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Yunel Escobar rumor


"The Jays considered Escobar a steal when they acquired him from the Braves in 2010, but they have become less enchanted with him this season, for many of the same reasons he wore out his welcome with the Braves."



In principle, no player is untouchable.The Edmonton Oilers even traded Wayne Gretzky! The Pirates let Bonds walk (a non-trade loss of a player). The Mariners sent Ken Griffey and Randy Johnson to...



Bobby V. blames Youkilis for all problems: "Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine placed the onus for his strained relationship with Kevin Youkilis on the former Boston infielder Sunday morning. "I think the comment I made early, he made a big issue out of, and I don't think he ever wanted to get over it," Valentine said in response to a question about Youkilis, who will return to Fenway Park on Monday as a member of the Chicago White Sox, the team to which he was traded June 24. Valentine was alluding to a comment he made to WHDH-TV's Joe Amorosino on April 15. "I don't think he's as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason," Valentine told Amorosino. Youkilis responded angrily the next day, meeting with both Valentine and Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. "I'm more confused than anything, because I think everyone knows I go out and play the game as hard as I can," Youkilis said at the time. But it was obvious the relationship never healed." The fact that the Red Sox hired Valentine points to an organization defect in that team.

What is missing from today's Indy boxscore?


What is missing from today's Indy boxscore?

Curb your enthusiasm


Curb your enthusiasm

Ex-Bucs on the Nats


Ex-Bucs on the Nats


Parisewatch and Suterwatch end badly — for Pens fans

I'd feel annoyed and cheated by this turn of events except we Penguin fans would not need to consider the consequences of losing Zach Parise to the Wild if the team had drafted and developed...

It happens so rarely


It happens so rarely



Oswalt throws BP.

Dilson goes yard again


Let's see: We have Hanson at SS and Herera at 2B! Following the Pirates' MiL teams is so much more interesting these days than under the McClatchyfield regime!


Zombie appreciates goons

The Philadelphia Flyers' legendary Broad Street Bullies apparently will be portrayed from the unique perspective of Rob Zombie. The flesh eating, blood sucking head goon returned the love...

Abuser of children rips off MLB teams


First, there's this: "A son of Enrique Soto, one of the most powerful trainers in the Dominican Republic over the last two decades, used a false age when he signed with the Mariners in 2007, according to multiple sources familiar with the case. George Soto signed with Seattle for $700,000 in February 2007, presenting himself as a 17-year-old shortstop with a birthdate of Nov. 19, 1989. According to George Soto's new paperwork, he was born Nov. 17, 1985, which would have made him 21 when he signed." Then we learn that: "Enrique Soto has been one of the most powerful people in Dominican baseball. A former scout for the Athletics in the early 1990s, Soto has worked in Bani as a trainer for Miguel Tejada (who used a false age to sign), Erick Aybar and Willy Aybar, among others. The Mariners have signed several of Soto's most expensive players in recent years, including Jharmidy DeJesus, who signed for $1 million shortly before his 18th birthday in 2007 and is now a first baseman/third baseman with low Class A Clinton. Shortstop Esteilon Peguero, who also trained with Soto, agreed to sign with the Mariners in December 2010 for $2.9 million, which would have been the biggest bonus of the year, until the Mariners reduced his bonus to $1.1 million for unconfirmed reasons. Soto was arrested in January 2011 when two unnamed brothers he had coached told Dominican authorities that Soto had sexually assaulted them over the course of six months in 2003 when they were 16 and 17. Soto was released on bond in late June 2011. Last July, an investigative report by Alicia Ortega aired on Noticias Sin in the Dominican Republic in which three former players accused Soto of sexually assaulting them. In the report, Soto denied every allegation against him. BA could not verify the current legal status of the charges against Soto in the Dominican Republic."

Taillon is taking an ass-whupping


What are they doing with him down there? I hope he's working on something besides surviving his starts.

Ngoepe gets a headline


Besides the one I gave him!

Fangraphs' take on the Pirates excellent season (so far)


The gist of the argument: The Pirates have gotten a lot from Bedard, Burnett and McDonald. But the Pirates have also been clutch players! Yes, clutch players. The Pirates have produced in high-leverage situations.

Bobby V. -- whiner


"The Boston Red Sox have lost six of their past seven games, including a 4-3 loss to the Washington Nationals on Sunday afternoon at Fenway Park, and after the game the team's frustrations were evident when manager Bobby Valentine blamed the umpires."


Jason Stark on the Appel negotiations

Stark wanted to hype a pending Scott Boras-Frank Coonelly death match, but I say he did not make a good go of it. The decision is Appel's to make, not Boras'. What it comes down to is Appel, the...

Wyatt Mathisen signs with the Pirates


Mathisen was Pittsburgh's second round pick. Terms have not yet been made public. So, it's unclear what effect Mathisen's contract will have on the pending Appel negotiations.

Red Sox DFAed Byrd


Although Byrd has not hit this year, this move is somewhat surprising.

Boras dislikes the new draft mechanism

"There was all forms of artificial behavior in the draft,'' Boras told USA TODAY Sports. "The purpose of the draft is that it's supposed to create parity in the game. You want teams with the greatest needs to get the best available talent. "That has not been achieved in this draft. "It's created a mockery.'' Boras believes Appel was the best player available this past Monday but the Astros refused to take him. I'd much rather have Correa than Appel. But that's just me -- and the Astros, the Twins, the Mariners, etc. UPDATE from David: I looked at this article as generally being a positive for the Pirates. It suggests that Boras doesn't have any crazy negotiating ploy up his sleeve and understands the reality that the money he wants just isn't going to be there for Appel.



ZVR kicks butt!

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