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Well well well

If it isn't our good friend. Beer. Hi Beer. Listen, let's talk about memes. I appreciate them. They build character and communities. Really more than anything they mend fences. And while we're on...


Seriously-what the hell?

Less than $8,000 raised for We Are! 2013? That's what the BSD community has put together? The writers are being nice about it. so I'll do their dirty work. This is unacceptable. Stop mooching off...


We can't worry about Ohio State

It's not practical. This is my 15th season as a Penn State fan, and I've never seen Penn State football operate at full capacity. I wasn't in the Joe Must Go camp; more of the Joe Deserves To Go...


Goodbye (for now) BSD

Sometime early in the 2005 season, I discovered Penn State message boards. I had read BWI and FOS sporadically when DWill committed, but it was that fall that I regularly participated in these...

PSU documentary


Was this posted here? I dont know. Anyway, they need $6000 by Saturday to get this film done.


I think I want to talk about this Newsweek piece

Maybe you've read this. If you haven't and have the viewpoint that the media is out to get Penn State and Joe Paterno, don't read it. Some of you are probably annoyed that I'm even linking it. But,...



I can't shake it. I'm sad for the victims. Sad for this man and the demons he couldn't shake. Sad for Mike McQueary who is getting vilified by people as if anyone has any idea what they would have...


Anyone want a parking pass for Saturday?

I would have put this in the September ticket thread but wasn't sure if people would see it. Mods, if you want to move this feel free. Anyway, I have a yellow parking pass for Saturday if anyone's...

Penn State has a basketball team


This is supposed to be the best site at projecting the NCAA tournaments. Has us in as a 10-seed.


The tired argument thread

Here it is. Have it out. Every old, tired, pointless argument about PSU football. All in one place for your internet arguing ease. Any argument you want to have. Some suggestions: -McGloin didn't...


Ticket(s) for Saturday

FREE MONEY AND BEER Now that I have your attention, I'm going to have 1 (and possibly 2) tickets available for Saturday's game. My wife is due to have our baby any day now. She's definitely not...

You all need to watch the Baseball documentary bottom of the 10th whatever thing tonight. There is...


You all need to watch the Baseball documentary bottom of the 10th whatever thing tonight. There is something near the end that will make you smile or pump your fist or something. It's awesome.

(The event was also attended by notable coaches Mark Dantonio, Jay Paterno and Cardinal Mooney...


(The event was also attended by notable coaches Mark Dantonio, Jay Paterno and Cardinal Mooney alums Bo Pelini, Bob Stoops and Mike Stoops; the fundraiser is organized in part by the oldest Stoops brother, Ron, who still lives in Youngstown.) Naughty Buckeyes



I don't follow recruiting all that closely. When we get a commit I enjoy the sirens, but I don't generally know who we're recruiting, who else they're looking at, how other schools are recruiting,...

From that day on, whenever I was goin' anywhere, I WAS RUN-NING!


Women 4th, Men 23rd at Track NCAAs. We were 8th in the latest Directors Cup standings. This should help.

Dr. Saturday on our QB situation


JoePa is old! And has never started a true freshman at QB! Even though he has!

Top 10 Finish

8th and 9th. Passed Cincy in one, not in the other. What was the bet again?

This is killing them and it's delicious

We're talking about a school that fancies itself as the "Harvard of the Midwest", They really, really think highly of themselves. But with being pwned by a rival, to resorting to whatever this was...


Bloodied Soxs vs. Longwood Taters

The BSD fantasy baseball league has ended with a tie in the championship game. So.....who are the owners of the Bloodied Soxs and Longwood Taters? I think we need to come up with some sort of...


BSD Ticket Exchange?

Is there a BSD ticket exchange post somewhere? If there is, feel free to move this. But I've got two tickets to the Temple game in section NC row 48. They are aisle seats and under cover. My email...


College Fantasy Football

A couple people mentioned interest in doing college fantasy football this year. I'd been meaning to put a league together, but have been pretty busy lately. It's kind of short notice, but I went...

Dr. Saturday picks PSU to win Big Ten


Phil Steele and Doc Saturday? I'll take it.


Penn State and the V Foundation

ESPN Radio is doing their big V Foundation all day today. They're taking donations but are also auctioning off tons of sports packages. One is a Penn State Football package:   Football Happiness...

All hail Phil Steele


I don't really have much to offer, but Colin Cowherd got his copy of Phil Steele's magazine and revealed the top 10. It comes out June 9th for the rest of us, and I will definitely be getting it. Um....that's really all I have to say about that. Phil Steele is awesome. His magazine is too. Oh yeah and Penn State is ranked....I won't give it away.

Power Rankings


Rivals has their post-spring power rankings by position and coaches. We're represented pretty well. I'd like to see Wiz on the OL list and I can't agree with Beamer being ranked ahead of JoePa, but overall not too bad.

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