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FSA-VDS Woes. Come cry with me.

First thing to put on the table, if you created a boring team with Sagan on it, we don't want to hear about how one of your other choices isn't performing up to par. Also, all of your choices may...

Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

Danny is at it again but with a very different presentation. To ride like him makes it on my 3 wishes from a genie bottle list.


Adventures of The Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention... "I think Pat McQuaid might be off just a bit."

via "I think Pat McQuaid might be off just a bit" Pat McQuaid thinks cycling is as healthy as ever. Armstrong affair?, not even a speed bump in the road...


UCI report finds...

We still have many hours before the UCI declares it's position on USADA's report (brief as it was). So let's have a little fun and try to quess where they go with this. Me? I think they are going...


Alpe D'Huez to replace the Champs? The rumor is rolling!

I'm not a fan of this rumor. I like some of my traditions. I'm not a fan of the new Flanders course (shocker). Never complain about a stage up the Alpe D'Huez, but on the final day, idk. I know...

If Bond were Italian, who else would play him?

If Bond were Italian, who else would play him?


US Pro RR Championships in Greenville (Last Edition)

via This can be used as a live thread and for people on scene to dump updates and live shots and stuff. Here's today's startlist. Some notables are George Hincapie, C...


One (Floyd) Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Floyd gives an interview I guess, or answers some questions at least, about an article on LA in Men's Journal magazine. Floyd declares this way and that again that LA cheated just like he and...


The SKY is falling

What did Sky do today?, they sent a strong message out to the other sprinters and their teams.


Andy Schleck is really very short on... Charm

Andy Schleck has called an end to his season sighting dental problems. There's nothing troubling at all about this decision, but his comments to the press as more questions were asked of him about...


Sooo OT/ Be Swedish for a Day

via I would feel very guilty if I didn't share the news I heard on the radio this morning with my fellow PdC'ers, today is National Cinnamon Roll day in Sweden. That's...


Cav to where?... Open the speculation lines

It's been the given assumption that Mark Cavendish is going to sign with Sky. "Why the delay of the announcement?", has been my growing question. Seems to be a few answers now why there is still a...

Jani Brajkovic to Astana

Still some big transfers trickling in as Astana has confirmed that Jani has signed a two year deal to ride for GC results in the big Tours. JB has stood by this kid and they seemed to have a very tight working relationship, but here we are left with this merger, and Jani was left to go his own way. Say what you want about JB, but Vino mentoring Jani is suppose to be a good thing?


Lost Art of the Group Ride (Updated slightly) Storytime

Lost Art of the Group RideThe headline is actually the title of a concise (you know how I love short) article on group riding by Peter Wilborn of BikeLaw here in Charleston, SC. Like Peter, I do...


Should Thor be riding the Vuelta?

The polemica over Vaughter's decision to exclude Thor from the Vuelta rages on, and it will likely continue for awhile with more and more people from the sport weighing in on the matter. tgsgirl's...


Kittel vs. Cavendish

The moment sprint fans have been waiting for is coming to the SSSR spread out over 3 weeks known as the Vuelta a España. Don't mean to slight the Spanish GT, many of the pro riders have already...


World TTT Championship coming in 2012

This probably isn't news to some, but I tend to miss things like this when they are announced. Must have been the day I was out riding and double flatted 45 miles away from home, and no other...


TDF Rest Day Blues

As much as I hate a day without racing, I need this rest day to recover myself. The last few days have been so marred by crashes, trips to the hospital, and abandons, I needed the Tour to stop a...


Tour de France: 5 Studs that kicked things off

I just love the hoopla around the Tour de France, nothing like it in cycling and that's a fact Jack. And while the traditional opening prologue is fine with me, starting off with a stage like...


The UCI is asking us to play nice with Contador.

Apparently someone is trying to intervene before playtime starts on the roads of France. Seems we all need to be set straight and take a few subtle hints from the UCI before we decide to attend...

New toys for a new team

I'm a sucker for new bikes, but Scott bikes just seems like something I should be on.


Gilbert the Greedy

via Mankind has seen a few mighty and ruthless men such as Khan, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Charles the (other) Great, Napoleon, and Caesar. Cycling has had it's...


Oscar Relegated (not DQ'd)... Can Spaniards be trusted?

What is it with the Spaniards and cheating? Is there something in the history of the peninsula that I don't know about? Spain has been dominating in sports, but it's heroes soon fall under a dark...


PdC's New Color Scheme

Do we all get some water bottles too? via    

Plasticizer Test moving right along

Autologous transfusions being so hard and/or costly to detect, this test sounds good to me.


Cycling Advocacy with a Danish Twist.

Ask me why I cycle without a helmet Mikael Colville-Andersen is an interesting Dane who happens to be passionate about cycling. Yes, this is a different look at cycling advocacy, and worth a full...

Katusha manager Tchmil busted

Tchmil basically claimed he wouldn't hire Menchov as long as he was represented by his current agent who he just can't negotiate with. Current agent, Raimondo Scimone, says "Really now?, I currently represent 5 riders on your team." Actual quote:"I work with five riders with the Russian team and that is enough to prove that there is no truth to Tchmil’s veiled accusations about how I work."

Tragedy to cyclists in Italy

Very sad news that hits home to anyone and everyone that rides their bikes on the streets.

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