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This Week's worst AP voter


Vote him Bad! Interesting to note Wilner made good on his promise and has us @ #2, so I voted him good.

Clemson BC game thread



For some reason there is no game thread today, and I have a feeling there's more than a few of us watching CU BC- Discuss

Steve Grizzle's message of the week


This one goes out to the ACC refs, and all my Clemson, UF, and Canes fans out there...(NSFW-lyrics)

FSU Commit Treon Harris playing on ESPN now


He looks like the real deal so far. Accurate and fast, but not seemingly a huge arm.


The Real Story of ACC officiating?

While looking at a recent article on SBN (HERE) about Penalties Per Team Per Game I wondered why in the hell do we not take a deeper look at the results? Well here you go- Over 5 years UM and FSU...

Anywhere to find a replay of the OB online? -Please post if you know.


Anywhere to find a replay of the OB online? -Please post if you know.

So... my over/under on FSU Penalty yards is 125


So... my over/under on FSU Penalty yards is 125 According to vegas insider the ML Spread and O/U all highly favor the noles (most are about 2.5-1) Do the refs give us the finger or has Rhoades actually put his foot down?

Ideas for TN pick 'em

  1. Every player starts with X bankroll
  2. Players can wager up to X% on any given game
  3. Players are allowed to choose their bets (not req'd to bet every game)
  4. Bets are placed on the spreads as before (no w/l optionality)
  5. He with the most money at the end wins

ACC has a facebook page: lets let them know how we feel.


So basically I just saw this and you can write on their wall without having to like them. I say we go over there and complain about the crappy refs as much as possible. Seriously if we make enough noise they might actually hire some qualified officials. So go there and complain about the shitty calls, and tell your friends to do the same.

Thoughts on Saturday A)DEFENSE Our defense looks like it improved a ton. Yes, I know its Samford...


Thoughts on Saturday A)DEFENSE Our defense looks like it improved a ton. Yes, I know its Samford but we looked to be playing assignment sound football. The 2's and freshmen looked good. VINCE WILLIAMS IS A BIG DUDE. I am excited to see where this unit can take us this year. 2)OFFENSE We looked good on offense, Oline was great, not much to take away here as this was expected. EJ played and our 2's played well. 2a) Special teams looked good.....both ways D) Future opponents results: OU barely beats Utah State 31/24 UF offense looks much less potent, defense looks good though. What can we take away from this weekends results? What will be the final OU line. I think it will close considerably to around 8-10.

Money Line on Natl Chanmionship, Ohio St +450 Oklahoma +600 Alabama +600 Florida...


Money Line on Natl Chanmionship, Ohio St +450 Oklahoma +600 Alabama +600 Florida +700 Boise St +1000 Nebraska +1200 TCU +1500 Texas +1500 Oregon +1800 Virginia Tech +2000 Miami FL +2500 Iowa +3000 Arkansas +4000 Georgia +4000 LSU +4000 Wisconsin +4000 Pittsburgh +5000 Notre Dame +5000 Auburn +5000 Penn St +6000 Oregon St +7500 Georgia Tech +7500 Texas A&M +10000 Washington +10000 Utah +10000 California +10000 West Virginia +10000 Missouri +10000 Arizona +10000 South Carolina +10000 North Carolina +10000 Stanford +10000 Florida St +10000 Cincinnati +10000 UCLA +20000 Michigan +20000 Clemson +20000 Michigan St +20000 BYU +30000 Oklahoma St +30000 Northwestern +50000 Baylor +50000 North Carolina St +50000 Tennessee +50000 This list is interesting to me. Ohio State @+450 is crazy to me. Florida @700 is crazy as well. Florida State @ +10000, maybe I'm a homer but 100 to 1 seems a bit low? What do you guys think about these odds, are they based on Reality or Perception?



Jacobbi Mcdaniel: Why the hype for fsu football?? Because we bustin our a** to reach that full potential, and thats scary for other teams..."Ohhh, be scared Sooner fans... The new Tomahawk Nation is coming to Norman. Glad to hear the culture is changing...... Think he might be a fan of TN


Why do you respect Mickey more than Bobby?

I wanted to get some of your feelings on why you guys may or may not respect Mickey more than Bobby at this point in time, but as I wrote this it turned into a bit of a piece on why Mickey is not...


FANPOST FOR THE JIMBO DOUBTERS: Why it doesn't matter if he is the BEST or not

I think the real thing that everyone need to realize it that JIMBO IS GOING TO BE NEXT AND HE WILL BE BETTER THAN BOBBY FROM 2002+, And he has had very good recruiting from his coaches..........    ...


Realistic Expectations For Season Opener With Miami

So I have been sitting here reading all the prognostications from the ESPN blogs and it seems that a lot of people have the Labor Day game as a nail biter. Also it seems Vegas has it as a close one...

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