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Promoting transparency and engagement in shared governance in universities and colleges

The new Chair of the Penn State Faculty Senate has decided to blog about his work on the Faculty Senate. The blog is called: "Show and Tell: Sharing while chairing the Penn State Faculty Senate". T...


BOB on Danny O'Brien and Oversigning

Nate Mink, one of the overpaid and overlaid clowns at, posted "Some quick housekeeping from Bill O’Brien’s appearance Thursday night on "The Goon Show," a State College-based radio...


More good PSU hoops news

Yesterday I went with some friends to the Washington (DC) Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) tournament semifinals for boy's basketball. There were 5 Rivals 150 players (including both 2012 and...


Can Bill O'Brien Succeed at Penn State?

Another solid PSU-related article from alum Michael Weinreib. I've posted it below, and you can read it online here. Not long after Joe Paterno became the head coach at Penn State, he received a...


The Case for Bill O’Brien

Bill O'Brien was not my first choice to become the next head coach of the Penn State football program. (I was always a Chris Petersen guy, to be honest.) But I think a lot of the pitchfork waving...


Coaching Search Topics: Petersen and Perry

Big Lead wrote a story about Boise State coach Chris Petersen and the misunderstanding held by many -- including Rick Reilly -- that he has "special needs." Apparently Petersen's son was diagnosed...


Bye Week: Time to Ride the Hobby Horse and end the NCAA

As some of you know, I enjoy arguing that the current NCAA system of compensating football and men's basketball players is unfair. An excellent piece on this topic written by Esquire's Charles...


Who should start at QB?

Pardon me if this has already been decided (in which case, someone please take this post down), but I was gone from vacation last week, and it seems like we still don't know who the starting QB...


Three Things Penn State Fans Should Do: quarterbacks, humility, and taking ‘er easy

Picking up on a theme in two posts by the staff, I thought I'd throw out three things that we, as Penn State football fans, should do this year. To paraphrase Goethe, all generalizations are false,...


Wilbon makes the case for paying players

I'm sure some of you are sick of this argument, but it's still the off-season. Wilbon does a good job of demonstrating that, indeed, the logistical difficulties inherent in paying players could be...

March Madness: Penn State's (abysmal) Big Ten Tournament History


Every year, no matter how awful Penn State basketball has proven to be, I'm able to convince myself that if we can just catch lightening in a bottle in the Big Ten Tournament, we can dance.

Nitt Picks Worries that Injustice Anywhere is a Threat To Justice Everywhere


On the return to Columbus by Terrelle Pryor and his Posey

Big Ten Bowl Preview: the Insight Bowl


The first year I actually gambled a decent amount of money on football, I used a bookie. The best part about using a bookie is also the worst part: credit. If gambling were legal, the online...

Big Ten Review: Out with a Whimper


With the lone exception of Illinois playing Friday night against Fresno State, the regular season is over for the Big Eleven forever. While I'm often sentimental and nostalgic for the traditional...

Big Ten Preview and the Fall of Notre Dame


Big Ten Preview and the Fall of Notre Dame

Big Ten Review: Public Indecency Issue


Silas Redd got caught for public urination this weekend. The Penn State team got publicly exposed as underaged and inexperienced in the second half in Columbus. Who else was publicly embarrassed in...

Big Ten Preview: on Charlie Rose and Fandom


I'm a big Charlie Rose fan. He's the best interviewer in the business. Case in point: last week Charlie interviewed the editor of Sports Illustrated, Terry McDonell.  Towards the end of the...

Joe Paterno's Weekly Press Conference


Joe Paterno's Weekly Press Conference recap

Big Ten Review: Scrap and Pryor sitting in a tree, T-E-X-T-I-N-G


What areTerrelle Pryor and the PSU Defensive Coordinator texting each other about?

Big Ten Preview: Sayonara Shared Championships


Previewing this week's Big Ten games with point spreads and predictions.

Big Ten Review: Midway Progress Report


A smattering of news from around the Big Ten halfway through the conference season.

Big Ten Preview: I can tell that we are gonna be friends


Previewing this week's Big Ten games with spreads and scores

Big Ten Review: At Least We're Not Iowa


Big Ten in Review

Big Ten Preview: Northwestern Makes the College Football Playoffs


A commentary on the BCS playoff system and predictions of this week Big Ten games against the spread.

Big Ten Review: Learning to Love to Hate Sparty


MSU's November 27th game in Happy Valley could define both teams' season.

Big Ten Preview: A Saturday without Joe


This Saturday will bring what many Penn State fans seem to be calling for after a 3-3 start and an embarrassing homecoming lose to Illinois: a Saturday in October without Joe Paterno on the...

Big Ten Review: Seven Lessons from an Ugly Saturday


Every time I made a mistake, my old man would tell me about it. But he would also always mention that "making mistakes is part of life; everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to learn from them." I...

Big Ten Preview: Ax not what Jim Delany can do for you


Big Ten Preview: Ax not what Jim Delany can do for you

Big Ten Review: We're all Hoosiers today


Keeping up the theme from Mike's post this morning, in today's review of the Big Ten, I'm comparing Big Ten teams to prominent characters and teams from everyone's favorite sports movie: Hoosiers. ...

Big Ten Preview: the Conference Games Begin


Big Ten Football Preview for the weekend of October 2, 2010.

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