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Mitch Albom calls out Tom Gores


This is a feel-good column about Joe Dumars, so maybe Albom just wants to deflect criticism onto somebody else. But this is pretty rough talk from a guy like Albom who isn't known for being negative. "Finally that new buyer, Tom Gores, arrived, and he has been, quite frankly, one long cringe. Outside of dancing, placing himself in the middle of spotlights, shoving Phil Jackson embarrassingly into the mix and insisting Mo Cheeks be fired after 50 games, what has he contributed? Dumars apparently warned Gores’ group early that you can’t treat an NBA team like a private equity investment — stripped, polished and sold off in five years. It requires a winning culture, an atmosphere that guides personnel. San Antonio has it. For a long time, Boston and the Lakers had it. And yes, Detroit had it. But you can’t create it from a mansion in L.A., you can’t do it by chasing glitzy names (heaven help us if Isiah Thomas returns to the front office), and you can’t do it by issuing public ultimatums — all of which Gores has done."

Why have the Pistons been better on the road?

Is it too early to look into such a disparity between home and away records or is there something to it? Stevenyc dives in.

Luck factoring into Pistons defense?

DBB's SteveNYC dives into the numbers to explore the Pistons' perimeter defense.

Gortat to Wizards, just in time for opening night


"Sources said the deal sends Gortat and guards Shannon Brown, Malcolm Lee and Kendall Marshall to the Wizards for the expiring contract of veteran big man Emeka Okafor and a protected 2014 first-round pick (to No. 12)." "The Wizards will waive Marshall, Brown and Lee to cut their roster down to the league-maximum 15 players in time for opening night, sources said."

Who is the 397th best player in the NBA? You just have to know!


The point of clicking this is not so much the player at #397, but rather the supportive tweet they link...

Max, Tigers agree to 1-year deal, avoid arbitration


Just throwing this up here, I'm sure the front pagers will have it covered.

Grantland on Drummond & Monroe


"Detroit's offense, already in the league's bottom 10, drops off by about five points per 100 possessions — a huge number — when the two bigs share the floor. But the defense improves by about the same amount — the equivalent of jumping from about 20th to fifth overall."

Fishing is first love for Lions' Willie Young


You can always count on ESPN-W to focus on the hard-hitting stuff. Having said that, I'm sure I'm not the only Michigan kid who remembers fishing with Grandpa.

Vernon Macklin Signs in Turkey


"The Pistons reportedly liked Macklin. He played with the team in the Orlando Summer League despite not being under contract, but their roster situation made it difficult to keep him."

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