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Jerry Allen's call of the end of the Civil War matched with the video of the game.


Jerry Allen's call of the end of the Civil War matched with the video of the game.


11/2-Election Day Junk

In honor of that most American of days, election day, I present to you this election day junk. Some quick election day facts: Clause 4 of Article II of the US Constitution states, "The Congress may...


Bode's JD 2/23/2010

Since someone has to make a JD and I've never made one, I thought this was the perfect chance for me to be able to talk about the Olympics again.  Today's JD is in honor of American skiier Bode...

I Love My Ducks (Civil War Intro Video)


I Love My Ducks (Civil War Intro Video)

Dixon's last TD of his Oregon career and his first rushing TD of his NFL career. Oregon eye candy.


Dixon's last TD of his Oregon career and his first rushing TD of his NFL career. Oregon eye candy.

Oregon Arizona highlights, ENJOY!


Oregon Arizona highlights, ENJOY!

Rudy Fernandez stumps for SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) in this PSA.


Rudy Fernandez stumps for SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) in this PSA.


Former UO President, Current NCAA President Myles Brand Dies at 67

  The Oregonian is reporting that former UO President, current NCAA President, Myles Brand has died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 67.  My thoughts and the Oregonian's...


Blount Broke my Heart, He is Dead to Me

This scene from the Godfather sums up how i feel about Blount right now: He is dead to me.

Brandon Roy to be on Trail Blazers Courtside TONIGHT at 6 PM!


From "Tonight's show features Trail Blazers Guard Brandon Roy as he talks about the offseason and his recent signing of his extension with the team, plus team strength and conditioning coach, Bobby Medina." The above link will go to a live feed at 6 PM.


First Observations on the Blazers Schedule

The following is my first observations on the Blazers schedule for the next season.  The full schedule is available at: (Click on the link).


Canzano swings and misses on Blazers fans, shows he really doesn't get us

  Canzano's latest column is another loser, talking about how we should all evaluate the Blazers on a year by year basis like they are a business. Well I don't know about you but I've been a...

Pistons Fire Head Coach Michael Curry


"Hours before the start of NBA free agency, Detroit Pistons president Joe Dumars made a splash of a different sort Tuesday, firing coach Michael Curry after just one season amid ongoing concerns about Curry's command of the locker room and fears that keeping him could hamper Detroit's offseason business. NBA front-office sources told that the Pistons -- projected to have more spending money than any team in the league when the market opens for business at 12:01 a.m. ET Wednesday -- had been contemplating the move for weeks after Curry's rocky debut season, and decided to go ahead with the change, in part to help maintain their position as the team with the most free-agent ammunition this summer. After making what he described as a "difficult" decision," Dumars told Tuesday afternoon: "As we have continued to go through this transition, it has become clear that we needed a more experienced coach to help guide us through this period."

Report: Donaghy injured in prison


Apparently former NBA ref and game fixer Tim Donaghy was attacked in prison today and suffered "significant damage to his knee" The guy is a lowlife but he doesn't deserve this, his public shaming was enough IMHO.

Researchers' NBA officating study detects biases, but not necessarily the ones fans suspect


From the O: "An academic study of NBA officiating found little to no evidence that referees favor teams from large media markets in the playoffs, a favorite conspiracy theory of skeptical fans. But the same study found that NBA referees tend to favor home teams, teams trailing in a game and teams trailing in a playoff series. The study, conducted by three economics researchers, fuels the perennial debate about the influence of NBA officials on games. It suggests that forces ranging from league executives to simple human psychology can influence calls in a measurable way -- though not always enough to affect a game's outcome." Not sure I believe this but we'll see...


L*ker$-Jazz Open Thread/Live Blog

Thought that as there wasn't one yet, I'd open up a thread for game 4 of the series to determine which team plays Portland in the second round (I Still Believe!). Here's how it's gone so far: ...


Oregon and Rupp win National CC Titles

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Oregon successfully defended its CC title today and Galen Rupp won his 1st ever individual title in any sport as he outkicked his Liberty opponent at the...


Early Lines for this weekend's Pac-10 Games

Favored team listed first, home team in Bold. Oregon favored by 7 over Purdue. Oregon State favored by 12 over Hawaii. Arizona favored by 10 over New Mexico. Arizona State favored by 22 over...

Maui Invitational Bracket


Oregon will play Alabama in the opening round of this fall's Maui Invitational and with a win would likely face North Carolina in the second game.


Early Lines for Week 2 Pac-10 Games

The following is the early lines for this week's games involving Pac-10 teams, courtesy of: NCAA Odds  

Oregon State intro video (TOO FUNNY!)


Attached is the link for Oregon State's intro video this year. The Beavers are so cute, this video so bad....

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