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I train and compete in BJJ.

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Judging inconsistencies are STILL a problem in this sport.

If you are looking for an article that is going to be about how Diaz should have won, you may as well just press that little x in the top right corner. I had the fight 2-2 and no idea how to score...


You can't stop crazy.

If you've been watching the Diaz vs. Condit Primetime, you've been treated to probably the best set of episodes they've put ever produced. Getting an inner look at Diaz's camp has been an eye...


Has Diaz gotten to GSP?

We all know that GSP is rarely rattled, but has Diaz gotten into the head of the WW champ? Via UFC.com: “I am very nervous that Carlos Condit will win on Saturday night, and that I won’t be...


I've been a BJJ student for 6 months as of this week.

Patience. Breathe. Tap. The three most common things I've been saying in my head over the last 6 months as a BJJ student. I started my quest for a black belt in July, and I've quickly become...


GSP done with Greg Jackson's Camp?

MMA rumour mills have been set ablaze today as there are mumblings that GSP has officially left Greg Jackson's gym, and is fighting under the tristar banner (based out of Montreal) where he does...


I am bitter.

I am bitter. It's true that I love the fact that UFC is on FOX now. It's true that the increased exposure of our beloved sport can do nothing but add legitimacy to what goes on in the cage. It's...


Breaking News: It is possible that Alistair Overeem’s UFC 141 Purse will be withheld after Nevada Judge’s Order

http://fcfighter.com/post/las-vegas-judge-orders-alistair-breaking-news-alistair-overeems-purse-to-be-withheld-by-order-of-nevada-judge Roderick Lindblom, Esq., attorney for Knockout...


Dana White plays Santa Claus, and Duane Ludwig has been nice this year.

From Uncle Dana's twitter: "@DUANEBANGCOM @ufc and for x mas you have the fastest KO in UFC history and it will be changed ASAP" Good to see Bang finally getting the recognition he deserves. Not...

Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal Weigh-in video


Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal Weigh-in video


Everyone stop! Brittney Palmer is going to be in playboy.

mmafighting.com reporting it, as are other sites. I don't know about you guys, but I am really enjoying the trend of UFC girls gracing playboy. They need to get more girls on rotation though,...


Chael says his loser leaves town offer has expired.

From the Jim Rome Show today: “That offer was good when I made it, but it’s like any offer, they’ve got to expire,” Sonnen stated. “Apparently, that didn’t work. I’m doing anything I can to lure...


Today was my first BJJ tourny. I lost. Let's breakdown why.

Today was my first BJJ tourny.  I tapped to an armbar with about 45 seconds left in my match.  Here's the vid, let's break it down.  I'm in the blue. *edit* if you don't want to hear my brother's...


4 days away from my first BJJ tourny. *Gulp*

So it's been 45 days since I've registered for the Ottawa BJJ open and it's been a crazy month and a bit.  From training in every spare moment to getting my diet in order, my life has literally...


4 weeks from my first BJJ tournament. Help me gameplan BE!

Ok so if you've been following my BJJ entries, you know exactly how far I've come in the last 9 weeks.  For those reading this for the first time, here are some cliffs: 1) I train at OAMA under...


My first roll.

  *note: The Jump isn't working for me.  As in I cannot get any text after it, so I'm sorry in advance* It's been a while since I posted my last BJJ entry.  Work, girlfriend and more work have...


A sublaxed shoulder, 14 days of rehab and my return to BJJ.

I didn't realize how much I enjoy BJJ until I couldn't train for 2 weeks.  After having partially dislocated my shoulder, I was on the shelf for the last 14 days, rehabbing and resting in the hopes...


My BJJ Journey #2

If you have been following my recent fanposts, you know three things: 1) I started BJJ 2-3 weeks ago at a Renzo Gracie school (OAMA).  2) I'm getting better everyday and 3) I am sore.  Normally, I...


A Reflection on my first week as a BJJ student

I've never been this sore in my entire life. It's almost been a week since I started my BJJ journey.  Since last thursday, I've taken 4 classes - 3 Gi and 1 No-Gi.  All 4 of them have been...


Well, last night was my first night of BJJ

What a night.  I walked into the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts (A Renzo Gracie school) and I was nervous.  You know that feeling you get when you get onto a rollercoaster and you start the first...


I start BJJ tomorrow.

And I'm nervous as can be.  I've never really trained any martial art (Ok, so I did Karate when I was 8) and I have no idea what to expect.  I know I probably won't be doing anything too crazy in...

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