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Where from: Grew up in Beavercreek Ohio, live in Salisbury NC.

Education: 2001 graduate, Ball State University

Occupation: Middle school history teacher, track & field coach

Marital status: Married into a family of Steelers fans. At least my little girl proclaims that "Bengal Tigers" are her favorite team

Other stuff: Rail Operations Volunteer, and head of the Car Department at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NFL Cincinnati Bengals
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
User Blog

New Bengals movie remake: Twins


I first saw this on Giovanni Bernard's personal Facebook feed. Adds a little something to it.


"Can he help us win?" - Something to think about...

The only thing we evaluate is 'Can we win with this guy?' That's the one thing. When we talk about any player at the end of the season, the No.1 question is 'Will he help us win?' And to take it...

New Dance Move


1. Look over your right shoulder, grin. Right hand in your pocket. 2. Step to the right 3. Skip to the left, throwing up left hand in a half pirouette look. It's called "The Tomlin."

Calling Coach Lewis About the Secondary


Bengals fans, almost in a panic over the fact that their secondary has been shot in the face, called Marvin Lewis looking for help. Here's how the phone call went:


Phantom roughing the passer? Anyone see it?

I didn't get to see the game, but listened to the Bengals radio feed. I recall one play, in which the Packers had a 3rd down. Rodgers threw an incomplete pass, bringing up 4th down. However,...

Bengals - Game of Thrones


So, Pro Football Mock (PFM) did a series of team logos done up like a banner from Game of Thrones. I expected to see something pretty tounge-in-cheek (look at the Browns one "No one knows our pain.") but I frickin LOVE this.


Who would you have drafted?

So I just finished up the draft for my FFL. To be honest, I think I'm looking pretty damn good this year. However, in the very last round, I had a huge choice to make. Somehow, both Mohammed...


Bengals fan loyalty... Middle of the pack?

So I was surfing the interweb this evening, and I came across the following article: https://blogs.emory.edu/sportsmarketing/2013/08/15/nfl-fan-equity-maybe-the-cowboys-are-america%E2%80%99s-team/ ...


Predict: Hard Knocks storylines?

Now that we're on the doorstep of training camp, and Hard Knocks, what sort of storylines on the show could we expect? Here's my prediction list: 1. Rex Burkhead and "Team Jack" - including...


THREE Prime-Time games for Cincy!

The Bengals open up against The Chicago Bears in week one, turn around and play on Monday Night against the Steelers for Week 2. Later prime-time games include Miami on Thursday night, and the...


That sting we feel in the back of our necks

Is what fans of ELITE teams feel when their team loses in the playoffs. We’re not settling for being happy with a winning record. (We would have been ecstatic for that. I remember the “In Marvin...


John Kitna update & an awesome, inspiring story.

In my day job, I teach public school. More specifically, I teach 8th grade, North Carolina History. This morning, I caught the following article on Yahoo about John Kitna and his new life as a...

Lest we forget what ol' Palmer did for us Cincy fans.


Lest we forget what ol' Palmer did for us Cincy fans.

Lest we forget


Just a reminder as to what ol "Pick-6" Palmer did for us.

Someone said that Dalton looked like Spock in the pictures I had used for his "Ginger" memes. I...


Someone said that Dalton looked like Spock in the pictures I had used for his "Ginger" memes. I went with it and had some fun in Photoshop.


It is time for us to be heard!

So many of us do not live in the Cincinnati Bengals "home" or "secondary" markets. To see our beloved Bengals on TV we switch over to DirectTV or crowd into the local sports bars packed out more...


Had a dream last night...

Andy Dalton & AJ Green on the Madden cover - Dream, nightmare, or possible?

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