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Denver fan since the 70s, when I lived in the Denver area, now living in Indiana.

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From The FanPosts: How Teams Get Better

Great write up about how teams get better. John Elway's recent drafts are really going to start paying dividends starting next season it appears.


Clever Like a Fox

After careful consideration I've concluded that John Fox knows more about football than I do.  I was expecting us to draft Marcel Dareus and maybe another defensive tackle or two.  To my dismay we...

Tim Tebow & Michael Vick? Why Backing Up Kyle Orton Might Be Tebow's Best Option


Don't know if I agree or not, but it's an interesting take that I haven't heard of. Given the pro and anti-Tebow fans endlessly repeating the same arguments it's nice to see one I haven't seen before.

5 Reasons Why the San Francisco 49ers Should Trade for Kyle Orton


This Bleacher Report piece is interesting mainly because it shows how someone who's not a Broncos fan sees Orton's abilities and deficiencies. While not sugarcoating his weakness (tendency to fall down from a puff of air) it describes him as a smart, savvy QB (who's gotten better every year) who's capable of mentoring a young QB while in the meantime being the missing piece of an otherwise ready-to-make-a-Superbowl-run team. He thinks Orton is well worth a second round pick, and thinks the 49ers could trade him in two or three years for a fourth round pick from a team that needs a mentor for THEIR shiny new QB.

Will Ravens sweat it out against Broncos?


More motivational material. Hope the broncos are aware that they're being taken so lightly in Baltimore and take umbrage. Hope the Ravens players are as cocksure as the local media. This writer wants the Ravens to blow out the Broncos, in an easy game for a change, before getting ready for the Patriots.

Inexperience + Injuries = Ground Struggles


From the article: "There are three teams with fewer than 150 total career starts by their first-team offensive linemen — the Broncos, 49ers (119) and Bills (143). Denver is the only team of that trio with a win, a testament of the ability of the defense (particularly against the run) and Kyle Orton’s efforts to carry the team through the ground game’s rough patch." Nice article which puts our run difficulties into perspective.

Broncos' Orton quietly shines amid Tebow hoopla


Nice piece about Broncos' training camp focussing on Orton. I didn't realize that Orton was dealing with two ankle injuries last year. According to Orton in the article he never quite got over the anle injury he suffered in Chicago, so he was never healthy last season. Now he is, and is having a great camp.

Offseason Rewards


Nice piece on by Eric Detweiler on Jarvis Moss. Apparently this off-season he really got his head on straight, dedicated himself totally to football, and has been working extremely hard ever since: "Three days into training camp, the 6-foot-7, 257-pound linebacker continues to impress coaches and teammates with his transformation." If he continues to shine it would almost be like we had an another extra pick this year and took a hotshot linebacker.


Things I'm Curious About

Now that the off-season is over we can start getting some of our questions answered. Heading into training camp a number of concerns are on my mind. None tops run defense. Ours was atrocious when...

Were You More Upset At The Loss Of Cliff Lee Or Brian Dawkins?


Eagles fans still feeling the pain. What a coup that was.

Denver Broncos 2010 Season Preview


What it says. A nicer than nice review of the upcoming season, balanced and surprisingly knowledgeable. Saw some things I didn't know about.


Reaching Out

I just read a Woody Paige article, Elway back in Broncos' grace, which I notice Gr3yStreet has submitted as a FanShot. It's a feel-good read. John is golfing with Josh, John recently attended a...

Climbing the Broncos' depth chart a big challenge for Brandstater


Legwold responds to a reader wondering why we haven't heard more about Brandstater. Some highlights: "As far as ever becoming a starter, that will likely hinge on his ability to shorten the time between when he sees something on the field in terms of coverages, etc., and when he can process that and release the ball. . . . Guys become starters when they can make the decisions and get the ball out. . . . Some players simply take too long to see it, process it and let go of the ball. The hesitation costs them what little open space there is on the field to make a play . . . If he speeds up his decisions, that that will give him the best chance to play. But that's true for many young quarterbacks." I've previously discussed "information processing speed" as one of the most important factors that determines whether or not a player is successful in the NFL.

Cowboys Denver Broncos tame record six-year high


Delightfully wacky write-up of Denver-Dallas game. Sounds a lot like a previous write-up by a sports reporter in India. Here's a sample: "2009 NFL regular season games over the fourth week in succession to, Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos assumed personal experiences at home, after a fierce battle, cowboy crash in the fourth quarter to 10 lost by more than 17, suffered the second defeat this season. Since 2003, the Denver Broncos the first time in four straight start, firmly occupy the top American League West, while the Cowboys in the National League East is only third." Shades of Horvil Tiki!

Time to Hop on the Broncos' Bandwagon?


Here's one guy who thinks the Broncos are for real. He says nice things about the defense, McDaniels, the running game and -- gasp! -- Kyle Orton: "That trade doesn’t look too bad right now, does it?"

Broncos Week 1: Explicating the Inexplicable


Sam Dudley pans Orton, B-Marsh and the offense, lauds McDaniels, Nolan and the defense, and is opinionated but entertaining throughout.

BIGGEST SURPRISE: Elvis Dumervil never had played outside linebakcer before this year but looked...

BIGGEST SURPRISE: Elvis Dumervil never had played outside linebakcer before this year but looked natural in preseason. The coaches won't ask Dumervil to drop into coverage much, but he can rush the quarterback and could get double-digit sacks. Denver Broncos NFL Preview, Page 12

BIGGEST SURPRISE: CB Dominique Foxworth played mostly "off" coverage in Denver and Atlanta but is...

BIGGEST SURPRISE: CB Dominique Foxworth played mostly "off" coverage in Denver and Atlanta but is shining in the Ravens' bump-and-run scheme. He played well in [reseason and even shut down Carolina's Steve Smith. Ravens NFL Preview

This from today's Sporting News on the Broncos. I'd do a link instead but I don't think it would...


This from today's Sporting News on the Broncos. I'd do a link instead but I don't think it would work: The coaches say they are pleased with the progress of the defense. The unit had plenty of question marks coming into the preseason, especially with a switch to a 3-4 scheme. Not every issue has been resolved, but Denver is tied for fourth in the NFL in total defense in the preseason, allowing only 263 yards per game. . . . While there are still some mistakes with assignments, the players have taken to coordinator Mike Nolan's aggressive approach. They're pressuring the quarterback, recording seven sacks in two games, and giving up 3.9 yards per carry. . . . That's hardly a guarantee of success in the regular season, but it's more encouraging than doing badly. They also mention that the defense is doing this without Dawkins, and that he'll be ready for the opener.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler upsets some with Hester remark


What's funny is the receiver is reduced to defending the guy who threw him under the bus: "Hester admitted Monday that Cutler's comment upset him at first. 'But then he (Cutler) said he didn't say it,' Hester said." And much, much more. For additional stories just google "Cutler calls out Hester". In the comments section to one of the articles some moron opines that Marshall and Royal are just average receivers who Jay made look good. If we're drinking kool-aid they must be pouring it over their heads!


Orton vs Cutler — a Statistical Comparison

The following, culled from, analyzes Kyle Orton's and Jay Cutler's stats for passes 1-10, 11-20,  21-30, and 31+ in a game, and their performance during the first, second, third and fourth...

Cutler seemingly proves Angelo's quarterback theory


Larry Mayer moronically asserts that "Cutler seemingly proved Angelo’s theory that the quarterback-makes-the-receiver the past few seasons with the Broncos" by citing the emergence of BM and Royal during his tenure. Obviously, in his logically challenged mind, any receiver who does well does so due to Cutler, not due to any attributes he might possess. "Cutler isn’t the only example of a great quarterback making his receivers into elite players." Article has no comments section. If it had he'd have gotten an earful from me.


Evaluations: Cutler, Orton, McDaniels

How did it get so far? Saying that McDaniels blundered, or that Cutler took McDaniels' willingness to entertain offers too personally, or that Cook had a game plan for which the Cassel incident...


Why Jay Faded: His Prospects for 2009

Recent analyses of Cutler's 2008 season have been paradoxical, seeming to indicate both that he performed well under pressure and that he choked. On the one hand I recall someone mentioning that...



Vindication is sweet. I've always felt that subtleties matter, that the "best" player in a game isn't necessarily the one with the gaudiest stats. Best in this context means the player who most...

Saints not only team looking for safety help


Piece on the evolution of the position of safety along with some draft reviews.


Evaluating Talent - IPS Revisited

It's that time of year when a major concern of the coaches and of us, the fans, is judging college talent as a prelude to the draft. About nine months ago, just before last year's draft, I wrote a...


Our Safety Situation

A recent article on Josh Barrett, titled "Barrett seizes chance to shine for Broncos", along with D.J.'s impending return to his weakside linebacker spot, which Wesley Woodyard has been manning in...

Chargers miss an opportunity, but Broncos leave door open


The comments are what makes this worth reading. We all feel horrible at the egg the Broncos laid, but it makes me feel better (not a lot, but a little bit) to hear the Charger fans bitch and moan at the missed opportunity, at the poor play of the Chargers (and Phyliss!), and the coaching job Turner has, um perpetrated. Reminds me of the movie in which two guys are digging in a graveyard and one's complaining. The second one says, "Could be worse." The first one says, "How!?" Second guy says, "Could be raining." And then of course the thunder rolls and the downpour commences. Well, for those fans unhappy with Shanahan it could be worse. We could have Norv Turner coaching our young and inexperienced players and looking for his first or second win.


Delayed reaction

Just got home from work a little while ago. When I left it was halftime with Denver trailing 20-10, and I hadn't heard anything in the interim. I was oh so tempted to crack open the paper I had...

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