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RR Fantasy League?



Ehh... Hay guys. So am I the loser that didn't get invited back to an RR league this year or are we still going to do that or what? I can start one if the normal "commissioners" aren't into it this year.


Ubaldo Jimenez: A Plea

You ever get the urge to start a fanpost but you're too lazy to articulate your opinion? I think most of us have been there. That's probably one hundred percent of this site, 90% of the time. ...


Haren signs for 1 year, $10 Million.

Royals Fans ask: Where the "F" were you Dayton? There are generally three camps when it comes to the Jason Vargas signing: Those who are basically just happy the Royals are spending money T...

Nate Silver Joins ESPN


Link stolen from baseballthinkfactory. I know it's dreaming a wild, crazy dream, but it would be nice if the Royals would proactively hire this dude, eh?


Will Wade Davis and Ervin Santana Regress?

And if they do, are we screwed? There's been a lot of excitement so far by the (what I would call) "general media" about this team. Soren Petro, for example, interviewed either Jayson Stark or...


Jeff Francouer: Workhorse. (?)

First, excuse the brevity of this fanpost. It's an idea I think others have had and not one that I have the time to fully consider (which only means input in the comments section will be awesome). ...

Nightengale: Royals GM finds trade criticism 'insulting'


I love this. Remember how many times we've heard we need to win with "homegrown" players? That's been Moore's mantra ever since he spent like a drunk PIrate on Jose Guillen and felt the backlash. Something is prompting this quote: "We've proven that we can build a good farm system,'' Moore says, "but now we have to prove we can win at the major-league level." In summation: "Homegrown, Homegrown, Homegr...errr.. *jizzes pants* WINNOW!"


Alcides Escobar and Hit F/x ?

By just about every measure except for hits, Alcides Escobar has been the same offensive player in 2012 as he was in 2011. I won't waste space articulating it here, but compare his offensive...

Scott Elarton still pitching a baseball


I was looking through some AAA minor league pages to identify some cost-controllable pitching gambles the Royals might want to take a chance on via a trade (in addition to money spent elsewhere; a fanpost might be up on this soon). Anyway, to my surprise, the Philadelphia Phillies are still allowing Scott Elarton to pitch a baseball at their AAA affiliate the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Why does this be? Scott Elarton is a man who clearly loves baseball; he's also clearly a man who lost his dignity long ago. Okay, time for a game. Answers will be revealed via a corresponding number further down, so try not to be a dirty cheater and look. Is this former Royals awful pitcher still pitching a baseball? 1- Runelvys Hernandez 2- Denny Bautista 3- Chris George 4- Kyle Snyder 5- Jimmy Gobble 6- D.J. Carrasco 7- Jonah Bayliss (part of Redman trade) 8- Odalis Perez 9- Brett Tomko 10- Dennys Reyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1- No. 2- Yes! But in Korea 3- No. But it was close! Released by AAA Norfolk (O's) this year. 4- No. 5- No. 6- Yes! 7- Yes! 8- No. 9- Yep! 10- No. At least probably not. Maybe in the deep recesses of a Mexican valley he throws to no one in particular. That's my theory. Still, by a wide margin, Scott Elarton is the most surprising name I came across. For the love of god Elar-time, hang it up.

Wil Myers Hanging Ferocious Minor League Dong


tiquanunderwear posted just a couple of days ago that Myers trails only Josh Hamilton in professional homers this season. Last night's ding-a-ling-a-dong-ball gives him 20 on the year already. Avoiding the Super-Two deadline is obviously something you have to financially consider, but I think it's growing pretty clear the bat is more than ready.


Should Fangraphs Re-Design its Website?

This is an informal, discussion-oriented Fanpost. Let me start off by saying that I am in no way affiliated with; I'm just a fan. I think most would agree that the launching of...

International Draft Coming?


Committee formed to study issue includes Andrew Friedman, Sandy Alderson, Kim Ng, and a few others. --------------------- I'm a little behind in reading up on the new CBA, but from another article on, it mentioned there would be two "pools" from which teams could draw from for International signings and the normal draft. International signings would be capped at $2.9 million in bonus money for every team (with a penalty for going over) while teams would be capped at between $4.5 and $11.5 mil. in bonuses for the draft, depending on draft position. Any thoughts on whether this would be good or bad for the Royals? Dayton Moore has publicly stated he's against an International Draft, but that was before his "pool" of resources for such signings was limited.


Is Alex Gordon's New Hitting Approach Too Agressive?

As Rany Jazayerli noted in his article 'Not a Prediction', "even the casual fan has noticed a difference in Gordon's swing."  It is clear that he has made a mechanical change, flattening out his...

Manny Ramirez Retires, Begins Career as Drug Lord Scapegoat


Tested positive for PED in Spring Training; would have faced 100 game suspension.

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