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please gimme dante

I can understand favoring experience over athleticism, but things just got serious and I thing we can all agree that Howard is not going to be the difference maker we need in this series. Dante...


The worst part of last night

was not the blowout. I expected a blowout with their players shooting light out and playing defense like it was their job( wait isn't that part of their job), but the scary part is that our whole...


The refs didn't brick shots and throw the ball away

I am so annoyed by all the, ref blaming, blazer fans out in numbers today. This is exactly the kind of thing we would usually make fun of the lakers for doing after we handed them one of our...


Roy is starting to make a habit

of disappearing in big games. What once made him a top five player in this league is now what seperates him from the top tere players. Brandon Roy has not been a closer this season. He has had some...


Where has Cunningham gone?

So over the last 5-6 games it seems like Nate has started to finally settle on a rotation. I had been hoping he would do this for the last two months. The problem, for me, is that he seems to have...


Blazers worst nightmare come true

There Is a storm rolling in and it doesn't look pretty. For the blazers, there is nothing more terrifying than the deafening sound of thunder..... The Oklahoma City Thunder! Sorry that was pretty...


the minute crunch

Has started and is about to get worse. Not surprisingly,( but unfortunately) those minutes are being taken from the two players who need them most to be effective.  We're already seeing Rudy and...


the perfect trade....almost

Just ran it through the old trade machine and It works.Golden stat trades: Randolph/ maggetePortland trades: Webster/ Blake/ CunninghamPortland would have to take on Maggette's 4 yr 8mill contract,...


we haven't had one good game all season.

I have soooo many complaints about the this team, but I really can't say that any of them are valid (except more Bayless) because we haven't seen this team yet. Now, this may be a function of bad...


does nobody else see that Bayless is the only PG that fits this team?

The Only reason Miller doesn't start is That Roy likes the ball in his hands. The only reason blake plays is because Roy likes him to be his outlet for three's. Bayless can shoot three's( well as...


when I has in high school we had a big man

he was a giant and every sport wanted him.....well not soccer, but every real sport. He was six seven( thats a giant in north Idaho) and could barely walk, but he was six seven dammit! He played...


I hate the way roy is playing

Don't get me wrong, Roy is a stud. He produces in every category and is clearly one of the top shooting guards in the league, but watching him strut his way through these first fourteen games has...

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