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Premier League's Nicklas Helenius shows his stuff

While Hotspurs are hanging on to a fortuitous lead over Aston Villa I stumbled over a much more interesting encounter between the two.


England manager Roy Hodgson's non-apology

"I would like to apologise if any offence has been caused..." is not what you say when it is clear that someone was offended. There is no if, and or but about it. Yet this is the tack taken by...

Panther's LB Luke Kuechly looking Gleeful


Back to school for Luke.? Naah! Just his college days at Boston.


Where are the gay athletes in Iran?

Ahmadinejad famously claimed before the UN that there were no gays at all in Iran, despite the fact that the most popular Olympic sport there is one involving men in religion-revealing singlets. A...

The halter top; latest in AFL fashion


Essendon Bomber midfielder David Zaharakis makes a fashion statement in practice


Ruben and the streaker

Kiwi rugby union fitness coach for the Warriors Ruben Wiki gets intimate with a rather sexy streaker's hairy bum. Love it when the sexy jittery host on the right says he would have...

Ryan Tannehill's underappreciated tush


Subtle can be sexy too. Goes nicely with that lump in the crotch of TE Dion Sims. Thanks to the photog for catching this one.


Not pretty but sexy

An ongoing debate among gay sports fans has been the difference, if any, between sexy and pretty. It takes an eye for candy to spot pretty. But you need to know something more about the person to...


Has the US pressed been scooped by a Bosnian blog about a gay NFL athlete?

I had to translate this on the internet but if the translation is any good at all it is speculating rather strongly - with photographic evidence of a sort - that Oakland Raiders tight end Mick Kasa...

What cute couple they would make


Okay, so the Chief's Anthony Fusano and Lion's Reggie Bush are just trying really hard not to get too close to each other in a photo op at some rich woman's birthday party. But oh what a fantasy couple they make. Beats the hell out of playing Maddens game.


Former A&M football player Jonathan Ferrell shot by police while seeking assistance

In a perfect world this would just be a tragic and unfortunate chain of events. And no doubt many will feel sympathy for the young officer Randall Kerrick who looks Ferrell's age and could have...

Harrison Smith up close


Did the Vikings wear buzz cuts?


Eagles are living in interesting times

And the jury is still out after that 33-27 squeaker against the Redskins. You might say this game started with the apparently mandatory "tough guy" display between Florida prep school grads Riley...


Body of Art: the aesthetics of male athletes

Athletes have been the subject of art for centuries

Suitable for framing


Vladimir Putin combs Dmitry Medvedev's hair, painting by Konstantin Altunin


Gareth Bale is soccer's first 100 Million Euro Man

So why should we care, much less be surprised, that in a nation recently on the brink of financial collapse one man will earn a salary equivalent to about 50,000 times last year's average gross...


"Dearth" of gay characters in movies

I remember the frustration of growing up loving science fiction but never seeing fully-developed gay characters - if any - in the books I read. Now a study finds that modern youth are seeing a...

The Georgia school hostage 911 audio

Everyone should hear this.

If dance were a sport...

.. gay men would rule.

Trueblood's not-quite-full-frontal

A view apparently only intended for other vampires to see clearly.

Gareth Bale - The Gentleman in Waiting


Jose Morinho could not woo him to Madrid before himself being wooed to Chelsea. But it was not for lack of trying. And the two certainly would have made a sexy coupling - though a one-sided relationship. Bale's looks like the hand of God reaching to Man.


New Football Association Chairman sets the cat amongst the pigeons

Not new for someone to call for some practical way to avoid the 50 degree celsius (122 Fahrenheit) heat expected at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. But it appears the FA head Greg Dyke has unfurled a...


Riley Cooper: Apology accepted?

As Cooper returns to the Eagles, he now faces the question of whether his apology was good enough or not.

Not again!

To paraphrase Mr. Bennett from "Pride and Prejudice", "You've delighted us quite enough. Give the other boys an opportunity to exhibit."

Edin Džeko


One tall Bosnian Striker on the rocks please.


Senator Harry Reid and eating "sh@T

That's how Reid described the situation he put up with when Republicans ruled the Senate and he acquiesced on many of their nominations to maintain equanimity in that body after the Republicans had...


Censorship does not work

The US military has blocked all access to The Guardian Newspaper for our "troops" abroad. Apparently the only military personnel permitted access are those in intelligence. The rest are too...

Serena Williams vs Andy Murray

Cool spectacle. Bad athletic competition. Mixed doubles is better.

A hot Arab Idol

Mohammed Assaf could have a significant, if not huge, English-speaking audience and make a considerable contribution to awareness of the situation in Palestine.

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