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Goldstein's Mid-Season Top 50


(Pay Content) Kipnis at 15(!) "there is no weakness in his game" and Pomeranz at 20. Just a bit stronger than KLaw.

Sickels Top 20 Prospects in Review


I thought that this might be noted elsewhere but the fact that every single comment had a subject line made me think otherwise. Nothing here that Adam wouldn't cover in far greater depth but worth a drive-by. Though Sickels notes Barnes seasonal progression, he misses that for Graham.

Indians Coordinator Talks Pitching


Tony has some pretty good stuff in an interview of Minor League Pitching Coordinator Dave Miller. There is also a fun "where are they now section" of former Tribe farmhands. Some interesting takes: Hagadone "has some walks this year, but they are not bad walks" Trey Haley "probably has the best arm in the organization" T.J. McFarland's sinker "is probably the best in the organization" Austin Adams "throws 93-96 MPH consistently"

Kipnis Finding A Second Home


Nothing new here at all but it works as a nice side dish...

Quite The Turnaround


Baseball America subscription content on The Chiz. "When Lonnie Chisenhall was dismissed from the South Carolina baseball team for theft, his career could have been over before it ever got started. But the Indians prospect has turned his life around since that fateful mistake." There is also a side piece on a teammate whose post-incident fortunes have not been quite as fortunate.

Baseball America names Akron "Minor League Team Of The Year"

Akron dominates Eastern League with prospect-laden club "There was no more dominant hitter in the Eastern League than league MVP Carlos Santana..." ""They're not just solid professional baseball players; we're talking all major league core prospects who are very young and have a lot of upside.'" -RAtkins Gives me goosebumps though the story was poorly edited with some paragraphs in there twice...

Money talks, but baseball won't listen


Subtitled "The high-payroll Yankees won again, but that's no reason for a baseball salary cap" Here is a guy that really needs to read Posnanski...

Yes but he's still a Schmuck


Nothing groundbreaking here but at least we're not alone in decrying the current horrible state of Basonomics...

Marte Running Out of Time to Prove Himself


Methinks that Castro is trotting out a little irony here in his intro to tonight's game up on MLB. With his usage patterns, Marte can only be running out of time to prove himself at Dominos...


What the heart makes cloudy, the head makes very clear.

Yes I know, I reversed the lyric… I was a Browns fan from ~ 1970 through 1994. While living in NYC from 1984-1994 I watched almost every game. This required spending a lot of time in the Sporting...

Meloan DFA'd again?!


Per Jenifer Langosch of MLB.com. He's now played in the minors for the Pirates, Indians and Rays this year. They are going to have to rename it DFM...

Sheldon Ocker - Why do I bother?


Maybe a fanpost but I didn't want to give it too much weight. I made the mistake of reading Ocker tonight. Instead of otherwise enjoying my evening, I got all bent out of shape and fired off the letter to him below=> Sheldon, I stopped reading your stuff years ago because besides not really adding much value, you’re kind of bitter and well, mean. I caught a headline out of the corner of my eye on Ohio.com today and unfortunately got sucked in. The headline said "Garko finds few fans in front office". Now this I had to see because, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out who it was that loved this guy so damn much and kept playing him. Ryan Garko is and was a very, very average major league baseball player who was just about to get expensive. As far as first baseman go, he was okay at getting on base, was below average as a power hitter and was a complete butcher with a glove. He was the poster boy for a replaceable asset. In spite of this Wedgie kept trotting him out there and even tried him in the outfield; an unmitigated disaster. Playing Ryan Garko for 7 of the first 12 starts of fly-ball prone rookie pitcher David Huff alone should have been grounds for Eric’s dismissal. So your argument was that he should have played more? What?! Are you watching the same player and why are you getting paid to do so? That was stupefying enough but you went beyond that and used the ultimate idiot stat - RBI’s to justify it. Sheldon, if you put enough people in base in front of a blind monkey, RBI's result. I’m not even sure why I am even trying to explain this to you so I will just use one prime exhibit. Joe Carter hit .232 in 1990 with a .290 OBP and a .391 SLG average. Add the OBP and the SLG. as I’m sure Pluto will explain to you, leads to a .681 OPS. Admittedly ignoring historical context is, this mark is roughly over a hundred points below what Jamey Carrol (Jamey Carrol!) is producing for the Indians today. In that year of 1990, Joe drove in 115 runs and therefore probably got your MVP vote. Here’s the rub Shellie, Jamey Carrol might have driven more runs that year if he would have replaced Joe and he would have gotten your MVP vote. Why? Plain and simple - because he had a surfeit of runners on when he came to the plate. Hitting ahead of him that year with there OBP’s were Bip Roberts .375, Roberto Alomar .340 and Tony Gwynn .357. Joe was the proverbial blind squirrel who found the nut but you would have been lauding him. Shellie, if you are not going to know anything about the game that you are paid to know something about, please just go home and yell at the neighborhood kids and please stay there. PS Good point about Marte playing out of position but you miss the bigger point which is why is Marte playing every other game? If you want to find out if he’s real, do you do so by sitting him and playing Giminez ad-absurdum?


Why Wedge Must Go

I have been a defender and am not one to hasten to blame the manager but believe that it is now time to turn the page.  Playing Garko in the outfield during Huff’s starts started the final souring...


Poll : Wedge's next man crush

If nothing else about our Wedgie is true, he does develop man crushes.on role-player grinders that he then overplays ad-absurdum. While none rise to the level of Casey "I can’t quit you" Blake, we...


Chisenhall moved out of bullpen

Role change (again): Third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall is returning to Class A Kinston's every day lineup Wednesday. The Indians moved Chisenhall to the bullpen for two appearances because they felt...


Chisenhall moved to bullpen

Commentary from Ross Atkins: The thinking [with a move to the bullpen] is he has a very impressive arm and is someone who we feel can get major league outs. He showed that in junior high and he...


Sheffield released by Tigers

Sheffield released by Tigers Another Cleveland.com-wanted move that Shapiro thankfully didn't make...   DETROIT -- The Detroit Tigers have released nine-time All-Star Gary Sheffield, who is one...


Imaginary FO Conversation

Intern answers Colletti’s call


Indians game re-runs

Is there something wrong with me?


Three thoughts

Two things that bode well and Jeter


On Defense

Things not in the box score and Kenny


Atkins Q&A with Stephanie Storm

Free Stephanie Storm!


Akron 07.26.07

I counted 12 scouts in the stands.


When I Knew I Belonged Part II

Ron Swoboda


What I Did On My Spring Vacation

These are my untouched-since-then notes taken during Spring Training 2003.  They are kinda fun to look back on...


When I Knew I Belonged

"The guy who I once stood in line to get his autograph was waiting to shake my hand". For notes - please see the bottom...Outfielder Dave Gallagher played 9 years in Major League Baseball with...


Sayonara Trot?

Is it time?


Aubrey sighting

Last night at Kinston 5 3 2 1 with a bb, 2b and a jack playing first.  Someone told me that in ST he reminded them of the post-injury Mattingly where he couldn't cut loose the way he used to but...

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