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A life long sufferer of Mets baseball, Jets football, Rangers hockey, and boxing politics. A student at Miss State who loves sports and weather.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NFL New York Jets
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  • NHL New York Rangers
  • Boxing Diego Corrales, Carl Froch, Andre Ward, Lavarn Harvell.
User Blog

NY Jets Release Mike Goodson


The Jets have ended the saga of Mike Goodson.

Keys to Success: Quinton Coples


Coples needs to step up in 2014 for us to have a good defense. We will detail why in this article.

GGN Chalkboard: Geno Smith Keys Win vs. Browns


GGN chalkboard takes a look at all of Geno' 3 TD's. We take a look also at the early Browns TD and why the DL let us down. Plus we examine Milliner's first INT and look at why Campbell's play lead...

GGN Chalkboard: Big Plays = Big Loss for Jets


This edition looks at the big touchdown for Carolina and why t every member of the Jets defense failed. I also look at a big run based on the triple option for the Jets and why Geno thought Holmes...


MNF Open Thread

Let's have some fun.

GGN Chalkboard: Debacle That Was Baltimore


It wasn't a pretty game. In this edition I look at the defensive plays that came up huge for and against the Jets in this game.

GGN Chalkboard: Calamity of Errors vs the Titans


Let's be honest, that game didn't exactly go as planned. In this edition, we try to assign blame on the defense and look at Geno's interceptions and one TD. Surprisingly the defense looked a lot...

GGN Chalkboard: Big Plays vs the Bills


In this edition, we take a look at some of the big plays that won us the game against the Bills, and I assign the blame for the Chandler Touchdown. I'll also point out where Geno stunk and where he...

GGN Chalkboard: Safety Play Under Rex Ryan


In this edition we take a look at the safeties. One plays a very simple scheme in a ton of plays while the other has to be a person who can do it all. We'll take a look just what the safety...

GGN Chalkboard: A Look at the First Two Games


In this edition, we take a look at the TD pass against the Bucs, the Landry interception against the Bucs, and Geno Smith's interception in the red zone. We will break down the coverages, the...

GGN Chalkboard: Jets vs. Bucs Gameplan


In this edition, we look at two simple schemes that I think will be key for us to win the game. The Waggle concept and the 46 Bear defense are two staples, but sometimes simple wins games.

New York Jets at Detroit Lions Second Half Recap


Jets lose in the preseason, but the score is meaningless. What we saw in the second half is more important. Let's get to the good the bad and the ugly.

Sanchez Vine Video: Butt Fumble pt 2


A "vine" video featuring Sanchez has gone viral which means the Jets are a Circus news stories are exploding. Eric Ainge, former QB and Jackass star calls out Sanchez for his latest booty-shaking...

Success in 2014: Willie Colon edition


Rather than need a player to step up: The Jets need one to just stay healthy and not have his skill fall of the cliff.

GGN chalkboard: the Passing offense


In this edition of GGN chalkboard, we go in depth to discover how routes become concepts, and which concepts are used by what playbooks.


GGN Thread About Nothing #65: America the Beautiful

Sorry for the lack of a TAN, I've been busy with graduation. Not my own, but my sister. Anyway here we go., Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all vets. America the beautiful. Yep seems like a...

GGN headquarters


A sarcastic view at what goes down at HQ.

GGN Chalkboard: 4-3 under defense


Despite it being called a 4-3, this defense is actually a hybrid between a 3-4 and 4-3. This edition of GGN chalkboard looks at if the Jets could run it and the differences between a 4-3 under...

GGN Chalkboard: Nickel Defense


The Jets use a nickel defense differently than that you'd expect. Instead of using a 4-2-5, they use a 2-4-5. Looking at the recent draft picks, it makes sense why the Jets used the first two picks...

Success in 2013: Jets TE position edition


Our second entry in the series looks at one of the weakest positions on the team. The Jets currently have a backup and two projects vying for a starting and backup TE role. Well go through why the...

GGN chalkboard: 3-4 and 4-3 differences


In this addition of GGN chalkboard we take a look at how the different schemes need different styles of linebackers to be effective as well as the differences in the defensive line. Also, we take a...

Success in 2013: Stephen Hill Must Step Up


A new series on who needs to step up for the Jets to have some success in 2013. We profile Stephen Hill, who despite being a project, needs to shed that title and become a force if the Jets expect...

Jets 2013 Schedule Announced


Jets face the Pats twice in first 7 weeks and the Dolphins week 17 in Miami. The schedule looks easier as the season goes on though.

100 years of NFL running game "innovation"


The game of football has changed much in a hundred years. Yet one play has been modified throughout the years and is now the new playbook staple. However, it traces it's roots to the wildcat and...

GGN Chalkboard O-line play 101


We take a look at the key differences between a man and zone scheme and break things down GGN chalkboard style.



1) From my time as a highschool substitute teacher I had a simple rule: Don't be stupid. IE use common sense.... no politics, no "Excessive" swearing, and no cursing out other people. No Porno...

What Scenarios Keep Rex Ryan with the Jets?


Rex in 4 years has been a godsend and now is a bust. What must he do to prove he belongs as the Jets HC in 2014.

GGN Chalkboard:Man-to-Man Schemes


Every week you see man to man schemes in the NFL. in this article we look at cover one cover zero and the lurk coverage to diagram the schemes you see on Sunday.


GGN Thread About Nothing 59: Right Now

1) From my time as a highschool substitute teacher I had a simple rule: Don't be stupid. IE use common sense.... no politics, no "Excessive" swearing, and no cursing out other people. No Porno...

GGN Chalkboard: The West Coast Offense


The West Coast offense has been brought to the east coach by the Jets. Here we break down some of the concepts, formations and plays you might see on Sunday.

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