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april fools




The quote


"When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will...

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The PtR Lexicon Nicknames Quotes LatinD Tours The States Ginobili vs Dracula BLAAAAIIIIRRR Wallpapers Scenes From the Season PtR FAQ

I'm Finished.


This is Matthew. I'm leaving PtR. Wayne (AusTechSpur) has agreed to take over, but we are still waiting for approval from the leadership at SBN. That should take less than a week. Until then I...


The story of KA1Z3R

In a recent game thread KA1Z3R posted about 50 pictures.  I was going through the game thread afterwards, just skimming it, when I noticed the picture of the girl in a thong.  At the time the...

I'm mailing this one in


I was going to write a post about the history of Spurs nicknames on PtR, but that requires research, and then I got distracted by some Uncle Tupelo music. I don't see you through the windshieldI...


Community Guidelines

Community guidelines have been officially posted, and there's a permanent link on the left sidebar.  Ruthless enforcement begins now.

Welcome new readers (what PtR is all about)!


An introduction to, a San Antonio Spurs blog.

Gregg Popovich pulls lineup out of hat, finds scrubs.


Ranting and raving about Gregg Popovich's lineup choices.

Tony Parker is better than you*.


A recap of Tony Parker's amazing performance over the past two games.

The Stress reaction and other Manu Ginobili folktales


Sideways reminiscing of Manu Ginobili's performance in the 2005 playoffs.


Quick troll update

As some of you guessed, the trolls in last night's game thread were repeat offenders (new IDs from same IPs).  I had their IPs banned. I feel all tough now.

A proposed Spurs trade that is actually realistic


A proposed Spurs trade that is actually realistic.

The Pathology of Manu Ginobili


An exploration into why the entire NBA dislikes Manu Ginobili

Game Thread: All Star Game


In case anyone wants to chat during the game... I couldn't find the exact quote, but a PtR member, in some FanPost, wrote that die hard NBA fans don't watch the All Star game. I vehemently...

Gregg Popovich tests the Fates


Gregg Popovich benches his three best players for no apparent reason. Has he lost his mind?


Rate Your Morons!

Hey folks. Thanks for flagging the asinine and offensive FanPost.  It has been erased and the user banned.  That type of content is not accepted and I enforce a zero-tolerance rule. That user...

"I'm able to pull some verticality out about once a month, so maybe this was it."


"I'm able to pull some verticality out about once a month, so maybe this was it."

Kurt Thomas regarding his nine rebound performance against PHX; quoted by Mike Monroe.

Another FanPost for Things that are...

Fucking Awesome! So rice is like important and shit.  Some folks, whose only trangressions were being born in the wrong country or in the wrong family, pretty much live off this rice stuff.  They...

Manu's 3rd Quarter Buzzer Beater


Manu's 3rd Quarter Buzzer Beater

Holy crap that was fun!


I hope every NBA fan who has ever thought the Spurs were boring had a chance to watch that game. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Of course, the Spurs still want to be boring, they just can't...

My Sort of Midseason Spurs Recap


Midseason San Antonio Spurs review.

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