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Prospecting - Baseball America Top 30

I received my 2014 Prospect Handbook today and just figured out how I'm going to spend my Sunday afternoon. I'm a big fan of Baseball America. Order the handbook here. 1. Kyle Crick 2. Edwin...


Prospecting - Baseball America's Top 10

1. Kyle Crick; 70 Fastball, 40 Control. 2. Edwin Escobar; Will start in Triple-A, does he become our first option this year? 3. Chris Stratton; Baggarly mentions that the Giants were focused on...


Baseball America Top 30

Baseball America is the undisputed leader in prospects, in my opinion, and I just received my Prospect Handbook. The Giants were ranked as the 28th farm system which isn't a huge surprise. Top 30 ...



I am very much in favor of adding additional instant replay to MLB but I came across this quote this morning and agree with it's point. Mike Pereira, referring to the Oregon/Stanford touchdown...


Stadium and Financial Info

I was listening to MLBN this morning on the way to work and a caller made an inquiry about the Giants signing Josh Hamiliton. His rationale was based on the fact that the Giants will have paid off...


Roster Crunch?

From Extra Baggs; "Aside from a battle for playing time, there’s also the roster issue. Even if the Giants solve it temporarily by starting with 11 pitchers, perhaps optioning Madison Bumgarner...

Beau Mills can finally be ours

This guy has put together a list of all Rule 5 eligible players.


Where to watch?

I am thinking about making a road trip to SF to enjoy the games.  I realize the chance of getting tickets are low unless I am willing to sell my first child (should I consider offers?).  I'm...

Zack Wheeler

I'm hoping one of the prospect mavens can explain what the Giants are doing with Wheeler. I know he had the cracked fingernail so maybe the plan makes sense but I'm curious what anyone has heard on his path for the minors this season. Will he start again or are they going to keep him in relief?


My two cents

I'm not sure that anyone should care what I would like to see with the rest of the off season but I've read everyone else's rosterbation crap :) so now it's my turn.  Enjoy. Despite the fact that...

Free Agents and 1985

I was checking out when I came across an archived article from 1985 about free agency and baseball. I think the owners were accused of collusion after that but I loved this quote about Kirk Gibson. I believe this is what the dadvance stats guys were screaming about. Happy Thanksgiving. "Meanwhile, no other team professes a desire for Gibson. "An interesting name," says John Cox, assistant to Cub president Dallas Green. "He does possess talent. But when you break down his career, he's never been a league MVP, he's never been on an All-Star team, he's never hit 30 homers or won a batting title or Gold Glove."


Pitch f/x

I had the opportunity to be at a convention in the east this last week and hit a number of games.  I went to games in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and new Yankees stadium.  PNC is an absolutely...


Where are they now?

Not that the draft is over it has got me to thinking about some of the other players that are in the farm system.  There are a number of Giants minor leaguers that we have not heard from this year...

Baseball America minor league spring notes

The first blog post has random notes and tidbits including an awesome SJ lineup. The second blog post has a bit on Kieschnick's new stance.


BA Top 31

My Prospect Handbook arrived today.  In my opinion, Baseball America puts together a top quality book and I always look forward to receiving it. Thanks to the indefatigable Andy Baggarly. 1....


Elias Rankings - Thanks Baseball America

Elias Rankings - Ask BA "The Elias Sports Bureau statistical rankings have been released, so we can take our first look at which free agents could command draft-pick compensation this offseason. P...

BA - Luis Mateo released from contract

Baseball America reports that the Giants voided the contract of Luis Mateo because of bone chips in his elbow.


Draft Order - Locked in at 6

If I have done my math correctly and understand the draft rules we officially locked in the 6th pick in the 2009 draft tonight. The current order would be: Washington, Seattle, San Diego,...


Rooting for you - What now?

I'm a diehard Giants fan but I've have really enjoyed watching the Rays play this year and am definitely rooting for you.  With that being said, the last 48 hours have been incredibly painful. I...

FanPost Draft Update

I've never been worried about Buster signing but I have had my doubts about some of the other key Giants draftees.  I'm still shocked at the low number of picks that haven't signed. Regardless, I...


BA Top 25 and Draft Update

Baseball America is running a Midseason update to their Top 100 list and Tim Alderson ranked 19 and Madison Bumgarner ranked 25. In addition, Pablo Sandoval was the catcher on the mid season all...


Billy Beane - Brilliant GM or Best Fantasy GM?

Outside of the Yankees, no one in baseball evokes the love/hate feeling like Billy Beane does.  Is he the shrewd genius GM or a self-promoting arrogant hack?  As Giants fans we may be too close...


Nate Schierholtz

I apologize for dedicating an entire fanpost to the topic but no one responded to the question in a recent Minor Leagues post and it's killing me to not be able to find any information on Nate...


Draft Rumblings and Question?

I've been unable to check the web for the last number of days and am wondering what is the latest on the Giants draft signings.  I know it's too early to "panic" but it surprises me that the...


Sabean must go!!

I am perfectly content with the Giants draft today (although I would have preferred last year's 5th pick catcher to this year's) but I am tired of Sabean's arrogance. He was quoted by Andy...


Angel Joseph

As it has been reported before the Giants were unable to sign Angel Joseph, a promising young latino player, because of a paperwork dispute.  This article from today's NY Times states that the...


Alex Hinshaw

I would love if one of our resident prospect experts could give some insight into Alex Hinshaw.  He was an after thought in Baseball America's Propsect Handbook but has put up some excellent...


BA - Big V moves to first base surprise.


A hope and a prayer; Prior

I'm in agreement with the majority that we should take a flyer or two on players such as Dallas McPherson but I also hope the Giants offer an incentive laden deal to Prior.The downside is minimal...


110 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

What a waste of a playoffs.  Regardless, I can't wait until March rolls around and live pitches are being thrown.  Go Giants!!

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