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Mariners have agreed to a two-year, $14 million deal with Fernando Rodney


ESPN playoff machine


I love playing with this thing.

An explanation for Irvin's lack of performance.


We all knew he was going to be a bit of a project, but it is good to here that the talent is there and the skills are coming along.

T.O. is coming to town


I hope this tryout is just to motivate the guys on the roster.

This kinda thing makes me happy


I hope we see this turn out to be something that they build off of.


You should want Flynn to be our starter this year

There is nothing wrong with wanting RW to be our QBOTF, in fact I do and would encourage you to. The problem is, starting RW this wouldn't be maximizing the teams assets.

Sando does some good work


If this became a reality I would be pumped. I usually don't like him much, but good on ya Sando.

No compensatory picks for Hawks


The price for Gallery and Rice.

Big push for Mario Williams


It is Clayton, but he is fairly sold on the fact that we are going to be pushing to make this happen.


Getting "The Guy" or the QBOTF isn't easy

We have gone after them before and it didn't work out well. Their names were Rick Mirer and Dan McGuire. Mirer was only a minor bust because Chicago gave us a first for him eventually. Dan...

Some of Rob Staton's thoughts on the Luck vs Barkley debate


Great article. Rob sums up most of my thoughts better than I ever could.

Millen Rant


It's fun to hear a pro lose it with this team.

Differential Passer Rating


Interesting stat that shows that yes, we were lucky last year, not good. Here is an article about the stat in historic context.

Leinart Story


Its interesting how close Leinart and Kolb's numbers are. If Pete can motivate him, why not give it a try?


This Isn’t Smash Mouth Football, this is the Makings of a Hybrid

Everyone is trying to label our draft as a move to smash mouth over the more "acceptable" modern passing offense.  I think we are actually moving our offense forward in the newest trend, the...


The Carpenter pick is all about process

I said it in another thread, but am curious to find out other peoples reaction. I think this pick screams "good process".  It’s not the sexy pick, but it was the right one for a franchise...

The judge will rule on the stay Wednesday


There might be one day of FA and trades.

This guy makes me trade away everything to get Locker or make the right moves to get Kaep


This is a really good read Plus fieldgulls and Danny get a nice plug

Sark sums up Jake


You really can't count the first two years of development when he didn't have a QB coach and the plays were drawn up in the mud and most said, "Jake runs right/left"

Wonderlic Scores


In case anyone cares.

Signings are done for now


Guess that means Matt will hit the open market. Kinda makes me think he will be gone afterall.

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