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It's the Happ-happiest Season of All


Happy holidays everybody. I hope LatinD is taking Christmas off, so feel free to use this as the game thread.


Another FanPost for things that are fucking awesome.

You know what my nephew asked for on his Christmas list? A fucking grappling hook, that's what.  Because he's going to be scaling some walls or some shit.  Breaking and entering or some shit. ...

Apparently We're Not Done Talking About This


This is hopefully the last post I will have to make about what is inappropriate content on PtR. Recently I once again outlined the guidelines for what types of pictures are allowed here on PtR. ...

Dear carina_gino20


Oh my God. I am so sorry I am just now writing this. I never saw it. I'm sure you posted it and I just missed it., but this is pretty much the coolest thing ever: Thank you. It's perfect a...

Guidelines for Posting Pictures / Links in Game Threads


Before posting a picture or a link, ask yourself the following questions. If the answer to any of them is "Yes," then don't post it. 1. Would the picture offend the most austere of nuns?2. Does...

The Spurs are Not Trading for Eddy Curry


The likelihood of the Spurs trading for Eddy Curry.

Your 08-09 Spurs: Love the Scrubs

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this game. I never knew watching a cast of misfits trying to play basketball could be so therapeutic and relaxing. I love our scrubs. Love them. I have to give...

Signing Up for Game Recaps


Do you like the Spurs? Can you put together semi-coherent thoughts while using 3rd grade level punctuation? Then we have a job for you! It's time to sign up for game recaps, folks. Esteemed...

OMG It's an Odd Year!!11!!Eleven11!!


I'm sorry, ok? I have been busy, and if it makes you feel any better, my life is more or less miserable. It's not that school is hard. It's not. It's just not what I was expecting. I'm not...


Viscous Damping

When I look in the mirror, I can't believe what I see. Tell me, who's that funky dude, staring back at me? "Funky?"  I'm the least funky person you know, Rivers.  I'm 31, bald,...

Spurs Give Up on Quest to Get Better, Resign Michael Finley


Via Micheal Finley is 35. He'll turn 36 during the 08-09 season. Players typically do not improve from age 35 to 36. Therefore, the Spurs just willingly got worse. Which is great,...


Results of stampler's fundraiser

Thanks to everyone for contributing.  Special thanks to PtR member AusTechSpur for all his efforts.  The donations came to a total of $344.63 after PayPal fees.  Plus the $350 I am kicking in and...

Everybody loves polls!



Just Say No to Jannero


(Thanks to PtR member znimrod for the heads up on this.) That is unequivocally the lamest title I've ever blogged. I do not want Jannero Pargo on the Spurs. Why, you ask? Because he sucks. The...

The Problem with the Spurs


The Spurs were immediately placed on my mental back burner the minute I finished writing the recap of game 5 against the Lakers. After coming back from Italy I found myself with what I believe is...

Spurs Announce Summer League Roster


Via 29 Kenny Adeleke F 6-9 245 02/10/83 Hartford R 10 Michael Cuffee G 6-5 200 07/12/83 Middle Tennessee R 24 James Gist F 6-9 235 1...

Corey Maggette to sign with Warriors


As you've undoubtedly heard, Maggette has agreed to a five year, $50 million contract with Golden State. I'm not going to talk about options. If you're a Spurs fan, you're familiar with them. If...

Like a Fund Drive, Except Without the Free Coffee Mugs


Below there is a short new post about the Sonics move. (I am going to keep this bumped to the top for a while.) Michael made a simple request before I left for Italy. "Bring me the...

Goodbye to the Sonics


I grew up in San Antonio, and have been a Spurs fan my whole recollected life. I lived in Seattle from 2001 to 2007. I watched a lot of Sonics games because I enjoyed watching basketball and I,...

Spurs Reportedly Going After Maggette


(Thanks to PtR member DennardC for the link.) While no deal was imminent, Maggette would be expected to sign a multi-year deal for the mid-level exception, a move that would fulfill the Spurs’...


Kings sign Beno to full MLE

From ESPN. I wonder if this counts as the Kings MLE considering Beno played with them last year.  I don't know, and I'm sure as hell not going to look it up. Is this too much for Beno?  Hmm. ...

NBA Draft Open Thread


I am back from Italy. I will eventually upload pictures to flickr (or someplace) and I'll post the link. But the NBA draft is today, so I suppose we should talk about that. Of course you guys...

Pizza, gelato, pizza, gelato, pasta, gelato


I effing told you the Celtics would win. Ciao!

A thousand different versions of yourself


This Saturday I am going back to Italy; I studied abroad there in the summer of 1997. It was unequivocally the best eight weeks of my life. I still remember so much. Maybe too much. I met a...


The FanPost for things that are fucking awesome.

This fanpost is dedicated for things are fucking awesome.  If you know of something fucking awesome than you should fucking post in right the fuck here in the comments.  If it's simply awesome and...

The Spurs weren't who we hoped they were


The Rorschach inkblot test. You probably know it. It's used by psychologists to examine personality characteristics. The subject looks at an abstract inkblot and verbally responds to it. Show a...

The Bell Tolls for We


(I had this post already mentally written with about two minutes to go in the game and then the Spurs came back. And now I'm all discombobulated. And what's incredibly fitting is that I'm moving...

Making our case.


Oh, it’s not over. Not by a long stretch. Sure, some people will say it’s over. They’ll want us to admit it and bow out gracefully. But you know what I say about those people? I say they hate...

Three Ways to (Beat / Lose) (the / to the) (Spurs / Lakers)


Yes, I know, there just isn't enough Spurs / Lakers content on this blog right now. I think we've had a thousand comments since the end of game seven, averaging about 100 words a piece. I...

Western Conference Finals Preview


I can't believe the series starts tomorrow. I still feel drained and (news flash) I didn't even play. I also didn't sleep on a plane last night. I slept in my bed, underneath a comforter which...

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