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first game......municipal stadium in stenerud's roost (cir 1969)
next game......August 2014
5 generations of Chief's fans

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A trade with the enemy - Chiefs/Broncos - Epilogue

Welcome to Donkey week. Chiefs - Broncos. Elway gets to revisit the scene of his many nightmares (Do you still hear those footsteps John?) It's especially heated now that one of my own has found...


All Alone At Christmas (Circa 1971)

Note - this is the third consecutive and final year of my original post. Being this is an anniversary, I thought I would put it up one last time. But my holiday wish my friends will endure forever....


Hey AP (and j-man), I need to make a trade with the enemy

So here's the specifics of the deal. My youngest daughter, a die-hard Chief's Fan, dates a Donkey fan. I know, I know but his dad grew up in Colorado so at least he's true to his roots (which I can...


All Alone On Christmas (Circa 1971)

All Alone on Christmas (circa 1971)

All Alone at Christmas (redux)


I only post this again because its pertinent to know where we have been to fully appreciate where we are going and why we are here. And for all the many new members of AP who have joined us in the last year. Welcome to something very special.

Where are the Chiefs vs the League?


From creanium over at Bolts from the Blue (so please excuse the homer attitude). A very good analysis of where the Chiefs are in relation to the league

Chiefs rank 17th in rush offense in 2010. Huh?


Come on Mr. Cole. you can't say that we made one of the best moves in FA this year in T. Jones, that Jamaal Charles ran against some weak run defenses (at 5.9 ypc?), we added do-everything speedster Dexter McCluster, strengthened our own OL, not to mention that 2.7 is gone AND use the argument that numbers 5-16 are going to be better because of "back from injury" and "look what they did for the last four years". Kinda surprised he didn't rank Washington's running attack ahead of ours with all that BS thinking. I would never put Denver's that high and think that Oakland's will be better than 20.

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