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Third generation Die-Hard Cubbie fan originally from northern Illinois now serving in the Air Force. Currently in Missouri--hated redbird country and harmless Royal land but will never surrender my principles and continue to "Bleed Cubbie Blue."

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I-Cubs in Vegas

It never rains in the desert they say. Go see the game, it'll be fun they say. Actually, it's always fun to go to a baseball game, especially any Cubs game. I went to the I-Cubs game tonight...


Another Dempster Post

Now, before you completely ignore this out of hand as completely rehashed material know that I have been putting this off for quite a while now--watching the team struggle along with the rest of...

Joe Posnanski is the man


Joe Posnanski is one of my favorite writers and once again he hit it on the head. This is very clearly written and well thought out. Probably one of the better articles on our lengthy world series drought that I've read.

Everyone's got a GM opinion


SI's John Heyman came out with his list and I think it is as good as any. I know this subject has been beaten to death but I haven't put my two cents in until now. My preference would be for Friedman but if he doesn't stay in Tampa he will probably end up in Houston. There is a pretty intriguing name in the list in Allard Baird and I hadn't even thought of that. Most of his problems in KC stemmed from cheap and bothersome ownership.

OT: Cubs win the Title


I saw this and thought it too good to pass up. Nice to see some Cubs team actually winning titles...Now maybe they could pass that on to us here in the lower 48...


OT--Time for the best game of the year

And this has absolutely nothing to do with the Cubs unfortunately.  No, this is something that all true baseball fans should experience at least once in their lives--the Midnight Sun Game in...


I got my tickets for the Vegas games

Actually, more appropriately we got ours.  What is this that is causing so much joy you ask?  Why, it's my overpriced spring training tickets for the March 12 Cubs game vs. Reds in Las Vegas.  Less...

Maddux on the move?


According to this short article, looks like Kevin Towers would love to steal Maddux away from us and put him in the dugout. I personally think this is something the Cubs should have done because I think he has forgotten more about pitching than most people will ever know. It would be a smart move by Towers but it would kill me to see it happen.


My night in the Minors, Part Deux

Well, I've seen more minor league baseball in two weeks than I have in two years.  However, I've been finding that more enjoyable than this season in the bigs.  This time, I attended a Frontier...


OT--My Night in the Minors

Well, kind of off topic, I can actually tie this is in to the organization.  With all the negativity surrounding the team right now, I thought I would post this little pointless story.  The Air...



I'm as much of an optimist as the next guy (as long as the next guy isn't Al) but lets face it, barring a miracle this team is going nowhere this year unless its actually further down in the...

Butt Strain


Not sure if this has been posted anywhere else but I didn't see it in a quick scan. The Cubs and their players have suffered through some strange injuries in the past. Looks like this has followed former Cub Rich Harden to Texas, landing him in familiar territory on the DL. I'm sure this hurts but I found it pretty humorous.

Interesting bullpen idea


Daily Dish has a not half bad idea. The Royals are looking to offload possibly the best piece of their bullpen (that is not their closer). I truly think he could be a better than serviceable set up man--the switch back to the national league would help--and with all the problems in our bullpen, he certainly wouldn't hurt. I know many here would advocate looking within the system but this would be an immediate upgrade and we could send Shark to do some more time in AAA.

Nice opening day essay


Blackfive is a pretty good military blog site, actually a pretty conservative one. However they do have one thing going for them, the creator is a Cubs fan and has written a pretty good essay for opening day. Highly recommended.


Former Cub news

For any remaining Matt Murton fans out there, I found a little tiny blurb in yesterday's flood of information and disinformation from the winter meetings.  Seems Mr. Murton finally found a team...



I would highly recommend the SBNation site MLB Daily Dish, especially during the hot stove months of the off season. We appear quite often on the front page apparently having varying degrees of interest in several free agents and trade possibilities to include the recently brought up Halliday wish. For example, do we really have interest in JJ Putz and/or a trade of Milton Bradley for Luis Castillo?

Intriguing Idea


Since there is now serious talk out there about putting Z on the block, how 'bout some not-so-serious talk on how we could do that AND keep him in Chicago--note, this does not include the White Sox. Z would get to keep hitting, it would just be at different targets and since we've already got one football player on the roster, what's one more?

Possible Infield Help


According to MLBDailyDish, Dan Uggla may be pricing himself out of the Marlins range. Granted, his glove isn't the best--3 errors in the All Star game come to mind--but his bat would be incredibly valuable. As is evidenced in this late season swoon and lack of offensive output, this is the kind of move I would love to see the new ownership OK to help the team.

Cubs get Grabby


Word on the street is that this is a done deal. Cubs giving up serviceable arms for Grabow and Gorzelanny as a throw in. Not quite the trade that brought us Aramis Ramirez, but hopefully enough to put us over the top.

Former Cubs on the Move


Greetings from Afghanistan. I was just reading through the Daily Dish and ran across this article and thought it was interesting. Seems you just can't send some people anywhere.

Animal House--Really?


Paul Sullivan at his best--again. Really, seriously--Animal House?


Slightly OT: Former Cub Report

I was at the Mariners/Royals game yesterday when I look in the field and who should be starting at short for the Ms but our (formerly) own Ronnie Cedeno.  The first play I saw to him he made a...

This Day in History


On this day in 1916, the cathedral that would become known as Wrigley Field opened its doors and the Cubs promptly christened it with a 7-6 11-inning win over the Reds.

A West Coast View of the Heillman Trade


I thought this was interesting, more a view on the thought processes of the GMs than the trade itself, but it makes a couple of good points.

Someone else takes a shot at the Cubs


We all know about the Tank McNamara comics taking shots at the Cubs, well now its one of my favorites' turn. Non Sequitur has a little fun at our expense.


Just a thought...Garret Anderson?

One name that I haven't seen mentioned much in the free agent bonanza that is the off season is Garret Anderson.  I've seen Raul Ibanez mentioned more and I couldn't help but think that is a...

Houston journalism


I actually put this in a threaded discussion, but its kinda buried and I thought it deserved to see the light of day. It is one of the least professional blog posts I think I have ever seen and does nothing but incites readers. I would also note that this seems to dovetail quite nicely with Shanghai's post earlier about mocking other teams.

Brewers Fans


I'm pretty sure this falls firmly in the realm of sarcasm, but it is a good thing for us to remember too. Its always good to lean back, take a deep breath, and laugh at ourselves every now and again. If this isn't sarcasm on their part, they need to see how we live year to year so they too can learn the zen of the penant race.

So cool


I wish just once I could see Lou do this, maybe in the black hole they call a stadium in Miami for inciting problems.


Fallout from last night's Basebrawl

CNNSI reports that Chiefs "pitcher"--and I use the term loosely--Julio Castillo was arrested last night in Dayton on felonious assualt charges.  The link is here: h...

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