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Playoffs OT Thread

Hello all, I've always dreamt about making one of these OT threads, but never think of it in time. idunno723 usually beats me to it. Anyway, I need a place to share my observations before this post...


The Importance of (Sweater) Numbers

I've been thinking about this for a while: which jersey numbers are most common in the NHL? Is number 20 really a "goalie number?" Which is most common for a forward? What about defensemen? Of...

Stan Lee's Guardian Project


The voting is open to see who "wins" each matchup. Our first "match" is against Phoenix. I had to load it as an app through facebook and then I could vote in all 15 matchups. Enjoy.


"I want a Stanley Cup-amus this season"

 Sung to the tune of "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"I want a Stanley Cup-amus this seasonOnly the Stanley Cup-amus will doNot the Sabres, or silly Derek RoyI want a Stanley Cup-amus to play...

Guess which ex-Shark is 5th in KHL scoring!


Not a lot of information about him, but Lukas Kaspar has 16 goals in 24-29 games in Russia this season. And he's still only 25.


Playoff Pickem Final Standings

Well, the Blackhawks won. In six games. Of course, now that Toews and Kane hit all their benchmarks and get all the bonuses possible, the team went over the salary cap. That means the Hawks will...


Shark-free Playoff Pickem. Booo!

Here are updated standings of what you've put out there.   Mr. Plank = 55 + 22(2) + 8(4) = 131 SharksFanEst.1994 = 50 + 21(2) + 8(4) = 124 Krishna = 51 + 16(2) + 8(4) = 115 workthecycle = 50 +...


Conference Finals Playoff Pickem

Well, most of us got burned by Montreal ... again. When I'm feeling a bit better, hopefully late tonight, I will update the standings. [update: done!] Until then, you can feel free to post your...


Round 2 Playoff Pickem

I was going to calculate current standings last night, but I had to play Final Fantasy instead. Forgive me. Instead and in the meantime, put in your predictions for the second round.   I will have...


Playoff Pickem - round one.

I got the okay from Plank to do this, so this is the official unofficial playoff pickem for 2010, baby!   As games have already begun, I will keep the first round predictions open until Midnight on...

Behind The Net's subjective analysis


I go there frequently to check out the latest in stat metrics, but I found this fanpost from Hawerchuck that made me throw up a little. We just discussed this in our own forums and thought we had nailed this issue down, then a couple of dopes decided to throw us back down the stairs. What do you think? Is Drew Remenda a homer?


stufflife's Stats Spreadsheet

I've been working on this since game one, waiting for the right time to unveil. It all started when I tried to help mymclife create a new metric for power play effectiveness, but was unable to find...


5 Things I Love About Hockey

I have been pumped and primed for the season to start since last Tuesday, September 8th, when my group sat down to draft out the tickets for the upcoming season. Due to luck of the draw, I missed...

Irbe hired as Caps goalie coach


How do the Sharks let this happen?


Jersey? Who's got 'em? Whose name on the back?

My wife was going to get me a Sharks' jersey for last Christma/Hanukk/Kwanzaa. She gave me a week to think about what name to put on the back, but it's August and I still haven't made up my mind....

Cue Ross McKeon's take on "Heatley to SJ"


Dany Heatley, Dany Heatley, Dany Heatley!

Puck Daddy joins the Heatley fray


I can't believe it - he doesn't even make fun of the Sharks once! He applauds Wilson's patience. He even defends Cheechoo as a scoring machine! Worth a read when you are feeling down.

Re-Drafting the NHL


Cycle like the Sedins has been doing this re-draft of the league, based off of some algorithm with winning percentage (or some crap). The first round came and went with us choosing Chris Pronger (of all the nerve!!). It's quickly approaching our second round choice - I thought it would be nice to let everyone know this is going on. I'm not sure who's making the picks for us; is it you, Plank?

Kaspar signs with Flyers


I don't know that anyone mentioned this, as I couldn't find anything using search. Apparently Philadelphia is interested in all of our underperformers from the last few years. First Matt Carle, now Lukas Kaspar. Hope you guys like cheese steak! Go Flyers!

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