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I know we don't like Hockeybuzz, but one writer is rooting for us...


...and he's completely right. We've been a good possession team, have augmented that with a few good possession players, improved our goaltending and spread out our scoring more. I'm concerned about overall age and speed, but I'm feeling really good about this year, honestly. Not "we're gonna win the cup" good, but good nonetheless.

Tallinder Traded to BUF


Tallinder traded to Buffalo for LW Riley Boychuk. Per Hockey's Future, Boychuk is a 6' 4" player who projects to be nothing more than a "4th line bruiser", but he is "all about hard work and grit". Not overly surprised by the return as Tallinder was a healthy scratch at times last year and is on the last year of a contract but he could still easily step into a top 4 defender role, especially on BUF.

Clarkson's Agent on NJ's Offer


"We have no need to call (Lou). New Jersey is the one facing life without David, so that’s up to Lou to answer that question."

Briere to the Devils?


This was retweeted by TG a couple minutes ago; "Odds on Danny Briere's next team, according to Bovada: Devils 3-to-2, Senators 5/2, Canadiens 9/2, Sabres and Coyotes 5/1." I know Bovada is just a gambling site, but they do usually have some shred of truth to their odds. Briere probably doesn't want to move far with his kids and the Devils could use more scoring. For the right price, I'd be okay with the deal. Seeing as Kunitz, after a fantastic year, only got around 3.75 per, I'd say anywhere up to 3.5 for, at the absolute max, 3 years would be okay. He'd be 38 at the end of that deal and I think he can remain productive through that. What say you?

Bernier Recalled, Zajac/Henrique Still Out, Greene/Larsson Skating


Not great stats at all in the AHL (3g, 3a in 17 games), but did suffer a broken hand that could have possibly hindered him. Anyway, at this point I'd rather have him as a 4th/3rd liner (in injury cases) than some of the other players. Lines at today's practice; Parise-Zubes-Kovy Sykie-Elias-Clarky Poni-JJ-Bernier Boulton-Carter/Mills-Janssen Salvador-Fayne Volchenkov-Larsson Greene-Foster Tao

Doc Leaves MSG, to Stay With NBC/Versus


Sad to see him go, but I'm sure we'll still have our share of games with him, regardless of number becoming substantially lower. Best wishes to the best play-by-play guy in the business!


Could a new Devil come from recent buyouts?

It's no surprise that our Devils need some puck moving skill on the backend; should Bryce Salvador remain on LTIR or demoted to Albany, our defense as signed would look something like; T...

Urbom Called Up


He will play tonight, while being paired with Tallinder.


Contest winners, is this for real?

A lot of the comments on tonight's game post seemed to indicate that there were a ton of tickets given away in what was supposedly only a 30 pair contest. I won, and at least 5/6 people on the site...

And so lowballing the Devils continues...


"If he doesn’t get enough help, Ilya Kovalchuk might want the league to look at that contract again." I know I'm looking at this through red-tinted glasses, but could even a Ranger fan say (with a straight face) he has no help? (Just as an addition; the rankings I could honestly care less about. It's the comment that get me riled up.)


Finally Kovy is approved. Now onto the hard part...

Although one could argue the saga was the most difficult thing in recent  NHL history, but that's besides the point. The fact remains; as of almost 2:30 this morning, Ilya Kovalchuk has FINALLY...

TG claims Kovy decision to come today.


Let's hope for a good response. As a side note, who believes Lou has some deals already 'done' in theory should the contract be accepted?

Zajac as possible trade option?


What I love about the article Miller links is that Zajac's name does not come up at all. That's journalism for you. Oh, and calling Salvador an "important defenseman" is like calling Rolston an "important forward". Both can be replaced.

Paul Martin's return?


By the looks of it, Martin has a "50/50" chance of playing tomorrow. Would make my St. Patty's day all the better, especially if it ends with a season sweep of the Pens. Thoughts?


Could Kovalchuk stay in NJ?

Interesting quote from Zubrus after the game last night; "Ilya Kovalchuk, who had seven more shots and his first goal as a Devil Friday night, has 30 shots in five games, 29 in the last four. Is he...

Thus ends any Devils-Phaneuf rumors


All I can say is wow. Shipping out two of your best scorers on a low scoring team for anyone is quite the risk. I guess time will tell.

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