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Yasmani Grandal Suspended 50 games


Grandal was found to have high testosterone levels.

Is BJ Upton a good player?


No. Now I wish the entire Cubs' message board community would stop posting about him.

As a Cubs fan, I'm outraged that this man is not an All-Star


I wonder how often the pitcher leading the league in WAR has not been named to the All-Star roster? The Brewers have one representative and I can't imagine how awful it would be for a hitter to have to face Greinke if he was only pitching one inning. If this isn't retribution for the Brewers-Cardinals rivalry, I don't know what is.

Chance of Lowrie for Zach Lee Deal 50/50 per Olney


OK, so it's what one of Olney's sources said and not Buster himself. 1. Why would anyone think this is a good idea? 2. I guess this means Dempster for Lee is looking even more bleak

I like Darwin Barney, too, but I think Baseball-Reference needs to reconsider how their...


I like Darwin Barney, too, but I think Baseball-Reference needs to reconsider how their implementation of WAR values players.

Keith Law says Almora is #1 in Cubs system


(insider required) Law ranks Almora over Rizzo among current prospects (assuming the Cubs sign Almora). Law has had some issues with Rizzo's swing in the past but recently ranked him in the top 25 prospects in his updated rankings.




Fangraphs is fawning over Samardzjia again


"In terms of why anyone should give a care about how Jeff Samardzija is starting, consider that, among the 137 pitchers with 20-plus innings as a starter this season, he ranks 14th by xFIP (2.92), third in swinging-strike rate (13.0%), and third in average fastball velocity (95.0 mph, per PITCHf/x) — and also has an above-average overall strike rate (65.2%)."

Cubs' Opening Day Lineup Set


DeJesus RF Barney 2B Castro SS LaHair 1B Soriano LF Stewart 3B Byrd CF Soto C Dempster P

Jackson and Szczur have homered in today's scrimmage


Updates courtesy of Carrie Muskat. I'm sure the pitchers are taking it easy today. At least I hope so....

Compiled Cubs prospects stats from 2011


Since there's plenty of Cubs prospects chat on BCB, I thought I'd throw out this cheat sheet that I've compiled of notable Cubs prospects. This includes players from top 10 lists form Sickels, Baseball America, Basball Prospectus, and Fangraphs. I also threw in some prospects who've come in recent trades, drafts, and IFA signings. I've also included hitters and pitchers who are mentioned in Baseball America's rankings of best pitches and best offensive or defensive tools, regardless if they made the top 10. Batters are in the first tab with pitchers in the second. This is mostly just an aggregation of sorts. I post it mostly without comments since none of this is original information. I'll add Mayo and Law's lists very soon.

Hoyer driving to Spring Training with his dog


Haven't seen this mentioned yet. Hoyer estimates is going to be a 4 day road trip with his dog to Arizona. Gotta love a dog fan.

Draft Pick Currency and the Cubs


Interesting read by Tim Dierkes that includes a lot of examples of GMs including Epstein trading former #1 picks for (usually) big payoffs. It's definitely a trend he had in Boston. As Dierkes said at the end: "...if the Cubs reach a point of contending under Epstein, recent first-round picks should keep their bags packed."

Yoenis Cespedes has established residency in the DR


MLB Scouts' balls have reportedly turned purple (not really).

Is anybody else having problems with SBNation blogs lately? When I pull them up, I'm greeted with...


Is anybody else having problems with SBNation blogs lately? When I pull them up, I'm greeted with an incredible mess of formatting and links instead of the usual layout? Seems like their servers are overwhelmed or something... I'm getting this from computers at different locations....

Cubs were more effective than you might think against Bonds


"The lowest OBP Barry Bonds posted against any team is .375" and it was against the Cubs. I don't feel so bad about him dominating the Cubs anymore.

Cubs among teams "most interested" in Cespedes, per Cespedes


Cespedes told the AP that the teams with the most interest in him so far are: Marlins, Cubs, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers and Indians.

LaHair expected to be the opening day starting first baseman


Highlights from Epstein's interview with 720 WGN appear on MLBtraderumors.com: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/01/cubs-notes-garza-wood-lahair.html "The Cubs expect to start Bryan LaHair at first base. The 29-year-old posted a .331/.405/.664 line with 38 home runs at Triple-A in 2011. He also posted an .885 OPS in 69 plate appearances with the big league club." For reference, Pena posted an .819 OPS last season.

Olny: Slot Recommendations and Penalties in the new CBA


Looks like Schuerholz is getting part of what he wanted in the CBA but not full-on hard slots. Here's the general idea: • There will be slot recommendations for the first 10 Rounds. No team is required to honor the individual recommendations, but there will be a cumulative number -- a bonus ceiling -- based on those recommendations assigned to each team for the first 10 rounds. • If a team goes over the cumulative slot recommendation for their club, there will be a tax for the first time, and the second time, they will lose a high draft pick, perhaps in the first or second round. • In return, the players would get this concession from the owners -- there will be no first-round pick draft compensation. In recent years, teams have become increasingly reluctant to sign free agents tied to first-round draft picks, which has impacted the market for those players. There will continue to be draft pick compensations, but in some other form -- either in later rounds or in supplemental rounds.

Junior Lake is killing it in the AFL


AFL stats have been described as "less than irrelevant" but it is still good to see some Cubs succeeding somewhere. Lake has put up a .379/.438/.707 line so far in the AFL. I have not been able to find any scouting reports saying anything other than he is just hot right now. This is a guy who struck out 109 times between A+ and AA ball last season and was buoyed by a .384 BABIP at A+ ball. He has struck out 14 times while walking only 4 times this fall so it doesn't appear that much has changed in his approach at the plate.

BA Top 20 Southern League Prospects 2011


Brett Jackson moved up to 4th after being ranked 8th last season. He's the only Cubs prospect on the list for the Southern League. Here is how other Cubs fared in other leagues: AZL: Marco Hernandesz (6), Gioskar Amaya (9) N. West (A-): Reggie Golden (10), Pin-Chieh Chen (14), Zeke Devoss (17) MId-West (A): Matt Szczur (8) FLO. (A+): Matt Szczur (9)

If the Cubs want to emulate Boston, they should look at John Coppolella as their next GM | Cubs Den


To paraphrase John Arguello, Coppoiella meets Ricketts' criteria: 1. He comes from a winning background 2. He has a good track record for player development. 3. He has an analytical approach.

Shawon Dunston Jr. hoping to follow in dad's footsteps - chicagotribune.com


Dunston Jr. comments on what convinced him to sign. Among other things, Dunston Jr. met with Brett Jackson. On a personal note, I love the Dunston and Gretzky signings and feel like it's a sign that the Cubs are returning to a team with the heart and character they had in the 80's and 90's. As much fun as it was to watch the Cubs win in the mid and late 00's, there wasn't a lot of homegrown talent there to root for.

Quick Hits: Tigers, Phillies, Soriano: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com


Alfonso Soriano thinks he has a 50/50 chance of returning to Chicago next season. I'd say that's the impression I am getting from the media coverage about him and the Cubs attempts to offload his contract.

MLB - Why Chicago Cubs have struggled this season - ESPN


What we've known all year: Cubs' defensive and baserunning woes aren't helping things. (Insider required).


Billy Beane as the Next Cubs' GM? Ken Rosenthal considers Beane's future...

Here's an unsubstantiated rumor I can enjoy: Ken Rosnethal wonders aloud in this post if Billy Beane is tired of working in Oakland yet and where he would go if he leaves. h...


Bo Don't Know John Schuerholz

Braves president John Schuerholz heads the Rule 4 draft committee which may try to "hard slot" the amateur draft in future years.  This would force teams to pay a set bonus to draftees depending on...

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