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Is Judo Gene Lebell guesting in Gil Thorp?


Read a few days worth of current strips. That old guy in the hawaiian shirt is pretty badass! Not bad fight action art, which is a real switch for Gil Thorp, usually one of the worst drawn strips out there.

Muay Thai fighter Somluck Kamsing in New York Times


It's not often you read about 40 year old kickboxers returning to the ring in the Grey Lady!


Who are the eight sets of UFC fighting brothers?

Rewatching Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller's gorefest, I heard Jon Anik reference the fact that both have brothers who have fought in the ufc (he didn't mention that both happen to be named Dan, but what...

Ronda Rousey in Esquire


No, she isn't all nekked, but she does give some choice quotes. MMA is a 'sewing circle' She only watches fights and nature docs on tv (be still my heart!)

Director Joe Swanberg fights Critic Devin Faraci at Fantastic Fest


Criticwire's covered fights between critics and filmmakers before. But those were verbal spats -- what went down last night at Fantastic Fest's annual Fantastic Debates was a full-on brawl. Two men who clearly didn't like each other got into the ring and duked it out. And when it was all over, only one was declared the winner. The combatants were Badass Digest film critic Devin Faraci and "Hannah Takes the Stairs" filmmaker Joe Swanberg. I don't know the origins of this feud, though pre-fight rumblings claimed the two got into some kind of an argument at last year's Fantastic Fest. However it started, here's how it ended: with the two entering the squared circle to debate the relative merits of the mumblecore genre and then take some very pointed, very personal shots at one another -- verbally and physically. Video of debate - and fight - at link.

I loved the Jones thumbs down pic so much I hacked this up in minutes.


I loved the Jones thumbs down pic so much I hacked this up in minutes.

The greatest photograph ever.


The greatest photograph ever.

Popular Science article on Game Theory and MMA


I've just stumbled into it, but it looks like a lot of Greg Jackson camp stuff. First few paras: Greg Jackson, the single most successful trainer in the multi-billion-dollar sport of professional mixed martial arts fighting, works out of a musty old gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico, not far from the base of the Sandia Mountains. On a recent morning, the 38-year-old Jackson, who has the cauliflowered ears and bulbous nose of a career fighter, watched two of his students square off inside the chain-link walls of a blood-splattered ring called the Octagon. One of them was Jon Jones, the light heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the premier MMA league. In four weeks, Jones would be defending his title against Rashad Evans, an expert fighter and his former training partner. To prepare him, Jackson had set up a sparring session with Shawn "The Savage" Jordan, a heavyset fighter from Baton Rouge. Jones and Jordan met in the middle of the ring. Jordan threw first. Jones backpedaled and protected his face with his forearms. "Look for that space, Jones!" Jackson hollered. "You. Do. Not let him close those angles on you." Jordan threw a flurry of blows. To me, the exchange appeared disorganized, nonsensical—a blur of flesh, sinew and the red flash of Jordan’s mouth guard. To Jackson, it was a logical sequence, one with only one possible effective response. "Jones," he said, "move inside." The fighter seemed to hesitate. If he moved within range of Jordan’s fists, he risked catching a glove square in the face. "Go on," Jackson said. Jones ducked under one fist and whipped his right leg out in a short arc. The kick missed. Jordan threw again. This time Jones dropped down, flicked his head to the side, and, leaping off one foot, launched a flying jab followed by a knee to Jordan’s midsection, which landed with a wet whoompf. Jordan groaned and crumpled onto the mat. "Goddamn, Jones!" Jackson yelled. "Exactly correct." Producing a notepad from his back pocket, Jackson sketched a spiderweb of circles and lines. It was a game tree, he explained—a graph game theorists use to analyze a sequence of decisions. In a traditional game tree, each circle, or node, represents the point at which a decision can be made. Each line, or edge, represents the decision itself. Game trees eventually end in a terminal node—either a tie or a win for one of the players. This game tree, Jackson told me, showed the exchange between Jones and Jordan from Jones’s perspective.


You call this a worst case scenario? I got 5 worse than that right here.

I understand your distress. Really, I do! I wanted to see Dan Henderson vs. Jon Jones as much as anybody.* Know what, though? These things sometimes happen in mma, as a very great man once said....

Pussyweight championship fight from 1937


Pussyweight championship fight from 1937

Sneak preview of work in progress - I've been formulating my mma themed graphic novel for ages now....


Sneak preview of work in progress - I've been formulating my mma themed graphic novel for ages now. It's finally starting to come together. More whoring of my project coming soon!


Mostapha al Turk's wikipedia entry redux

As I mentioned in my earlier fanpost, some ridiculous claims were made about the three time ufc loser's amateur career. That's gone now, but I suspect one of you jokers has gone in and vandalized...


Insomnia and Wikipedia are a dangerous combination: the undocumented career of Mostapha al-Turk

You see a lot of vandalism on wikipedia pages, especially the ones about subjects no-one could be reasonably expected to give a rat's patoot about. You know, like Mostapha al-Turk. As a result,...


Friday Open Post

    Say what you wanna say.  It's gonna be a semi-dead weekend for the sport, and I've had a really nasty week so I'm really looking forward to a couple days healthy off (I took yesterday and...


Fox and Direct TV have decided to play nice.

Stolen from Louie CK's facebook page, so you KNOW it's legit!  (His show is on FX, so he has a lot riding on this)   STATEMENT FROM FOX NETWORKS AND DIRECTV REGARDING THE STATUS OF PROGRAMMING...

Slowly but surely mma enters the mainstream, often in unexpected places


Sally Forth?! It's a long way from Hawaii 5-0, Breaking Bad, or even Parks and Recreation.


Beavis and Butthead are returning to MTV. Hopefully, this is relevant to MMA.

Why? Because MTV's programming has changed in the decade or so since they were on the air. Mike Judge (the creator, head writer, and voice of both metalheaded idjits) has gone on the record as...

Gif of the Forever: Bruce Lee plays pingpong with nunchuks like a boss


Gif of the Forever: Bruce Lee plays pingpong with nunchuks like a boss

Hey, there's a Fight Night this Saturday!


Hey, there's a Fight Night this Saturday!

Jerry Lawlor doc


I never thought I'd share a link I found on Matthew Yglesias' blog on CSS...

Cris Cyborg, eat your heart...


Cris Cyborg, eat your heart out!

New York Times on Sumo and Organized Crime


I really hope we can avoid this kind of mess in mma.

Station Casinos (Fertita properties) resist unionization


NPR story on unionization efforts (and resistance from management) at the Fertitas' Station Casinos.


Fightdrinker presents: El Matador!

from Fightdrinker We've been concentrating so far on fighters competing at UFC 113 this Saturday, but there's way more than that going on in the world of MMA! Tonight is Bellator XVII, featuring...

Strongman dies at 104

Joe Rollino once lifted 475 pounds. He used neither his arms nor his legs but, reportedly, his teeth. With just one finger he raised up 635 pounds; with his back he moved 3,200. He bit down on quarters to bend them with his thumb... I love hearing about these guys - imagine what he might've done in mma!

Have a favicon, BE!

  via Wouldn't you rather see this in your address bar or browser tab than a generic page icon? Sure you would!  The best mmablog on the web, not just the best on SB* deserves...

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