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Beefy Mac Mixup


"I guarantee it was on the menu list, and... they didn't get it done."

Olin Kreutz Quits Saints


Veteran C Olin Kreutz is walking away from the Saints because "he no longer feels passion and doesn't want to just collect paycheck," according to his agent. Source: Mike Triplett on Twitter

I could have gone for "Lexus Superdome".


I could have gone for "Lexus Superdome".

Sean Payton's coaching location options


comments: Bar None says: Oct 17, 2011 4:31 PM Could he coach from one of those Hover-round scooters I see on TV? AlanSaysYo says: Oct 17, 2011 4:57 PM Don Shula has a gently used motorized cart that Payton may be interested in…


Accountability Index Update

Only a few are resolved but I want to get it current.

NFL owners lean right in political donations (Saints content)


Teams that mostly tilted to the Democrats pushed at least 70 percent of their contributions to left-leaning politicians and groups. They include the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints. Wait, what? I don't believe it. Maybe they mean Dixiecrats, not Democrats. Here's the original article with numbers.

Former Saint Hargrove does not inspire taxpayers


"it’s unclear why that inspirational story had to cost the taxpayers $40,000, especially when some of the expenses included five hotel rooms for six nights for Hargrove and his relatives, even though the extent of Hargrove’s speaking was three two-hour sessions."

Mark Ingram is the Saints 3rd best RB. -Ben Muth of FootballOutsiders There Is Reason For That. ...


Mark Ingram is the Saints 3rd best RB. -Ben Muth of FootballOutsiders There Is Reason For That. retweeted by Gregg Rosenthal: At this stage, I think he's right. RT @FO_wordofmuth: Mark Ingram is the Saints 3rd best RB.

Link to edgy outsider's column

Harris Poll ranks Saints as 11th favorite NFL team


Colts' ranking is sure to drop next year. Wikings #10 WTF??

Payton's pants burst into flames


twitter: Jeff Duncan Payton said Strief has a sprained MCL. Will be out 2-3 more weeks, per Payton. Zach Strief - T - Saints rotoworld.com: Saints RT Zach Strief was carried off the field with a right knee injury early in the third quarter. Strief's knee was bloody, and the injury caused him a ton of pain. Two trainers helped carry Strief to the sideline. Sep 25 Zach Strief - T - Saints The Saints are reaching out to free agent offensive tackles. The New Orleans Times-Picayune suggests RT Zach Strief is a candidate for injured reserve after injuring his knee in Sunday's win over the Texans. I believe that Jeff Duncan said in his film study of the Texans game (which I can't find since Nola.com revamped [screwed up] their website) that he could hear Strief cry out in pain when he was injured. I don't think he'll be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.

Little Jimmy needs a nickname


Jimmy Graham getting some attention on PFT. goawayeverybody says: Sep 30, 2011 1:56 AM Hey, um, I hate to break this to you guys, but Jimmy Graham is MIXED. I guess some of you look at skin color and say, "Gee, he has white skin, so he must be white." His dad is black and his mom is white... So all these "cracker" references are astonishingly dumb, except of course for the graham cracker references which do make sense. Wait, what??


Accountability Index Update with statistics

What’s up, Saints fans??   No really, what’s going on?  I had to take a little time out because… well, I’m not sure why.  But there’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get started.  It should be better...

Brees is a pretty good actor.


Brees is a pretty good actor.


A little kerfluffle with the local newspaper

Please respond in the poll below. 


Accountability Index Update

Updated after the 53 man roster announcement.

Turk McBride starts at LDE


Rotoworld.com: Turk McBride is expected to take over as the Saints' starting left defensive end following Alex Brown's release. First-round pick Cam Jordan has started his career slowly, while McBride racked up six tackles and a sack in the first three preseason games. The job may eventually go to Jordan, but McBride is currently the superior option. In eight starts last season, McBride tallied five sacks and three forced fumbles. Aug 31 Their basis for this statement is Nakia Hogan's article here, which doesn't really say that. Anyone disagree?

Rotoworld says Brees not in decline


Drew Brees said his agent and the Saints have been in talks about an extension. The topic came up after Michael Vick got his long-term deal Tuesday. Brees is in the final year of the six-year, $60 million deal he signed back in 2006. Still just 32 and showing no signs of decline, he's a prime candidate for a $100 million deal of his own. Brees has missed one game as a Saint, posting a 49-30 record as their starter. Aug 31 - Just thought I'd get out in front of this. And they're wrong, by the way.

Hoodie wired for 2009 season on NFL Network


So, we get to hear Hoodie cuss and tell his starters with 4 minutes left to get out of the game against the Saints in the Superdome, right?

Harbaugh snubs Payton, Niners offense pays the price


...the onslaught resulted from the failure of Jim Harbaugh to call Sean Payton to talk shop before the two teams met. Jim Henderson said, "When that didn’t occur, Sean just said to Gregg, ‘Let the dogs out.’


Accountability Index Update-Camp

Need to get some of these items put to bed.

Leigh Torrence.... GAA!!!


ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr One more month and Ill neeeever have to wake up for my stupid booring job again - so happy I found this! http://tinyurl.com/3nxur8zx I'd think you'd be a little more happy about making the team, Leigh. ltorrence24 Leigh Torrence Jr Sorry folks appears my twitter account has been hacked or spammed, I'm looking into getting it fixed ASAP! Well, ok then.

Saints and Eagles were free agency's real winners


Michael Lombardi: I am starting to like the Saints' chances of being the best in the NFC.

You may address me as "Coach"


jeffduncantp Jeff Duncan RT @espn4d: Yep. RT @wesrucker247 I'm an adult. I'm not gonna call a [football] coach "Coach." That's not disrespectful. They're not priests or Drs. wesrucker247 Wes Rucker Some of y'all treat these high-profile coaches like they're presidents. They're normal guys with whistles. wesrucker247 Wes Rucker I don't play. RT @Rob_Huddleston @wesrucker247 That's ridiculous. As a former athlete, other teams' coaches were still "Coach." wesrucker247 Wes Rucker Steve. RT @sj62499 @wesrucker247 what do you call Steve Spurier? wesrucker247 Wes Rucker If you think it's insulting to call someone the name their parents gave them, I don't think we can have civilized debate. Let's move on. wesrucker247 Wes Rucker I demand everyone call me "Reporter Rucker." RT @LChase_RA: @wesrucker247 Do coaches call you "Reporter"? "Scribe"? No? Well, alrighty then.

Randy Moss retires. Supposebly.


Yeah I know how to say it and spell it. It's a mute point. Just kidding. Rotoworld.com: Moss' agent cites the underwhelming offers thus far in free agency. As Profootballtalk's Gregg Rosenthal predicted in March, Moss' pride won't allow him to take a big pay cut, so he's walking away at age 34. Moss will of course reserve the right to reverse his decision if an ardent suitor comes calling. So one more time, check out the clip where Joe Buck assumes that Moss is pantomiming taking a dump by the goal post. That's great TV. And I believe Moss still holds the rookie record for TD receptions, does he not?

"I have his number," Brees said...


...as he described a series of calls and texts to Sproles: "We need you, baby. Come join us. You'll fit in great. Win a championship. Let's break some records. Let's do something special. Let's go." Brees called the addition of Sproles "awesome" and said Sproles' speed and versatility would "absolutely" allow the Saints to run many of the same plays originally designed for Bush. Brees was San Diego's QB in 2005 when Sproles, an Olathe (KS) native, was drafted by the Chargers out of Kansas State and had the first of his five seasons with more than 1,000 kickoff return yards. Brees also maintains an offseason San Diego residence and trained with Sproles earlier this year. (Published in The Wichita Eagle page 2D 7/30/2011, can't find an online source for the complete article)

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