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So yeah, Jammal Brown is still medicore at best

And on his bad days, like MNF v Dallas, he's outright bad. He's just too slow and immobile to keep up with athletic pass rushers (ie all of them). Not only could he not block Demarcus Ware, he...


Fantasy Football Questions: Week 3

Fred Davis @ DAL or Pettigrew @ MIN   I have both these TEs - I'm leaning towards Davis.   And now, to meet the word count minimum, here is some latin text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur...


Remember all the times you guys sh-t on DeMaurice Smith?

All he was ever doing was his job: Representing his clients to the fullest of his ability, getting as much as he could out of the agreement. He did just that. He got a good deal for the players, a...


Dan Snyder proving his tone-deafness once again

Dan Snyder is subpoening one of the most successful and well-known DC area bloggers, Dan Steinberg at the Washington Post. Why? Because he suspects "collusion" when Steinberg linked to McKenna's o...

Myth Busting: Davin Joseph

Sander at did game charting for the Bucs this year and found that Davin Joseph had a pretty bad year. He was hampered by injury, but will he regain his form? Do we want to take this risk yet again?

Really? No OL in the first two rounds?

Another draft in the book, with us not taking an offensive lineman in the first two rounds. According to Football Outsiders, more elite offensive linemen (or really any non-kicking position except...

Silver: Business matter became personal for union


Very interesting facts and tidbits from the front lines of last week's deadlines and dealings. Does make me sympathetic to the owners at all.


FO: Investing resources in a RB isn't likely to help

  As Football Outsiders has been arguing for a while now, investing draft picks or big contracts in runningbacks doesn't create a corresponding increase in value or production from the position....


Redskins have two picks in the first four rounds in 2011

How many will Shanahan use on offensive line?


Shanahan. Zorn. 3-4. 4-3. It's all window dressing until we commit to the draft

Campbell. McNabb. It all distracts from our core franchise problem: We need to comprehensively add talent in the form of studs and role-players and depth all over this roster. Drafting is a very...


Football Outsiders breaks down the Skins OL vs Dallas; Verdict: Positive

Verdict: Trent Williams had a GREAT game. Also good: Brown and Hicks.There is some great stuff in the article. I encourage you to read the whole thing. (Skins are one of three teams the writer is...


Whose jersey are you wearing this season?

I made this post as a gratuitous excuse to post photos of these two jerseys I just bought off e-bay for $15 and $20 respectively. I love dumb 90s jerseys. I also love getting jerseys that don't...


New Jersey still owes $110 Million on the Meadowlands. We REALLY need to stop public funding for stadiums.

Here's the money (ha) quote:   With more than four decades of evidence to back them up, economists almost uniformly agree that publicly financed stadiums rarely pay for themselves. The notable ...


Football Outsiders 2010 Almanac Nails Redskins Preview: Better Now, Worse Later

They will be better this year, and worse in the long run.Highlights (lowlights?):  ...the Redskins haven’t built a true contender. They’ve built another version of their 2005 team, which went...


Why you have to draft your players as often as possible.

Of your franchise players, your stars, your team leaders, etc, you need as many to be drafted as possible. There are secondary reasons for this such as having guys who are hungry to prove...


Redskins expected to pursue Julius Peppers

Meet the new boss. Same as the old. ...people familiar with the situation said, and the Redskins are expected to pursue defensive end Julius Peppers - who apparently wants to stand up in a 3-4...

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