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Kevin Iole's Top 10 Stub Hub Center Fights


Kevin Iole's list of the top 10 fights to ever take place at the Stub Hub Center.

Video: Deontay Wilder vs. Internet Troll


Deontay Wilder spars with an internet troll. The results are predictably hilarious. Enjoy.

Kevin Iole names Stephen Espinoza 2013 "Boxing Person of the Year"


He makes a pretty good case and I can't think of anyone who would make for a better choice. Thoughts?


Lack of classic fights on HBO Go

Does anyone know if HBO still owns the rights to replay fights they've broadcast in the past? Or does that go to the promoter? I really wish HBO Go had more classic fights available, while the lack...


Martinez/Murray or Garcia/Judah: Which fight do you plan to watch live?

Since the HBO broadcast of Martinez/Murray will be running the same time as Showtime's Garcia/Judah, which fight do you plan to watch live and which do you plan to DVR? I honestly don't know which...

Profile on Sam Watson & his sons


If you're like me you know who Sam Watson & the Watson twins (they're not actually twins) are but don't know what they actually do besides walk out with Al Haymon fighters. Kevin Iole profiles them and while it's not that in depth I figure maybe some of you will find it interesting. Or not.

A Step Back: Families Continue to Heal 30 Years After Title Fight Between Ray Mancini and Duk-koo Kim


This is posted a little late but it's still an incredible read for anyone interested. The New York Times follows up with Ray Mancini and the family of Duk-koo Kim.


Who do you want to see Josesito Lopez fight next?

Now that Josesito will (presumably) be moving back down to 147 or 140, who do you guys want to see him fight next? I'm hoping he gets an opponent that's at least main event caliber for...

Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the Juan Epstein podcast


Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds, and K-Fox are the morning hosts for Hot 97, one of New York's largest hip hop radio stations. They also do a podcast called "Juan Epstein" and Floyd appears on their latest episode. Really, there's nothing on here that we all haven't already heard before but I figured I'd post it for any Floyd fans who may have missed this.

Behind the Scenes, Haymon Is Shaking Up the Fight Game


Since Al Haymon's influence has seemingly been getting larger and larger I decided to Google him...I hardly know anything about him except the more notable clients he manages. I came across this New York Times profile published last December. It's the best profile I've seen so I figured I'd post it as a Fan Shot since I don't recall it being posted before here on BLH and maybe some of you might be wondering about the man too.


Looking for boxing podcast recommendations...

I've got a job with a brutal commute (minimum 1 hour drive, 1.5-2 hours if traffic is really bad). I usually pass the time listening to music but I've discovered a few podcasts I really enjoy and...

HBO set to unveil new "PunchForce" technology


Wall Street Journal article about HBO's new "PunchForce" technology. I don't think it will ever replace judging as the article asks, but I do think it's an interesting concept that I'd like to see tried out on a future broadcast.

Pacquiao/Bradley PPV will be available on Top Rank's site


I personally would rather watch on HDTV but I do find it interesting that major fight PPVs (not just Roy Jones Jr.'s latest fights on UStream) can now be purchased and viewed online. I have several buddies who don't subscribe to any cable or satellite service and stream all their entertainment through Netflix, Hulu, etc. I'm sure there's a market for legal, quality streams from people like that and I'm glad to see Top Rank take advantage, I know the UFC's been offering streams of their PPVs for years now.


Recommended boxing dvd websites?

I've been wanting to order a few career set dvd collections from boxing DVD sites to replace my old VHS fight tapes. Does anyone have any recommendations for reputable sites that deliver on the...


Who do you want to see Cotto fight next?

Even though he lost it seems like Cotto's performance has pushed his stock higher than it's been in quite some time. Assuming a rematch with Floyd is out (I personally wouldn't want to see it,...

Tim Kawakami ponders Oscar's routine reactions to crisis


For those of you who don't know, Tim Kawakami is a Bay Area sports reporter who writes for the San Jose Mercury News. Prior to that he wrote for the Los Angeles Times and spent much of his career following Oscar De La Hoya. Here's a recent blog post of his in response to Oscar's recent interviews. I thought he had some interesting insight worth a Fan Shot for those who might be interested.

Bernard Hopkins giving boxing tips to Rashad Evans. I already posted it in the comments of Scott's...


Bernard Hopkins giving boxing tips to Rashad Evans. I already posted it in the comments of Scott's post but it deserves it's own fan shot!

HBO Real Sports segment on Ann Wolfe


HBO Real Sports segment on Ann Wolfe

Mayweather quietly shows generous side


Nice quick story about Floyd's lesser publicized "good" side. The man definitely brings on a lot of valid criticism with some of his words and actions but I always find stories like these that show his other side to be a refreshing break.

Bernard Hopkins savors win with a sweet


Dan Rafael tagged along with B-Hop and his crew for his post-fight dinner/celebration and writes a great blog about the experience. Nothing ground breaking but there's a few entertaining behind the scenes tidbits here and there (especially how Rafael outs the Sulaimans and their scavenger like ways). The big payoff/finale of his celebration is classic, but some of you who follow Rafael on Twitter probably know what it is if you saw his twitpic that night.

Coach Tells Evans He Should Be Willing to Fight Jones


Trevor Wittman thinks Rashad should fight Jon Jones if Jones beats Shogun. He also hints that he thinks Jones shouldn't have accepted the title shot.

15 best fights on 15th anniversary of HBO's 'BAD'


Dan Rafael picks his favorite 15 BAD fights, were your favorites included or did they not make the cut?

Dan Rafael confirms Pacquiao/Mosley Fight Camp 360 will air on CBS


Too awesome for words. I already prefer Fight Camp 360's production style to 24/7 and having it on a CBS should bring an insane amount of attention to the fight. Yes, I also wish Manny had a stiffer challenge than Mosley but I still think this will be huge!

Judah welcomes a helping of 'Sweet Pea'


I would've been more excited about this news in the early 2000's but it's still cool.


Do you think Al might go after Vince Young?

Tim Kawakami posted some interesting thoughts via his Twitter last night (I've combined all 5 tweets into the quote below): Slow on this one, but Al Davis dearly wanted Vince Young to fall to the...


So who's seen "The Fighter"?

I saw The Fighter over the weekend and thought it was well done. Not sure if  it's the sports movie of the decade like Sports Illustrated calls it in their latest issue but Mark Walberg and...


How often do you agree with Harold Lederman's score cards?

If I knew how to create a poll I'd do so but since I don't I'll just ask.  I was watching Khan/Maidana with a few buddies who generally don't watch boxing unless they're at my house and I force...

Andre Dirrell out of Super Six tourney


Dan Rafael with the details on Dirrell's injuries...it sounds pretty serious. My disappointment with how the Super Six is turning out pales in comparison to my concern for Dirrell's health.

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