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Contributing editor at Black & Red United. I write about the context within which MLS games are played--schedules, attendance, stadium issues, fan experiences, etc. Writer of weekly "The Last Word" column, and writer of monthly "Setting the Stage" column. Itinerant fan of D.C. United. Lived in DC at the start of MLS, moved away, moved back, and now live in Las Vegas.

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  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAF Air Force Falcons
  • NHL Washington Capitals
  • NASCAR Jeff Gordon
  • MLS D.C. United
User Blog

Setting the Stage for March: How'd DCU Get Here!?!

Let's get ready for Saturday by reviewing a whole host of information that helps to put the start of the 2014 season into context. We've also got interactive data charts and a poll. Let's do this!

MLS Jersey Week--Reviewing All the Leaked Kits

Jersey Week isn't until next week, but it's shaping up to be anti-climatic with all but one of the new kits now leaked on the interwebs. Let's take a look at them all, and rate them using our...

Monday Freedom Kicks: Wins are Good!


So, that's what a win feels like!?! Let's break it down with Chad Ashton, plus our daily tour de links around the world of soccer.

MLS Jersey Week--Part III (We Got Ours! + More)

This past week saw D.C. United unveil their new primary kits, and some other teams continued to tease theirs. Let's break it down, and see who's next on our jersey reveal schedule.

Freedom Kicks in Honor of the Presidents


Happy Washington's Birthday/Lincoln's Birthday/Presidents' Day. In honor of the residents-in-chief of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let's take a tour around the world of soccer.

New MLS Jerseys--Part II (let's build a schedule)

There haven't been any official jersey releases since last week, so we've compiled an in-progress calendar of the upcoming reveal dates (who's next?). Also, a few teams are teasing (or leaking)...

Monday Freedom Kicks: Olympic Fanfare Edition


Whatever your Monday morning routine (mine may or may not include checking Olympic curling results), here are some of the weekend's top soccer links to help get your week started.

Let's Review the New MLS Jerseys--Part I

MLS Jersey Week is fast approaching, but new jerseys are already starting to be revealed. Let's see how they look, find out whether you like them, and talk about D.C. United's new training gear.

Monday Freedom Kicks: Catch Up On A Busy Weekend!

In honor of freedom and the guys and gals who kick a little round ball for club and country, we have your morning Freedom Kicks. Get up to speed on all the soccer happenings that caught our eye on...

DCU vs. the West: 2014's Inter-Conference Games

We wrap up our series looking at MLS's unbalanced schedule by examining Eastern teams' games against the West. We also figure out which Eastern Conference team has the most difficult set of...

Monday Freedom Kicks: Players Who Got Away Edition


News this morning on players we've talked about here on B&RU as possible D.C. United signings. Also, the latest on the USMNT, USWNT, and US Soccer. Finally, let's put together a list of the best...

D.C. United's 2014 "Third Games": An Analysis

It's fact of life, MLS has an unbalanced schedule. But, in its unbalancedness, is it balanced? Let's take a look at the Eastern Conference "third games" to see if any competitive advantages appear...

MLK Day Freedom Kicks: Michael Seaton at Inter

We have your roundup of soccer links this morning, including Seaton at Inter, Klinsmann's prediction of how the USMNT will do at the World Cup, one of our favorite MLS referees gets a ticket to The...

With Bradley Back, Who's Left on MLS's Wishlist?

If Major League Soccer could sign any player in the world, who would it be? Let's project ourselves inside MLS headquarters and come up with a list of the Top 5 players the league would most like...

Monday Freedom Kicks: Welcome to SuperWeek!

All weeks are super here at Black and Red United, but only one is SuperWeek! And this is it--and we've got some news on Buzzard Point negotiations, the USMNT, fellow MLS competitors, and European...

Analyzing D.C. United's 2014 MLS Schedule

With the MLS SuperDraft scheduled for next week, and preseason camp opening shortly thereafter, let's take a moment to break down D.C. United's 2014 MLS schedule to see what's in store for the...

Freedom Kicks: Of Memorials and Mascots


Today's links run the gamut from memorializing a soccer legend to debating whether a rival team should get a mascot--with lots in between.

The Best Links for Soccer News, Local to Global

There is a ton of soccer content on the internet these days, so let's make a list of the best sites to bookmark to help us navigate through it all.

Freedom Kicks: It's the Last Monday of 2013!


It's the end of the year, so today's links include "best of" articles for 2013. Plus, an interactive infographic to boot!

DC Has New Players. They Have Stats. Let's Discuss

D.C. United is bringing on board several new players for 2014, and some of them show up on MLS seasonal and all-time rankings. Let's see who's on which list and what it all means for the...

Freedom Kicks: Kicking Off the Holiday Week #MLS


Whether you are on vacation or not, we've got the weekend's roundup of soccer links to help get your week started off right.

What's Each MLS Expansion Team Known For? (Part 2)

It's time for the expansion-team edition of our series on what each MLS franchise is known for. With NYCFC and Orlando City SC set to enter the league in 2015, let's review the identities of their...

What's Each MLS Team Known For? (Part 1)

Expansion is coming back to MLS in 2015. As New York City FC and Orlando City SC get ready to enter MLS, what will they become known for? Because, fair or not, every MLS team becomes known for...

Top 5 Rule Changes MLS Should Adopt Now

Ok, Ok. Soccer has laws, not rules. But whatever you call them, occasionally they should be updated to improve the game. And maybe even make life easier for the referees who really do have a...

D.C. United Attendance: A Postscript on 2013

All the conditions were in place for D.C. United to have better home attendance in 2013. Then the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season started.

Imagining DCU's New Stadium: A Tour of Camp Nou

D.C. United's new stadium won't be Camp Nou, but it can incorporate some of the best elements from Europe's largest stadium. Take a tour of Barcelona's hallowed ground with B&RU and get some ideas...

Closing the Book on DCU's 2013 Regular Season

It's over. It's finally over. But like the historians of ancient Rome who documented the effects of Barbarians, lead pipes, and fiddle-induced fires, let's record the end of the 2013 regular season...

The Last Word: DCU's Road to Nowhere Ends at SKC

While 2013 will go down as D.C. United's worst MLS season in history, their road performance this year has been even worse. And, that road campaign ended at a place and to a team that has many...

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