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Bronco Photo of the Day


Love Joe's expression. He is ready to tear into the season.

See more at the Idaho Statesman: PHOTOS

Tyler Shoemaker showing off his sticky hands


Nice set of pictures of Shoe doing what he does best. I hope he makes the cut and gets some good opportunities this year.

A new Walk-on QB?


@Kappm reports that there is a new walk-on. He played QB at St. Helena with Charles Bertoli. However, I ran across this article that states he came to BSU to play on the baseball team. Baseball at Boise. So, who is this mysterious man and is he going to play baseball or football?

Cool videos about Graham DeLaet


*WARNING - Golf Story! The PGA put together a bunch of cool videos about Graham DeLaet in a run-up to the Canadian Open. Graham proudly rocks the Blue and Orange when he plays. I'm not sure if the Broncos have had anyone when a major tournament. The Canadian Open would be a huge win for Graham. Go Broncos!

No!!! Tyrone Crawford's season may be over before it started!


Tyrone Crawford apparently tore his Achilles during practice today for the Dallas Cowboys. He is most likely done for the year. No official word yet but it doesn't look good. I feel so bad for him because he was working hard and was excited for the season. Bummer!

Jamar back to work


Looks like Jamar is healed up from his hernia surgery and is back to work. We are looking forward to seeing you make some noise on Sundays, Jamar!

For Non-AQs, spending money = access


Check out this article about trading access for affluence. The article is primarily about TCU and Utah but it is an interesting read nontheless. I especially love the last sentence. It shows how unique BSU really is. Here it is: "At this stage it doesn’t appear (with the possible exception of Boise State) that winning is viewed as anywhere near as important as money."

Cool Article on Jeron Johnson


I did not realize he played LB in high school. He certainly hit like one.

The Irish Assassin


Comcast Sports Network had an article wrapping up observations from the Bears OTAs. Apparently Shea's teammates are calling him the Irish Assassin. I love it! Here is the full blurb: Defensive lineman Shea McClellin has been dubbed "The Irish Assassin" by teammates. Already his pass-rush moves look quicker and are setting up blockers, and Tucker has him in different places within the defense already.

Tommy Smith doing his thing


Check out Tommy working hard in Cleveland.

More News from an OKG


Check out this interview with Brandon Lewis. I love the last paragraph where he says he is actively working on Squally Canada to get him to commit. I love it!

Statesman Posts Top 5 Times from Pro Day


Check out the Top 5 players in each category. What jumps out to you?

Aaron Burks is fast!


Check out the video of Burks running the 40 during the Pro Day last Friday. Watch Coach Pete's reaction when he checks his stopwatch. The unofficial time is sub-4.3

BSU Defense 2012 Highlights


Check out the latest video from Andrew Feraci. I love his videos! This one makes me want to go out and tackle someone.

Jamar showing off his new uniform


Jamar participated in the Dolphins mini-camp today. Camp goes through Sunday, I think. Hopefully we will get some good reports on his performance soon.

I'm coming for you, QB


How would you like to see this guy coming at you? Great pictures from BSU's Junior Pro Day complements of the Idaho Statesman: PHOTOS

Bronco Football 2013


Check out the latest hype video from BSU (

Video of the Spring Game


Follow the link to watch highlights of the scrimmage. This is KTVB's extended highlights so you don't have to listen to their commentary. It is just raw video.


Where's Bronco Nation?

I am battling the wind at the Spring scrimmage wondering where Bronco nation is. This has to be the smallest crowd I have seen in 3 or 4 years. They have not opened the top sections and there are...

Welcome to the Nasty and Inebriated


Looks like dUI football players got in a brawl with WSU football players. Stay classy Vandals!

The Stable of RBs


Here is a link to all the glorious pictures that Channel 2 News took today at practice: PICS. Who is number 6? I think Derrick Thomas is #23 (not pictured).

Doug Martin on Hawaii 5-0


Doug Martin had a brief cameo on last night's episode of Hawaii 5-0. If you forward the video to about 25:10, you will see him being carried on the shoulders of one of his teammates. I saw the original video from or but it is cool that it ended up on Hawaii 5-0 too.

Interview with Coach Pete


Coach Pete was interviewed by a radio station in Arkansas, talking about Coach Harsin, Boise State, and Statue Left. It is about 18 minutes long. Check it out!

Awesome Highlights from 2012 Season


A user by the name of feraci99 posted a number of great videos to Youtube re-capping the 2012 season. This video is of Jay Ajayi. He also has ones of Shane Williams-Rhodes, Sam Ukawachu, and Joe Southwick. Great videos!

Titus and Austin Pettis together again!


The St. Louis Rams have claimed Titus Young off of waivers. Interesting. Hopefully Titus will properly represent Boise State this time around.

Doug Martin Videos from Pro Bowl


Check out the cool videos of Doug at the Pro Bowl compliments of Video #2 Video #3 Video #4 Doug's clip on video 4 starts around the 2 minute mark. Check it out to see a member of Bronco Nation getting Doug to sign a jersey and helmet. Sweet!

Shoemaker signed by the Chiefs


Tyler Shoemaker was just signed by the Kansas City Chiefs. Congrats to Shoe!

Doug Martin at the Pro Bowl


Doug Martin at the Pro Bowl


Follow the Jamar Taylor Buzz at the Senior Bowl

Jamar is participating in the Senior Bowl this week. I will try to follow his progress this week and report the quotes and such as I find them. His official weigh-in stats: # FIRST L...

BSU Running Backs - Raising the bar


BSU Running Backs - Raising the bar

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