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Lynch cleared by latte-sipping Bellevue PD



How Elite Athletes Lose and Maintain Weight for Peak Performance By: ATLX Expert Dr. Rob Ziltzer


Since we're in the midst of camp days and hearing all about who came in overweight or out of shape, and seeing guys get injured and wondering if it has anything to do with being out of shape, I was rooting around for articles on maintaining NFL playing weight by position (specifically for the big boys), and stumbled across this. Thought it was interesting and wanted to share, in case anyone else is interested in the topic. I can't gain weight if I try, currently weighing it at a robust 140, so the idea of having to put a lot of work and science into maintaining my ideal playing weight is a fascinating one to me.


ESPN Cards' beat guy Weinfuss gives official Hawks reg season record prognostication of 9-7

Not gonna lie, I lol'd. The justification is just perfect...I have to assume the guy didn't watch a single Seahawks game last year that didn't involve the Cardinals, and either didn't watch the...

Grantland's Robert Mays on the Lynch holdout


In which Robert Mays puts perfect words to exactly what I've been thinking but lack the talent to enunciate.

FiveThirtyEight Sports Blog: When to Sign a Player to a Max Extension


I found this to be really fascinating, especially given the wild swing in outcomes depending on whether or not a player eventually proves he was worth the max contract (or not).

phonearena.com: Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 2 ad brings out Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson


I generally enjoy when non-sports media run anything Seahawks-related, even if it's just relatively boring old PR...dig the commercial, too...if anything can help make Microsoft "cool" again, it's Russ...showing that, in the words of the immortal Huey Lewis, It's Hip To Be Square.

Panini America Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Set (card 12, a salute to the 12s)


I ordered one of these on a lark, and I'm not going to open it, so I went searching for pictures of all the cards, since I wasn't going to see them all from my unopened pack, and stumbled across the Panini official blog post about the release of the set, which included a gallery of card images. This one (pictured is the back of the card...I love the text!) was my favorite, for obvious reasons, but here's the link to the blog post and gallery (the set can be ordered off Amazon for like $15): http://paniniamerica.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/panini-america-produces-card-set-honoring-super-bowl-champion-seattle-seahawks/

Spheres of Influence: Ron Wolf and "The Packer Way," by FielGulls' Mike Chan


Just thought you guys might appreciate that many of us in Seahawk-Land are attributing the current success of our franchise on it largely being modeled after Ron Wolf's "The Packer Way." Join us in the comments, if you have any interesting insights on Wolf, or Schneider, or anything related to the story...

The Silver Hammer: The Banning of Donald Sterling and Unrest in These Playoffs


Grantland's Zach Lowe on the Sterling decision aftermath and the tone of the NBA playoffs

Uncontested: The life of Donald Sterling


by Peter Keating, ESPN The Mag... ... This story ran in the June 1, 2009 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

With R.B.I. Baseball 14, MLB takes a full swing at making its own games


NES classic RBI Baseball is back ...from LMLBAM?? This is a fascinating development in baseball video game content delivery. Will MLB seek to cut the publishers out of the equation? Seems like it would always be beneficial to sell expensive licenses to the game publishers, but why else do this if that's not your endgame (to de-leverage the publishers as a middle man to the video game market)?



That moment when BriannaBanana, some fellow 12s including one awesome dude in a DeShawn Shead jersey, and a gaggle of Niners fans learn that the Hawks, not the Niners, are going to the SUPER BOWL! In this context one can be forgiven for forgetting the vertical video rule for a minute, and I thank BriannaBanana for sharing this sweet slice of memory pie.

SI Cover: Robinson Cano, week of 3/31


Cover image from the new Cano issue of SI.

NFL off-season calendar (handy reference)


ESPN...occasionally they accidentally do something useful

Big Walt's official Pro Football HOF induction t-shirt now on sale


I know it's kinda plain, but I am so all over this. Gonna rock this one all over with great pride. Will go out of my way to wear it in public if I travel out of Washington. GO HAWKS!!! We love you, Big Walt!!!


Today, on my way home from work, I finally broke down a little bit thinking about this victory

via msfame.com The reason may surprise you, though. First, a little background. I have two brothers, one on either side of me in age, but both of them significantly bigger than me (and...


Gameday Jersey/Attire Poll

Since I have absolutely nothing substantive left to add at this point (and really haven't for days), let's take a shot at the purely superficial, supercilious, and superstitious instead. I will be...


Boeing Commercial Airplanes rolls out 747-8 with "12th Man" Seahawks livery

I can't tell you how hard it was to keep from posting the pics I had of this thing a few days ago, but I'm not bouts to lose my job over it, so I guess not that hard, in retrospect. But still, I've...

Everett Herald: What your Seahawks jersey number says about you


This is fun, and was highly accurate, at least when I plugged in #s 3 and 25 for myself...heh heh heh...

Carroll says Manning called him two years ago


Never heard this, now I understand a lot better why he and Schneider went to try to meet with him. Apparently they did have some reason to believe he was interested. Ironically, I'm really, really glad that didn't work out. The part about Schneider saying we wouldn't have been able to afford several pieces they signed after that is enough to scare me off that once-possible Seahawk future.


TNT: Ronnie Lott says Kam Chancellor heading toward Kenny Easley's level

Sorry, I know this is what the FanShots section is made for, but since I've just started seeing people making this comp for the first time recently, and there's no obvious consensus even among...

random imgur user: r/seahawks "here ya go crab. i've prepared a visual aid."


Simple but effective. random imgur user: r/seahawks "here ya go crab. i've prepared a visual aid."

WWE Poll: Would NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman make a good WWE Superstar?


H/T to Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline for the Twitter arrow, and for being the 1st person on Twitter or anywhere else to equate Sherm's postgame with Erin Andrews with a flawless pro wrestling heel impersonation.


User "GhostOfKesar" is served a big ol' plate of raw crow

I told you I'd repost this as a FieldGulls Fan Post after we send your QB home to kiss his biceps some more, and that's exactly what happened, and now here we are. These are your words, reposted...

Movin' 92.5's Brook & Jubal Phone Tap a 49ers Fan: "Your tickets to Sunday's game are revoked"


This is just too hilarious. Take three minutes and listen to it. She actually acquits herself really well, represents the fan base better than the average 49er fan probably would've in her spot.

Rick Reilly quotes Browner in "Rick Reilly on 2013 NFL Season" column


Seattle CB Brandon Browner just got a year ban for a positive pot test while in Stage 2 of the substance-abuse program. But Browner went from Stage 1 to Stage 2 while he wasn't even an employee of the NFL. He was playing in Canada when he missed two tests, which was strike two. If you switch jobs from McDonald's to Wendy's, do you still have to take McDonald's drug tests? "The letters went to my ex's house," Browner told me. "How am I supposed to get those?"

http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/10222271/rick-reilly-2013-nfl-season *Incidentally, this was also among the list of Reilly's observations on the season: • Seattle, the fourth-youngest squad, is going to be scary good for a very long time.

John Boyle gives us "The Best of Richard Sherman" (quotes)


The Everett Herald's John Boyle compiles some of Richard Sherman's mouth's greatest hits through his early career.


I'm ready to give Romar a break in the wake of the Sark rug-yank

I just wanted to mention that despite having become kinda down on Romar and his (lack of) great recruiting (IMO) the past couple years, I've been nudged back toward reality by the way Sarkisian...

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