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"We call it the Mendoza line," said Ted Thompson, Packers president. "There are certain areas that you just pass on. It doesn't mean those players aren't going to be great players in the NFL, Pro Bowlers and all the rest. It's just that percentage-wise, w


"These are the specific physical prerequisites, draft commandments if you will. Thou shalt not draft cornerbacks shorter than 5 feet 10. Linebackers shall be at least 6 feet in height. Trading down in the draft order is preferable." Kinda explains Wilson a little more.

Is Cam Newton trying to drop his draft stock?


It's either intentional, or the people who are handling him are completely incompetent. No team wants to draft a high end QB who thinks of himself as an entertainer.

The Curse of a High Draft Pick


Really interesting read, spelling out why NE is so deap in talent and the Raiders suck.

Whitehurst is comfortable this week


Evidently the number 2 QB doesn't take any snaps during the week. It's not a full excuse for how bad he was last week, but it explains a little bit. Hopefully he really can be better this week after practice and a gameplan designed for him.


What if PC is actually a genius

I am not happy with Matt starting this weekend, which has made me try and come up with why PC would do this. 

What a difference a new coach makes


"I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job of getting the point across, of hammering it home, making them convinced of the nature of this. It's taken us too long," Carroll said. "I'm disappointed that it's this late in the year and we're in the situation we're in, turnover wise. This is not at all how we had planned, and it's telling the story of the season here. If we don't turn it, it will. Against Atlanta, a team that does an incredible job of taking care of the football, it's going to be the whole story again. It couldn't be more poignant." Notice he doesn't think anybody needs to be nastier and he doesn't blame Mare. Hell he doesn't even blame Matt, he handles it like a professional and takes responsibility.

Colin Kaepernick


Someone to watch as a 2nd round pickup at QB.


Its November so this is still OT

Watching college football this weekend has brought me to the realization that we are either going to draft Locker or stick with Whitehurst.  That statement alone will bring out and emotional...

This is the definition of dysfunctional


I don't care how bad the rookie is, how do you sign a QB off the street and start him. This is insane.

"To get out there today and get adjusted to his speed, it's different," Williams said about...


"To get out there today and get adjusted to his speed, it's different," Williams said about Whitehurst. "He's throwing the ball a little different. It's coming out faster, a lot more zip, almost will knock you over. ... We're excited for him, as an offense, I think as a team." Read more:

I love this quote

Does it seem like Matt is throwing Carlson under the bus


"Well, he's another guy where he just needs to maximize his opportunities and then you’ll get more opportunities. There’s no doubt that everyone in the building loves him, we know that he can be a good player, but we just got to make it happen on Sunday. This scheme is a little different, but I think there’s still ways to get him involved and I know that (coordinator) Jeremy Bates likes him, I know everybody likes him. They feel good about his abilities. We just got to make it happen. We’ve had good weeks in practice it’s just a matter of making it happen on Sunday."

Matt accross the middle


Matt's numbers accross the middle are very good. The drop off to the outside highlights his arm strength issues.


The process, or at least how I see it

Blow it up That’s the process.  Don’t rebuild as you go, blow it up and start over.  This year and probably next year don’t matter.  Two years from now is the target. If you aren’t a starter on...

Maybe Wilson wasn't as happy as we thought in Seattle


"I didn’t see it coming," Wilson said. "But when you feel like you’re the stepchild and they’ve got their baby boy over there, they’re going to massage him a little bit more than they’re going to massage me."

Put on some rose colored glasses


Free agent at the end of the year is driving down his value in their eyes and Jennings may only start for a little while.

Morrow takes no hitter into ninth


Do I feel good for him or bad for us?

Patriots release Teel


Makes it tougher for him to prove the Seahawks wrong about him.

Marshall has hip surgery


It might be nothing, but it makes me glad we didn't get him.

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