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Falcoholic Fantasy Team Names

Preseason is halfway over, which means the regular season is almost here. Which also means fantasy football is back! The Falcoholic Fantasy Leagues will be nothing but Falcon lovers, but in some of...

Desmond Trufant - Too immature for the NFL?

A couple of draft hopefuls trashed their hotel room at the combine. This might have a negative effect on their draft status. One is a potential first round pick who chose not to make himself available to speak at his pro day when front office personnel reportedly had questions regarding the incident. Why does this matter to us? Desmond Trufant did not make himself available to speak after his pro day. Could it be him? Also, do you think this should negatively affect a player's draft stock? Personally, I do because this is one of the first opportunities for a guy to enjoy the glitz and glamour of professional life. If you can't handle it at the combine, how will you handle it during the season. Speculate below if you think it is someone else, or if you have other thoughts regarding how this incident should or should not affect a guy's draft status.

Turner is pessimistic!

Could we finally see the end of Turner dominating the rushing stat sheet? MT doesn't think so. Read on!

Grimes signs his tender

With the talks surrounding the Falcons going after Samuel, Brent Grimes has now signed his tender. My thoughts? Damn it. Now we have over ten million dollars going towards a corner who we haven't been able to negotiate well with so far, when there was another corner who was willing to negotiate to help our salary cap situation. Oh well...

Falcon's Preseason Schedule

I know it is the preseason, but that week four game against Mularkey and the Jags should be somewhat entertaining.


New Coordinators... So What?

Dave's post about predicting the records for our division this upcoming season allowed for a lot of debate in regard to who has improved their team this offseason, who has declined, who will...


Falcon's Offseason Agenda

Greetings ladies and gents. The season with such high expectations has come to an end. While it looked in preseason that this team had all the pieces for success, the stubbornness of an offensive...


NFC Contenders 12/6/11

Greetings fellow Falcoholics. I come to you this week with good and bad news. The bad news, as most of you are aware, is that the Falcons lost this past weekend to the Texans, who were led by...


NFC Contenders Update 11/29

  Well gents (and hopefully a few ladies out there), we are another week down and just that much closer to the postseason. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, feasted on some great food, watched...


NFC Contenders Update

I made a post a couple of weeks ago in regard to the contenders in the NFC and their remaining schedules. In that post, I also posted my predictions for each week to try and incite a bit more...


The NFC Contenders and their Schedules Broken Down

Someone in the comments in Dave’s game recap mentioned they would like to see a post regarding the playoff contenders and their remaining schedules to get an idea of what each team is looking at...

Should Falcon's fans cheer for Michael Vick?

Interesting segment this morning on First Take. This is clearly a touchy subject, but I'm going to dive on in. Some people will be pissed off, others might support it. Regardless, he we go. My favorite line comes from Dana when she says that you are a fan of a team, not the player. I agree with the statement wholeheartedly. I really like Peyton Manning, but I'm not cheering for the Colts to win against the Falcons. In my opinion, all the "Vick fans" can put on an Eagles jersey. He is no longer our quarterback, he is the quarterback of the enemy. As far as his dismissal from Atlanta, he committed a crime, and it required the Falcons to cut ties with him. Both parties needed a new start. Cheer for him if you want, but please don't put on a Falcons jersey ever again.

Matt Ryan discusses the new Eagles defense, the Falcon's offseason

And Doug Gottlieb's replacement has a secret crush. Follow the link and listen on!


Chris Owens story gets a little murkier

There are always two sides to every story. When the story first broke out about Chris Owens' ex girlfriend's apartment being ransacked, a lot of people almost assumed that Owens was already guilty....


What do we do with Abe?

MWalex and I were having a spirited discussion, and I thought I would bring it to everyone's attention and allow you to weigh in on your opinions. The basic concept is Abe's role in the defense,...

Should have picked this guy!

Last year might have been my best year ever for predicting good prospects. I wanted guys like Spoon (check), John Jerry (starter for the dolphins), David Gettis (contributed as a rookie in Carolina), and Ted Larsen. Larsen saved lives! He is a very Falconly player and I wish we would have considered him.


Dwight Howard... A Hawk?

This might be a case of me hoping to see my favorite player in the league play for my favorite team in the league. Here is the setup. Howard wants out of Orlando. Reports say he wants to go to the L...


Coach Power Rankings

The guys over at ESPN come out with their weekly power rankings of the different roles in the NFL. So far, the Falcons have been well represented in just about every position, and in my opinion,...


Just a thought from a random fan

Everyone wants to see football in the fall. The players need the salaries, the owners need the revenue, the fans need the entertainment, and many hardworking individuals need the extra income....


A Dominant East?

The West has been known as the much deeper conference for quite a while, and with good reason. Good teams with winning records were not making the playoffs. In contrast, the bottom seed or two of...


Mock drafts...

So with the combine fast approaching, mock drafts are becoming quite popular. I am guilty of making quite a few myself. For this discussion, I am going to focus solely on the Falcons and the...


The Optimal DE

Well, with my previous post about drafting a TE meeting a lot of resistance from the Falcon faithful, I decided to start looking at some of the defensive ends that will be around when we pick at...


Falcon's First Pick in the 2011 Draft

There is a lot of debate about the Falcon’s prospects for a first round pick. Because of my decision to completely avoid thinking about the potential of a lockout, I decided to involve myself in...


Running back options for the 2011 Draft

  I feel like someone might have been starting a series of posts where they analyze the different players available when we pick and if we might have an interest in them. I decided to jump the gun...


What will you be watching this weekend?

This weekend is wildcard weekend. We start off tomorrow with two games followed by two more on Sunday. The first game puts our nemesis, the defending Super Bowl Champs New Orleans Saints at the NFC...


Dear brotherbrown

Dear brotherbrown, I was wrong. I believed that the Bears had a chance to defeat the Patriots. I underestimated Brady and his ability to lead the team in the snow. I overestimated Cutler's ability...


Friendly Falcoholic Future

Well, before I copied all of this over to the window, I had it all looking nice and pretty. So for that I apologize for the messiness. However, without further ado, I present to you my hopes for a...


Bigger Turnaround: Vick or Falcons?

The Falcons were a topic on First and 10 this morning. I am a huge fan of the segment on First Take and I do commend Skip Bayless for sticking to his feelings, even when they are sometimes way off....


Falcons #3 in the ESPN Power Rankings this week

Only downside? They play the #1 team this week, the Ravens. This could be a good test for the Falcons. It gives them a chance to show they belong in the conversation for best team in the NFL. Or it...


There was an Etan Thomas sighting last night!!!

And God I wish I hadn't seen him. He was dreadful in his season debut for the Hawks. 5 minutes, 2 rebounds, 2 points, 2 fouls, 1 turnover, 2 missed layups. I never thought I would see the day when...

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