...


My stab at the 53 man roster

QB RG3 Rex Cousins (3) Rex could be fighting for job if Cousins comes strong . I kept him as insurance . RB Hightower, Helu Royster and Young as the FB . (4) I see Morris on the PS WR Garcon ,...


What to do with Jammal Brown ?

Here is a sticky situation . You have a guy in Brown who has under performed , I think mostly do to injury . What do you do ? The issue really is with his contract . It is perhaps one of the worse...


Should we keep Moss another season ?

I have debated this with others and particularly a guy who says he cuts everyone over 30 . I think moss can be a huge asset in the slot. I think he can create mismatches in which he should have...


Could we pull off an 08 falcons

Can the skins with a new rookie QB pull off what the falcons did with a rookie qb Matt Ryan ? In 07 they were 4-12. In 08 they go 11-5 In 2011 we were 5-11 In 07 they were ranked 23rd in total...


We should keep Cooley one more year

The reason is economics . According to the above web site the release fee for Cooley is 4.1 million dollars as opposed to paying him 6.2 mil . If we wait one season that fee becomes 1.8 mil as...


When "all in " and "do anything " to get RG3 arent really so

The last few weeks I have read posts talking about how we should go "all in " or "do anything " to get RG3 . But its funny when it is suggested what if we have to "Ricky williams a draft" or...


My draft after the senior bowl

I am doing this without trade -ups or downs . In this scenario all attempts to trade up or down failed and the assumption is made that the 2 top qbs are gone . 1) Riley Rief . OT I know the...


Someone please tell me how do we handle the QB situation ?

I have seen here how some people like flynn or manning etc or how they feel we should gut 2 drafts for Luck or RG3 . My question is what do you guys want to do ? let me go over the options with...


how long do you give shanahan to turn this around ?

Lets take a look at what he inherited in 2010. First lets start with the defense . Anthony Carter 30yrs old with Pats . Hurt but was having a great season Fat AL Fat lazy over weight and...


I have been told that you need an elite qb to compete for super bowls

I have been told this over and over by people favoring a trade up for RG3 . That you have to have an elite passer to compete for super bowls . Well we have 2 qbs that arent elite passers by any...


Some Things I see from our back-up/ young guys for the future

1) Hankerson , I think his health is the only real issue from him being at least a #2 wr for us . This offseason should clean up some of his early performance issues 2) Niles Paul This guy...


My off season plan (for now )

Now that our season is officially over I think we need to take stock in what we have . The qb position is our greatest need . We had a whopping 31 turnovers alone there so I cant see keeping Rex...

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